ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ tracks on Soundclound


Worldstar Money
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

So tenderly you watch me burn.........

Bitches Ain't Shit
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

Remember kiddos: This is a ginormous edgy meme.

Ukelele Cover
Right Here
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

This is dedicated to my sissy's bestie.

Emo Rap
All I Want
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

A pal of mine requested I sing this, but I actually winded up liking it so I'm posting it.

Ruby Rider
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

Art credit @casanovakevin.

Rockabilly Lullaby
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

Go to schleep....

Children's Music
Moon Moon Moon
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

This was a big song in my childhood!!! Just wanted to give it some love.

Children's Music
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

Farewell, kiddo.

ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

I'm continuing with the healing theme.

2½ Years
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

This is my first original song and it's baring my soul. Throughout my lifetime, it’s been unwaveringly difficult to be a transparent, open person. I’ve liked being a mystery. An unsolvable one at that. But I’ve found that’s unproductive! So here’s my way of being vulnerable with everyone. It's so simple, but what I'm covering in it is the opposite which makes it raw. All I know is that this will be my final catharsis. I'm finally moving on and it feels sublime! I hope ya enjoy it just like I've enjoyed the growth and healing process I've undergone to get to where I am. Elle Perlas laid so much of this down. The piano tunes and the guitar chords? All the things that spiced it up and I couldn't have gotten this together without her! Lyrics: 2 and a half years Of me givin’ him the love I should’ve been giving myself 2 and a half years Boy, I’m gonna miss him but he wasn’t the best Nor was I though 2 and a half years My whole high school career But it’s okay because I learned things I wouldn’t have I’ll always love him A part of my heart will always have him there but Gotta let that kid go He’s a dummy But that’s why we worked so well He built me up Taught me how to love Not only another person, but myself In the end he picked someone else The wool is off of my eyes Now he's just my first love A fond memory A good person That did bad things But it wasn't because I wasn't enough I wish him the best Now I believe I deserve the same

Indie Lo-fi
Everything's Alright - Laura Shigihara (Cover)
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

This one is dedicated to anyone who's ever treated me with kindness throughout the duration of my four years here. Especially those in my theatre class this year, my step team, choir, and anyone who urged me to do somethin' outta my comfort zone! Y'all helped me prosper a megaton~ Thank you so much. Whenever you reach a divot in the ice and you inevitably fall, just remember that everything's alright. Also: If you didn't get a cover specifically dedicated to you, know that it's not because you weren't a moving force in my life- it's that I didn't realistically have the time! I would be sitting here with this mic pressed up into my mouth for centuries! 16 covers was already stressful! Love you all! Take care of yourselves!

Dancing in the Moonlight - Toploader (Cover)
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

Ms. Novi: You were the very person that made my theatre career take flight. I just needed a small nudge and someone to invest in me! I'll never forget your eccentric nature and how hip you were~ Or the reasons you chose me to be the lead for this spring's musical. Love ya! I'll come back to watch as many productions as I can!

Everybody's Changing - Keane (Cover)
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

Unfortunately, I'll have to make this a double up song because I can't post "Linger" by the Cranberries without it being taken down. But I want you both to know that despite all the change that has overcome me as a person, and noticing it in other people- you guys were always comfy constants! Here are my personal messages: Mr. McCord: I'll miss your rad taste in music and your overall presence. I'll take your words to heart and stand strong! Thank you for everything. Mrs. Salyers: Even if we didn’t speak that much over the duration of the last year, I genuinely looked forward to walking down that hallway before every fourth block class. I've already said the brunt of this in my letter to you, but I appreciate you more than I can dictate. I hope ya like this.

Only Us - Dear Evan Hansen (Cover)
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

A'ight! The first time I spoke with this home skillet was durin' a Much Ado rehearsal and our friendship flourished from there.. Whoop! Then we auditioned for cabaret and we didn't get in, but I feel like we grew as performers! I've been watching him from afar as he's blossomed. Eric. While I was plopped in the front of the house, chronicling over the fact that you were playing Charlie Gordon and breathing life into him. Your knees on that stage floor, the red and blue light streaming over you as you wept real tears and showed real emotions.. I came to the conclusion that yes, you are gifted as hey. You even got to perform on the Kennedy Center stage. I'm so proud of you. All you have to do now is apply the care and love you put forth to other people— to yourself. One example is when you kept me company at the Bellevue, taking spontaneous booth pictures with me and slow dancing with me while we sung our hearts out. That made me feel so whole. I'm sure there are lots of things runnin' rampant in your mind, and inner demons you need to banish yourself. But you are worthy of love! I hope you allow yourself the opportunity to truly believe that one day. I love ya x 1,000. Best of luck with everything you want to pursue in the future~ Elle Perlas sang as Evan!

