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I know that you not out with yo friends And you think that loves pretend Yeah this I know.... . . . I know that I almost crashed the bens Cause I’m busy counting bens Yeah this I know.... . . You don’t really wanna break no hearts But you gotta break they hearts Before you break yo own . . . Tonight I’m just really way too high I think that I’ve been to nice I don’t even know :( . . . MySpace shawty babe I need my time How tf you call my line I’m not coming home . . . I can’t say cause I have to go I can’t spend no time no more I gotta make it home.... . . . Sad god burbo and I’m on my own Baddie and she off the snow I can’t be alone . . . She just trynna hang Cause 2burbo on the come up I don’t need no hoe I need lean with the Fanta Trynna run up on me You will become a phantom And the hoes mad Cause I don’t understand them....<3

No text back ♡

sad life Prod. (kaktus)

Kill bill



I'm smoking blunts now Until the night ends They ask why im alone I do not want no friends They do not  understand So I guess this is pretend I'm tryna be alone No I cant say this again . . . She sent a text to me But I never reply They try to plot on me So I pulled off in the night I'm smoking 20 blunts Because it only feels right They wonder where I am I'm probably just somewhere dying.... . . . . They tryna test me So I pulled up on a hater I'll never trust no bitch That's why ill see yo ass later Always kept it real boy I ain't never been no  faker They always tryna stop when I go for the paper - 2burbo

Snow Kid

Lately I'm making these plans I'm off the lean she off xanz Money I have to expand You hated but now you're fan . . Old bitch she get in my nerves Little hoes I like to curve Water on me like I surf You come in last I come in first . . Sorry I had to finesse I only wake up just to flex Don't save a hoe you're not Clark Kent I'm taking off just like a jet . . 2burbo I made my own rout These niggas just usually doubt 2Burbo they know what I'm bout She only want me for the clout . . Flexing on them×2 I'm balling right now . . You had your chance×2 You can't have me now . . Up in a coup×2 I'm rolling up loud . . Up in the booth×2 I'm smoking up loud . . I get that shit by the pound I'm going up will not go down 2Burbo I just been around I need all my band's like rn . . Look at my watch it just shines Sorry if I made u blind Lil thot wanna be mine I'm sorry but I don't got time . . Little boy stay in yo lane She only want me for the fame You always change I stay the same Never switch up on my gang . . Sorry but I have to go I get the bag then I ghost Then I pulled off in a chrome Focused on bands leave me alone . . Flexing on them×2 I'm balling right now . . You had your chance×2 You can't have me now . . Up in a coup×2 I'm rolling up loud . . Up in the booth×2 I'm smoking up loud ♡


Diamonds hanging off the wrist No I cannot save a bitch Dripping water like a fish Diamonds froze that's why I'm sick . . Little boy with revenue Sliding down yo Avenue I just blew a bag or two I'm blowing up boi this you knew . . I'm blowing up This you knew I don't really Have a crew I'm getting green Like bamboo She all up on me like a tattoo . . Don't chase a bitch Just chase stacks Hating on me That is facts Stealing the flow Take that back Ex calling me She want me back . . Falling off That's not me Why these boi just copy Oh you cannot stop me You hating but you stalking . . Counting guap like math exam You not my bro you my fam All I know is chase these bands You hating I don't give a damn <3


(prod.HARUHI) (hook) No I really I don't have friends Wrist game strong Ben 10 Sorry yes my wrist on 10 She calling up my phone again×2 . . Yes I text you I just dont press send They try to test you Then they claim they're Your friends Nigga stop it Me and you are not Kin Man its hard Its really hard to blend . Cameras flashing Everywhere I go Niggas stealing Stealing my damn flow My jewels be frozen Man this shit too cold My jewels be frozen Everyday it snows . why are you stalling I dont got time Babygirl I'm balling This is my time Feel like im Kobe In his primetime 2burbo yes I'm balling This my hightlight . . (hook) No I really I don't have friends Wrist game strong Ben 10 Sorry yes my wrist on 10 She calling up my phone again×2 . Purple had me down But a nigga got right back up I really need to blow up Trying to get these stacks up Y'all can hang y'all plaques up My nigga hanging packs up I'm really not that lyrical But I can speak them facts bruh wrist is fucking frozen rollie straight from Canada . . Yes I grab the bag Then you niggas Have to run it up Yes I count up bands Like this shit is fucking Algebra Running threw the gwaup Till a nigga lose his stamina Bitch I feel immortal Like my name is fucking Dracula If you talking down on me I might have to smack you up shit is getting weird And these niggas keep on acting up Air tight seal on the bag Then I wrap it up (hook) No I really I don't have friends Wrist game strong Ben 10 Sorry yes my wrist on 10 She calling up my phone again

Finesser Professor

hi (Lyrics) I had to tell them niggas that I always win. This burbo time Pure slidery in this bitch bro...2burbo . . . . Burbo finneser professor Out smarting niggas like checkers Shawty say she want the extra Burbo take off Like its NASA Ball like I'm Kobe no passer They listen to me like a pastor Burbo this swag I just Mastered These niggas be slow burbo faster . . . . . Diamond on me like its frozen Baby come back where you going Come get yo girl she is hoing Diamonds on me like its snowing . . . . . Diamonds on me like its wintertime These hoes be outta site outta mind Thank you so much you are very kind Flexing on nigga like everytime . . . . Oou Taking yo hoe Ouu Burbo just ran off with dough Oou Nigga trynna take the flow Oou My wrist heavy and cold Oou Whip on the stove Oou My money green like artichoke Oou Burbo get bands then he ghost Oou Playing a bitch a like a joke . . . . I'm the perfect picture Mona Lisa Lean got me leaning No fucking piza Burbo be whipping the fucking kia Finesse a nigga out his fucking visa Pull up in the whip I might just leave ya Invisible nigga no john cena im a general no fucking Caesar Fuck a house I live inside IKEA . . Sorry took yo hoe all she want is dough yeah she getting old Kicked her on the road Do what u are told hoes they come and go Its just me my bros yeah we stay 10 toes . . These Niggas fruity no fruity pebble Burry these niggas dont need a shovel My lean is too purple no Donatello Shoot from a distance like my names lamelo . . Ouu Run from the cops Ouu Burbo just took all his qwuap Ouu This is yo wife she gave top Ouu Had to give that hoe prop's . . . Give me that head not no Kennedy this is yo bitch say she is feeling me All of these hoes say they into me I know what you know I'm finna be Burbo blew up the facility Nigga shut up you a mini me You are a joke u are killing me Bullet got them dancing billy Gene . . . Pull up on sesame Won't get the best me Don't try to flex on me Rest in peace Pussy ass nigga he coming twos Im coming in threes You not pressing me Why she thinks that she's impressing All of my niggas got felonies snap a nigga like he celery Burn a hoe off like a calorie . . Pull off in a new ass Bentley couper Burbo all white like a stormtrooper Can't save a hoe because I'm not that super u work a Walmart and you whip a scooter I can't fuck with you you're just a loser Burbo no rings but I am a hooper

leave me alone :(


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