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:((( cry wimmie ))):
*trip dixon*
introvert + + + Ima Shy Guy
*trip dixon*

prod by trip dixon + crum

way up dere *in air* [prod by zip]
*trip dixon*


when it rainz it pourz produced by mark bruce
*trip dixon*


who cares
all of me thats left (produced by mark bruce)
*trip dixon*


1 in 1,000,000 [produced by rembot + zip]
*trip dixon*

#inthecribwitit goin insane n i kno it ain healthy worse everyday n no u cant help me need more than diamond chains to be wealthy ion really give a fuck wat dey tell ion give a fuck wat dey tell me ion give a fuck watchu tell me ion give a fuck wat dey tell me ion give a fuck watchu tell me voices in my head n i kno its jus me push me to the edge, im already at the brink smokin on the ganja til i cant *breathes* muh fuckas always doin shyt dey dont need muh fuckas always talk dat shyt dey dont think ion sip no lean so instead i smoke stink how u keep ur grind steady ridin in the sea? keep ridin dem waves, u never findin watchu seek i take da fyah to my head like Tsuna ion sip the goose im ducked off gettin gouda L to my face now im lookin like loser stuck inside a room inside my castle like Killua so wen i pull up, ion speak no a.d.i.d.a.s. all day i dream uont think im grindin best check my sneaks cash rule everything around me except me (chorus)

fuck u
*trip dixon*

#indacribwitit yall jus sayin shyt Yall ain sayin shyt Wen im wakenin I ain stayin in Ive been patient But i cant wait again I get it on my own so now im takin it (x2) early in the mornin, while dey snorin sleepin on the floor but most the time i be soarin tryna get a foreign but dat shyt ain important findin wat im here for, now thats another story cut from a different cloth n mines imported body is the temple n ur windows lookin boarded stuck inside my mental’s n adventure im explorin got so much potential wastin time i cant afford it smokin on dat ganja help me release my endorphins when im wit the stOGies mane it feel like Mighty Morphin i dont do the morphine i need more weed more leaf no more fake luv please (chorus)

somethin u not doin
sprout my wings, produced by toastykun
*trip dixon*

#inthecribwitit fly away, i will find a way, i will one day, i will find my way, i will i stay, I'm still still the same, i will find a way, i will to fly away, i will all i ever wanted was to be free was to be free something so measly it ain easy smokin on da OG til im queasy so high u cant reach me so high u cant see me ooooohhhhhhhh smokin da skrong dats all i kno fuck watch on, im on my own step in my mind n u might kno why i never wan to leave home stuck in a cage im all alone break off dese chains n let me go let me go.... let me gooooooooo. (chorus)

stOGie shyt
mhm *yeah* [produced by $hitbag]
*trip dixon*

#inthecribwitit crash land, survive on impact from a different world ain talkin Sinbad tryna get back mane dis shyt wack been feelin out my mind but i look intact shawdy poppin ass to pop a tag imma drop a tab n drop off the map feelin like Mandark stuck up in the lab so damn high dat if i fell from here ill splat uhn Yea uhn uhn YEA(x2) smokin killa got me dead in the livin room floatin thru the air gave me a different view ive been doin me i dont care watchu finna do never had alot but wat i got is finna do only thing Fake about me is this Original (OF) all these artificial clones the world been gmo’d GLC said only focus where u finna go N im finna go all the way, i ain finna go home uhn Yea uhn uhn YEA(x2) life get crazy but dis shyt amazin all these ppl lazy needa stop complainin coastin thru the stars i dont care to be famous i ain goin out sad i need them blue faces i ain changin C(see) around the $$$(money) yea a cloud follow me round but most my days is sunny dey only come around if dey think dey gon get shyt from me u wasnt dere when we was hungry wit a empty tummy uhn Yea uhn uhn YEA(x2)

trip dixon
nvr eva eva (rip malik) produced by crum
*trip dixon*

#inthecribwitit *THANK YOU MALIK* i ain gave a shyt since i been yung Grew up to a lion from a lil cub Never give in never give up (x2) Workin for a meal still get crums Never get why the good die yung Never give in never give up (x10) n e v e r.. forget who u are I kno sumtimes its hard but promise me u wont give up at all Cause this shyt only get harder You gon let it make u weak or stronger Even if ur weakest link still conquer dig deep n reach for the stars Ain nobody can be who u are Ain nobody gonna there wen u fall It dont matter mane keep movin on It dont matter shawdy keep movin on damn we miss u dawg RIP MALIK WE MISS U DAWG i know that it really ain been that long im questionin myself i ain questionin god (Chorus)