Emil Sacrifice - NieR (Cover)
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

Here's to my INFJ Psych twin.. Just thinkin' about you slaps a large 'n' dumb smile onto my face.. Here goes. Kristie! This quiet but beautifully present gal pal of mine is a pure artist that invests loads of time into makin' sure others know they're appreciated. She wants so badly to forge more bonds and I hope she knows just how capable she is of whatever she has doubts with! It's plenty clear that she counts her blessings all the time, 'cause she lugged around a video camera everywhere, 24/7. Recording what she didn't want to forget. I hope her smile is something more people get to see, because it made my heart flutter! You made every morning comfortable, without fail... Which means you positively set the tone for every day. When you opened up to me, I was so pumped because I knew your inner-workings were delightful. Your insecurities don't define you!!! You are so stellar. And I admire you so much. (I rambled. Agh. It's because you make me word vomit with love!) I hope this cover gives you joy to last a lifetime~

Always - Erasure (Cover)
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

Flub.. I am the single most proudest individual alive to even be your friend, LJ. This mind-blowing chap led the MSD movement with exceptional grace and motivation I had never experienced with my own two eyes. He won that talent show with ease, singing a tune he birthed himself. And he deserved every vote and compliment he garnered! He even permitted me to borrow his Yeti for this project?! As well as letting me in on his troubles, allowing lil' ol' me to channel the therapist/counselor side of me I've wanted to secure again! Bonding with ya was an unparalleled pleasure. You are not the run-of-the-mill type of chico. You're so unique, it's refreshing. Please don't lose that light! It's so diddly darn cliché, but it is 100% true. You can make it big if you want to. You are the most major indicator that you can do anythin' you focus every fiber of your being on. You're quite the role model and you got sprezzatura. Keep fightin' tirelessly for what you believe in and making bonds with those that will continuously choose you~ You are a force to be reckoned with, gumdrop. Go out and there and leave the world speechless! ❥ Elle Perlas accompanied me on the ukulele.

Lost Stars - Adam Levine (Cover)
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

Hey, you~ Raveen. úvù Monkey.. My small wittle second grade art pal. I'm not only sorry for not keeping in contact over the years and just letting our friendship disintegrate.. But I've said I don't believe in yearbook signings and I still wish I wrote more when she gave me hers.. Because this lass deserves everything in the Milky Way and whatever's past it. Every single time I watched her on that gym floor, toting her ginormous cymbals— my kokoro was on the verge of terminating. I probably didn't show it enough, but I was so happy we got to spend time conversin' in study hall. She knew what aesthetic I was into and that Woozi was my fav without me stating it. I forgot to mention that she gave me one of her art tablets, to keep, for free, because she knew I was in need of one?! Who does that? Nobody. I cannot dictate how grateful I am that we reconnected. Let's stay linked, alrighty? I love you. (If you're wondering why I picked this song, it's because Jungkook covered it and I was obsessed with it for a very long time. I wanted to sing it for you!)

Dream - Priscilla Ahn (Cover)
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

Julia. My Music Man mic checker and seat pal. Let me just disclose this right now.. Before this year, Bella Voce was simply a class to me. I felt little to no connection with the people within it and I felt I didn't quite belong, even if I had the pipes to prove it. But this sweetheart's cute quirkiness, lovable smile, and the warmth she exuded made it flat out impossible not to enjoy seventh block! Man, I love her an unbelievable amount!!! Whenever either of us messed up, we'd make eye contact and giggle it off.. For the spring show, I brought her onto the floor so I could dance with her and although that didn't happen she was such a trooper. She was the very first to congratulate me on bein' Marian and I'd say she believed in me so much it rubbed off on me in my auditions and callbacks. Honey bunny... I picked this song because it's the first one that popped into mind when I envisioned you. It's light and thoroughly beautiful. It sounds like you in music form! You're just so dreamy and incandescent! I will miss you so much my chest will hurt. But I'll check in on you every once in a while~ Bundles of love!

Hold Me Close - Overcoats (Cover)
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

This tune is for Leeza! Whenever I ponder about this wondrous entity.. I can't help but think about how bright, insightful, and tremendously cuddly she is. She is the very definition of a hard worker and I find myself wanting her brain sometimes. We've rode on the school bus together several times now— but I'mma never forget how needed and important she made me feel on the Fall Trip ride. She intertwined my hand with hers and offered to listen to enchanting music with me when I was crumbling inside and wasn't exactly in the best shape at that moment in time. It meant the universe to me and more. She helped me take my very first baby step toward true recovery in October and my heart goes out to her for eternity. You even went out of your way to hug me goodbye before the choir banquet.. What a blessing you are. I hope you remember this song and that it makes you weep your eyes out! I love ya bundles, girlie. Thank you so much for bein' you. ♥ Elle Perlas accompanied me on the guitar and sung the soprano notes. Tomas Perlas was the lower layer!

I Just Called to Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder (Cover)
ᴸᵉᶰᶰᶤᵉ ᴾᵉᵃʳˡ

Stacy! This if 4 you! Miss Beautiful Inside and Out. This cover is goin' to be immensely ironic, because I still haven't called you but if I were to this is definitely why. I don't want to make this any longer than the lengthy messages we wind up exchanging when we text, but here goes nada. This angel helped prop me up when I was still tryin' to find myself earlier on this year. The strength she embodies is flubbing admirable, her humanistic qualities are worthy of envy, and she will never run out of love in her system. She's the type of person that wouldn't mind holding a mirror up to me everyday to make sure I know I'm gorgeous and great. She is beyond introspective and I'd venture on to say enlightened! Woke as all heck! She kept me from going completely bonkers during prom and we were beautiful together that evening. I will miss sittin' next to you in Gov, but I have a very keen feeling that we'll be amigas until the end of time because you're such a thoughtful keeper. I could go on for epochs... But I'll cut it off here to lessen the heartache. Always keep those gears in your noggin turning and striving to be your best self! If you'll allow me to, I'd love to accompany you on the journey that is your life. If you ever become a motivational speaker (which I think you should), invite me to your speeches. I hope you know by now that my love for you is ever-growing. ♡ P.S.- I hope you don't mind that my cover for you is a little silly!