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me whne (mw(me))
Closure Project 2

zergjudhestgsrtyuhniwthi4ne5rtuihd5rneo6gbje4oyvhc5fueygthenbgij ixdbtgnes tbgrs tdrustnusrgenuufunny funnyf this was a collab with superdf

Etsukko Moment X (Collab with MixAndMash)
Closure Project 2

Track 2 of the "Etsukko X" project. Featuring the likes of @sasterdadudester, @user-cunt, and @xxxtentaction. Rip. Dedicated to @superdf, and MixAndMash. Fuck you.

MFW (My Face Mfw)
Closure Project 2

A Tribute to Super DF, someone who left this community and this world on June 18, 2018. Collab between me and @enclosed-guy, special thanks to him for being Twelve. Dedicated to Brody Foxx.

Recognized Maniacs - XINDICTA
Closure Project 2

A collab featuring the likes of @superdf, @literally-fire, and @callmecarson. Track 1 of the "Etsukko X" project. Dedicated to @sasterdadudester.

That Moment When (Collab with SirSerket)
Closure Project 2

This track was made courtesy of @chairss. Original Desc: "i'm bot farming lmao" - dan "a la madre" - sir serket Dedicated to @superdf, who still won't give me any head.

ETSUKKO MOMENT 7 (Collab with Etsukko)
Closure Project 2

This is the definitive edition of SDF Strikes Back. Featuring the likes of @superdf, @literally-fire, and @skrillex. Please leave a like and start precumming.

Cloud Theory Discord! (Hiatus)
Closure Project 2 The official discord for Cloud Theory! Edit: The Discord is locked for now because you guys don't fucking know how to behave.

The Official Cloud Theory intro is out!
Closure Project 2

The official intro to the Cloud Theory videos is up! Special thanks to the amazing @gaktworai for making the intro! Credit to @dystherial for the logo. Thanks!

Gaster Blaster(Live Edition) - Cloud Theory
Closure Project 2

The Streaming/LIVE theme for the OFFICIAL CLOUD THEORY series! Please read the bio for more details.

Gaster Blaster - Cloud Theory Theme
Closure Project 2

The intro for the OFFICIAL CLOUD THEORY series! More info in bio.