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Codeine Cowboy

A hundred years ago, a horse would be your chariot and the drink of choice would be moonshine. Today, the fantasy would be a Ferrari and a cup of codeine. This song was written for the youth today expressing what’s going on in popular culture. This song was written to be the theme music to a modern day dream. I’m inspired by the daily events going on around me, whether it’s around my friends or my peers who live the same lifestyle that I do. My plans are to have this song breakthrough reggae dancehall culture & trap culture intertwined to give the listener a new experience.

Hip-hop & Rap
Zuse X Post Malone - On God (Prod. by Post Malone, FKi & Rex Kudo)

Zuse x Post Malone - On God Produced by Post Malone + FKI + Rex Kudo