FulFeelin [produced by gucciluey]
*trip dixon*

#inthecribwitit this world sux dont give a fuck how u feelin self loathin i cant fuck wit dat feelin smoke a blunt n den forget about my feelins im so high i fell asleep on the ceilin dreamin bout my goals to achieve n fulfill it wake up in the mornin hell nah i ain chillin momma always worried bout if im still dealin yea i told her no but i was flippin like a filet rip off dat fronto leaf n i fill it in VA grindin ever since Lord Willin if i had penny for everytime dat yall was wellin id prolly wake up every mornin to a million this world cold its best to numb out ur feelins learn to adapt cause ain no heaters in the buildin X’s on my skully n my jacket say a billion once the fire lit i disapear into the ceilin theres sumthin about Mary n i feel like Matt Dillon cause a lazy ass bitch is unappealin ion got no time to chase no silly lil women ion do the pimpin n ion do the simpin i like to keep it simple ion do the sippin ion do the ballin but if i did im swishin imma keep fallin get up n still get it she gon keep callin n imma still miss it

nothing is something **produced by gucciluey + yammagucci**
*trip dixon*

#inthecribwitit searchin out for somthing still i jus find nothing all my life i was always pushed aside in my mind it has always been a fight searchin for dat one thing in the end feel nothing all my life everything was jus a lie hard to find, ion wanna go inside searchin out for somthin still i jus find nothing im tryna do big things [den go do it] im tired of the chumb change [watchu doin?] i kno ive done some dumb things [mane u stewpid] searchin for the one thing [cant even view it] look mom i grew big wings [so i flew in] came far from dem piss stains [from a nusience] in the valley lifes still plain [n i knew] mane its so hard to explain [wat im doin] ..how i feel inside wit dis pain [n it hurt dawg] out my mind im goin insane [wats the work for?] i been feelin so misplaced [it ain worth more] so im floatin out in space [all on my own] ur dead weight if u ain dedicated ion wanna hang if u jus wanna get sedated swear ur rich i kno ur soul is really golden plated kno im patient n im goin but for no one waitin if u ain got it by now u better go n take it look in the mirror at the only one u kno can change it im tryna keep this shyt together but im slowly breakin swear dey be dere for ya but i kno dey fakin all my life i was always pushed aside in my mind it has always been a fight searchin for dat one thing in the end feel nothing all my life everything was jus a lie hard to find, ion wanna go inside searchin out for somthin still i jus find nothing

Dont Mind Me [prod by Toastykun] *lyrics in description
*trip dixon*

#inthecribwitit its all in your head mane when will it end jus like Bill & Ted, mane im fallin again i followed the plan until shyt hit the fan gotta do it on my own cause dats jus how i am blunt in my hand n a ounce in my pants grew up misunderstood so i jus overstand sweat in my palms blood on my vans tears on my lens, i wipe em off n i glace.. .. over the land wonderin where i am shyt can get Real when u dont take a Chance i need more bands bitch i dont need friends i got my fam, stOGie Club til da end i dont need no body(nobody) like i wan throat i been indicud(in the cut) solo do.. ..lo (low) tryna find where my hope go really i jus wan sum mo dope smokin bubba(blubber)nuggets to my dimmadome got me thinkin how we all one n all alone until i reach my goal i ain goin home got me feelin like Rudy(Ruettiger) wit a microphone but dis ain no game dis is real life bein fake i cant tell u wat it feel like put in weeks of all strength n i reeled might tryna keep my grind steady witout wheelbite climbin thru the dark tryna find light livin outta sight like the Dark Knight glydin the the sky like a Hawk might while u lookin like a deer in da fog lights

stOGie LiJ
Virginia's For Haterz (7o3)
*trip dixon*

produced n spoken by trip dixon ------------------------------------------------ VA full of haters mane dey aint lovers i stay in the cut n i stay humble crash landed n i hopped out my space shuttle dont say u from the mud if u aint struggle dey watchin how i move n i stay subtle everywhere i walk i leave paint puddles walkin art piece smokin straight funnel runnin thru the rubble n i cant stumble roamin thru the jungle where the lion rumbles yea i got a dog but i keep it muzzled ive been in the shadow but i feel like knuckles to dem im jus a knucklehead dats causin trouble fantasizin bout a world dat aint worried bout colors where the truth is unveiled n aint under the covers wit the stOGies n its sumn like Four Brothers this lifes a game n thru the time i get more puzzled yall can ride the waves, im a landlubber OG nugs lookin like flubber ive been doin dis since a thumb sucker if yall aint doin shyt ur dumb muh fucka U AINT THE ONLY ONE GOIN THRU IT GET OF UR ASS MANE, GO DO IT U REALLY WANT IT DEN RUN TO IT GET OFF UR ASS MANE, GO DO IT (x2)

trip dixon ft ra chul ~ Wit All Dis Money
*trip dixon*

produced by trip dixon

Bad Decisions w/ Good Intentions
*trip dixon*

**bad decisions wit good intentions** i jumped out da plane witout a damn parachute den built a rocketship before the ground met my shoes mans so fly, dey so sick how i fly i sprout my wings n untie my roots i flap dem thangs, break thru the roof til i reach the moon cause i like the view ive plant my seeds n reaped wat ive sown ive done some things thats stunt my growth you gotta grow thru wat you go thru big ups to Antwaun cause theyve forgotten the youth so remember when they ask " ay wats got into u" jus tellem dat you doin sumn dey prolly wouldnt do ... tryn level up i aint gon settle up i was tryna get da zip off yu was selin dubs while i was wakin up yall was tryn sober up everyone fucked up so da world fucked up mane dis world fcked up better go n buy a gun make me smoke so much bunts surprised i ain drop a lung Winged God of Rah wit a blunt look like Obelisk ive been on da grind so much but its not enough... *couldn't think of a name for this* produced by trip dixon