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  • jaya shiva shankara.mp3
    Bögös Anett
  • Auto Insurance Leads For Insurance Agents
    Anthony M.

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  • Ishq Ka Raja - Addy Nagar (DjAnas)- Hamsar Hayat - New Hindi Songs 2019
    Musik Plus
    Dance & EDM

    Song : Ishq Ka Raja Singer : Addy Nagar & Hamsar Hayat Music : DjAnas SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/MusikPlus WebSite: www.anaskhanpro.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MusikPlus 94 Email: [email protected] Like || Share || Spread || Love Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Subscribe to Musik Plus Records: https://bit.ly/2q0HqMc ► Like us on Facebook: https://bit.ly/2Ej0idm ► Follow us on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/musikpluss

  • 俺がマクド食ってる横でマクドの悪口言うな

    人がマクド食う時になんだ 俺は良いと言うとるのになんだ 肉がどうのこうのなんだあんた 会話に参加すんなうざいわ 子供の時にクラスでジャイアン 呼ばわりされたことある?ないか デリカシー的なもんがないやつら一切 会話に入ってくんな 俺マクド行く 何頼む? ここなんでもあるけどテリ頼む フィレオいい それもいい とか思っちゃう どっちも買って帰る なるほどこれはめっちゃうめえやん アリだろ 味美味いのに低価 マクドがあると便利 パッとさっと買って帰って食うと… すると番号表示 前知り合った かったりい奴からの電話だな うざいけど取る 「飯食ってんの何食ってんの? マック食ってんの?そう 俺ならマクドナルドはないわ あんなもん食べる気がおこらんわ 美味しいハンバーガー食うことある?ない? しょうがないそれ食ってなさい(笑) それメディアの手のひらやな 騙されてるだけだな 原価添加物 変なもん多分 絶対あんだもん ねえ不味いだろ?」 って怠い口調 べったりクソだりぃ他人がほら 前科1個目お前でつけたろかとかも思ったが 電話ブチって切る 世間がどう 宣伝どう 本物どう ニセモンどう 俺は食った、美味かった。そんだけ。 横で気持ちが悪いうざいだけ お前いいもん食っときゃいいんじゃね? そんでどうたらこうたら言うとけ キモい狭い世界から出んでね そんで一生グルメ気取っとけ 気分を害したから前いたバイトの 後輩を家に呼ぼう 来た 入って来い ほんと何でも気が合うんだよ なんなんだろうこの子いいかも… ってアプローチ ぼちぼちすっか と考えた矢先 前に貸したCDの感想 「これはちょっと好みとは違うの…」 これには流石の俺もイライラ隠せない 一番いけてるやつ貸したのに ありえねえ 「なんならいいのかどうか マシなの言ってくれよ貸すから」 つったらよりによってアイドルのアルバムだ CMよかった?なんなん?? がっかりだよ なんだよ あんたもそんなの 聞いちゃう系とかそんなんか? 俺好まんぜ そのクソ番宣とかする案件 愛想を撒いて 気取る暇なんて ないよ練習で 腕を磨いて やっている大抵 より苦しんで やり作るアンセム ようやく完成 そいつがなんで… お前クソだっせえ ニセモン置いて モノホンを聞け 歴史を学べ つったら彼女がめっちゃキレてから 俺に向かってこう放った 俺はほんの数時間前起こったことを 思い返していた 「おまえは 人が曲を聴く時になんなん 私いいと言ってるのになんなん 質がどうのこうのなんやあんた 会話に参加すんなうざいやん 子供の時にクラスでジャイアン 呼ばわりされたことある?あんだろ デリカシー的なもんがないあんた一切 会話に入ってくんな 私 聞いた。好きだった。そんだけ。 横で気持ちが悪いうざいだけ お前いいもん聞いときゃいいんじゃね? そんでどうたらこうたら言うとけ キモい狭い世界から出んでね そんで一生マニア気取っとけ 好きなのは音楽じゃないんじゃね? 曲を聴く自分が好きなんじゃね」

  • Mar 17 I AM The Door Of The Sheep John 10 1 - 10.MP3
    Grace Covenant Church
    Religion & Spirituality
  • Ttar Is An Egg
    Tuan Shun
  • Sdd
  • Rough Kisses - An$
    Hip-hop & Rap

    ily <3

  • Acorda Mercado 25/03
    Eu me banco!
  • Vekker / Magyarország - Horvátország 2-1 / Palánki István & Nagy Nati
    Rádió Szentendre 91.6

    A #vekkerben Palánki Istvánnal a Nemzeti Sport újságírójával beszélgetett Nagy Nati a tegnapi Labdarúgó Európa-bajnoki selejtezőről, ahol Magyarország 2-1-re nyert a horvát csapat ellen.

  • 45 seconds from my album
    Arcane Toaster

    Almost done with the album at this rate. Been working on this thing for nearly three years, scrapping and throwing away tracks and then retooling older ones, it's been a lot of work but I think it will pay off. This is like the third teaser at this point right? I've been really anxious about what people will think of it. I like to think it's a cross between my earlier melodic chiptune stuff (mostly the early days of xm, some gameboy of course) and some of the later tracks I posted in 2017/2018 but with some other stuff to it. Been trying to move away from the expected sound and try to be more creative and try new recording techniques and using my environment more to record. I felt that with past albums and songs, I've been trying to re-create an already made sound, like the sound of several artists I enjoy rather than trying to find my own. In my early chiptune period I listened to other artists and listened for what made their songs good, and with my ''edm'' phase I tried to recreate what made those songs sound good to me (at the time), and probably failing at both. After a while it started to drain me so I guess with this album you can tell that it's a transitional effort with moving away from my past trappings (that's a phrase) and challenge myself, and maybe even the listener in the process. Maybe. Thank you for listening to my music! I'm aiming to finish the album as a part of my school project so we'll see how that goes!

  • Lil Toaster
    junk with apathy
  • Mustang
    Hip-hop & Rap
  • Hide and Seek

    #nonstopleasure #159houseofpleasure #inchaozweproducmusic

  • Hold Back The River 16 Aug
  • Follow Me
    Lagadishi brain
    Electronic reggae dub
  • 雅歌
    taishi ohira

    sarvatmanaha manogatat richaha kendrat richaha saranthu lokartham sarvamanava manase diptihi samayathu bhumao sarvatmano hridayagatat premakendrat prema purassarathu naranamm hridayeshu kalki atma mahatmacha bhumau punahatishtathu yatra devasya sankalpo bhavati tasmat kendrat parama gatirnayathu dhiyo naranam yad rishayo vidanthi kuvanthi cha yamtcharanthi jatir naranam tasmadavarohatu visvaprema pranalika ayathu rupaam apanudatu mrityum sada kantihi prema cha saktischa samasthapayathu bhumau pranalikam

  • MR UNIVERSE Osiris Rex And Bennu
    93.9 The River
    Hip-hop & Rap

    Shaymizzymac with the raps

  • EAP 61: Picture It Possible - Visual Mapping for Goal Clarity
    Kimi Walker

    Belinda Jackson, visual strategist and founder of Picture It Possible, joins us on this episode of the Early Accountability podcast. Belinda always had a passion for art and doodled her way to many creative solutions in her own life before realizing that those skills could be paired with her experience in organizational strategy and teaching to help others. She started Picture It Possible in 2017, after establishing how her skills could solve her clients’ problems with systematic planning and change management. Belinda’s clients typically come to her when they are at a decision point regarding their product/service or their career. Struggling to decipher the way they should go, they often find themselves delaying their decisions or taking steps in the dark, but Belinda is able to come in and help. In her experience, people tend to lose sight of their end goals in the moment of struggling with a decision, but Belinda helps them put the dynamics they are considering down on paper in a way that brings them clarity they previously didn’t have. These vision maps identify imbalances and discrepancies between where they are and where they want to go, and by highlighting the accelerants and deterrents to their successful progress, Belinda’s artistic infographics provide the needed push towards execution. In a more general sense, visual mapping is often a turning point for the client because they have received so much clarity during the process. Belinda often encourages clients to create vision boards for themselves that showcase photos or quotes that they want to embody in their own lives. Taking a step back from the daily grind to evaluate where they are personally reinforces their vision casting or perhaps encourages them to shift their vision to better motivate them. Belinda offers a Plan Your Possible course on her website as well as complimentary consultation for anyone wondering if Belinda’s services could help them or their organization. Topics Covered in this Episode: • Visual strategy • Systematic planning • Organizational strategy • Clarifying your goals and vision