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  • Coming Soon!!! - Brasilia (Release soon on Iboga Records - 08/10/2018)
    Coming Soon!!!

    Our next Release, with some Brasilian vibes 🔥🇧🇷🔥 So let's invade into "Brasilia" with this dance floor killer! Feel free to leave a comment 🙏❤️🙏 🔜Will be released 08th Oct 2018 Iboga Rec. ⇩⬇︎⇩⬇︎⇩⬇︎⇩⬇︎⇩⬇︎⇩⬇︎⇩ ★ SUBSCRIBE TO COMING SOON!!! ⬇︎ ★ BOOKINGS CONTACT ⬇︎ WWW.COMINGSOON.LIFE ★ FOLLOW COMING SOON!!! ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ WWW.COMINGSOON.LIFE THANK YOU 🙏 ❤️🙏

  • Armada Invites Radio 225 (Kokiri Guest Mix)
    Armada Invites Radio

    Armada Invites Radio 225 (Incl. Kokiri Guest Mix) Stream WeArmada playlist: Subscribe to the Armada Music YouTube channel: Welcome to Armada Music’s very own radio show: ‘Armada Invites Radio’. The all-inclusive format spans a broad spectrum of genres, ranging from deep house to progressive trance - and everything in between! Tracklist: 0:44 Qulinez & Christina Novelli - On My Mind [Armada Trice] 3:26 JYRA - Story Of Us [The Bearded Man] 5:56 Road Kahan - Close [Armada Chill] 8:32 Mordkey x Mastrovita - Blue Dream [Found Frequencies] 10:24 Estiva - Rage Race [Statement! Recordings] 13:28 Feenixpawl & XMulty - Atomic [Amada] 17:00 Ruben de Ronde X Yoel Lewis X Natalie Gioia - Madrigal [Statement! Recordings] 20:34 Luke Bond - Clockwork [Armind] 23:15 Bogdan Vix & KeyPlayer - Stranger Things [InHarmony Music] 26:47 Dirtcaps feat: Rachel West - Ride [Klash] Guest Mix: Kokiri 29:33 Afro Medusa - Pasilda (Knee Deep Club Mix) [Armada Music] 32:07 Jude & Frank - La Vereda (Cada Vez) (Leandro Da Silva Remix) [Armada Deep] 34:42 David Penn & ATFC - Hipcats [Armada Subjekt] 37:56 Qubiko & K909 - Who [Armada Subjekt]- Faith In Love [Armada Deep] 40:00 Marco Lys - The Story Continues [Armada Subjekt] 41:17 Low Steppa & Ayak - No Love (Extended Classic Mix) [Armada Deep] 44:21 Junior Sanchez - Real Good [Armada Subjekt] 45:24 Kokiri - Joy [Armada Deep] 46:42 Kokiri ft: Dragonette Spotlight: A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2018 (EP1) 50:21 Moonsouls & Zara Taylor - Let It Go 53:47 Rene Ablaze & Jam Da Bass - From Dusk Till Dawn 56:53 Oliver Cattley With Kiyoi & Eky – Zubr Connect with Armada Music ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶

  • Armada Invites Radio 226 (Lost Frequencies Guest Mix)
    Armada Invites Radio

    Armada Invites Radio 226 (Incl. Lost Frequencies Guest Mix) Stream WeArmada playlist: Subscribe to the Armada Music YouTube channel: Welcome to Armada Music’s very own radio show: ‘Armada Invites Radio’. The all-inclusive format spans a broad spectrum of genres, ranging from deep house to progressive trance - and everything in between! Tracklist: 00:43 Y.V.E. 48 - Still Think About It [Armada Music] 03.52 Sebastian Davidson - One Single Day [Armada Chill] 06.42 Eelke Kleijn - Drive [Days like Nights] 11.08 Malifoo - Heart Stops Beating [The Bearded Man] 14.02 Low Steppa - Heard It All Before [Armada Deep] 16.44 Gangster Trippin (Sultan + Shepard Remix) [Armada Music] 19.27 Rodg - Ticket To Jupiter [Statement! Recordings] 22.34 John Dahlbäck - Bricks [Armada Music] 24.33 Feenixpawl feat. Mikayla - Neon Sky (Mokita Remix) [Eclypse] 28.05 Carta - Peanut Butter [Dark Light Recordings] Guest Mix: Lost Frequencies 30.35 Kokiri - Pyramids 35.02 Y.v.e. 48 feat. Hier - Wait All Night 38.27 Lost Frequencies - Like I Love You 41.52 Kye Sones - Flowers (Seizo Remix) 45.17 Tommie Sunshine & Funk Machine Feat. Sabrina Signs - Lately 48.12 Deekey - Jump Up Spotlight: 51.15 1 Gareth Emery feat. Evan Henz - Call To Arms (Cosmic Gate Remix) [Garuda] 55.10 2 Gareth Emery feat. Evan Henz - Call To Arms (Matt Fax Remix) [Garuda] 58.38 3 Gareth Emery feat. Evan Henzi - Call To Arms (Sebastien Remix) [Garuda] Connect with Armada Music ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ #ArmadaMusic #ArmadaInvitesRadio #LostFrequencies

  • Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Flash Jack Remix) ★FREE DOWNLOAD★
    Flash Jack

    ★FREE DOWNLOAD★ Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Flash Jack Remix) Out Now @ Kf Records Download for free on The Artist Union

  • Audiomatic & Unseen Dimensions - Merged

    Mix Mastering by Mind Spin Studio

  • Alegro & Shibass - Imagination [Blue Tunes Records..soon]

    I am very proud To present you my collab track with Shibass "Imagination" that will be release in Blue Tunes Records ! More about Alegro : instagram: More about Shibass: Share & Enjoy :-)

  • AthzirA - Complejo De Munt - 150 "Demo"
    Cosmic Spiral aka AthzirA

    AthzirA / Dark Psy / Hi-Tech - ''GUATEMALA'' *Demo De Su Album ''Geometría maya"* ... nombre origen maya y significa "nueva espiga de maíz". Dentro de la cosmovisión y la filosofía maya, existían cuatro colores que eran fundamentales en sus creencias. Estos colores eran el rojo, blanco, amarillo y negro. De hecho, con ellos se explicaban los cuatro ángulos del universo.

  • Lasmar & Invader Space - The Universe (Original Mix) by X7M Records

    'The Universe' faz parte do EP 'Realidade invertida' de @invaderspace lançado agora pela X7M Records. Música de Psytrance melódica profunda com muito sentimento. Masterização por Bonen @ X-noiZe / Major7 studio. Capa de arte de Francisco Mahashia 'The Universe' is part of @invaderspace's 'Inverted Reality' EP released now by X7M Records. Deep melodic Psytrance music with a lot of feeling. Mastering by Bonen @ X-noiZe / Major7 studio. Art cover by Francisco Mahashia Buy Now :

  • Zen Mechanics & Egorythmia - Dragonfruit (E-Clip RMX) FULL

    Mastering by : Plus six mastering / Micky Noise ([email protected])

  • 4weekend - Trance Mission 001 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    Trance Mission #001 é o primeiro de nossa nova série de set’s! Presente feito com carinho para agradecer a todos vocês que nos recebem da melhor forma em todas regiões do país e para aqueles que estão todos os dias ao nosso lado, fortalecendo e acompanhando o nosso caminho! Muito obrigado! Track List: 4weekend - Samsara (Live edit) 4weekend, @sightermusic - Dynamite 4weekend - Questions (UNR) 4weekend - Signals (New Mix) 4weekend - Mais Ninguém RMX(New Mix) 4weekend, @Zanonmusic - 1001 Days (UNR) Seven Nation Army - (4weekend RMX) 4weekend - Diwali Vegas - Akasha (@synthaticmusic Remix) 4weekend - Hey Loud - Small Talk (4weekend RMX) @itsblazy, @Groundbass, 4weekend - 1998 Tribute Follow network: Download for free on The Artist Union

  • Lost In Space - Universe Or Multiverse [Alien Records]
    Lost In Space

    Grab it here:

  • StarLab - Stories From Outer Space 002 MIX
    ☆ StarLab | Digital Om

    Tracklist: StarSeed - G.iA (Iono Music) StaLab & Sonic Entity - Esoteric (TesseracTstudio) UNR Maitika - Gather Your Knowledge (Techsafari) StarLab - Abiogenesis (Digital Om) Redrosid - Infra.RED (UNR) StarLab & Out Of Range - Alignment (Digital Om) Mad Tribe - The LSD Party (Vertical Mode Rmx) [Sacred Technology] Sabretooth - Conga Eel (Alchemy) Alpha Portal & Burn In Noise - Edge Of Sanity (Future Music) Spinal Fusion & Middle Mode - Orb (Digital Om) Faders - Fractals (TechSafari) Volcano - The Cell (Sacred Tech) Outsiders - Lucid Dream (Sacred Technology) Faders & Relativ - Ground Zero (Digital Om) StarLab & Ital - Universal Prayer (Antu) UNR Outside The Universe VS Magik - 4D World (Nano) Djantrix - Transcription (Digital Om)

  • VA Kybalion compiled by Sequoya (Sangoma) Out soon!
    Sangoma Records

    Preorder now: We at Sangoma are back from our summer break, and happy to present a compilation selected by Sequoya titled 'Kybalion'. It’s getting pretty foresty on this ride. Yan has gathered some sound alchemists around him to present this mystic aural journey inspired by the kybalion book from the early 1900, containing some so called hermetic principles, which refer to metaphysics and philosophy of ancient hermetism. Organic medicine, to crack your skull open with the intention to purify, mature, and perfect it’s content. Label: Sangoma Records Cat. Number: SANGCD021 Genre: Electronic 
Style: Psychedelic Trance 
Format: CD Digipack, Digital Mastering: Scorb @TRK Mastering Art: Jazzmine @Blue Hour Sounds 1. Akkma – Parallel Dimensions 2. Antonymous & Cosinus – Stoned Maniacs 3. Sequoya – Kybalion (2018 Version) 4. Metaphyz- Lords of Procrastination 5. Biophotons – Unorthodox Behavior 6. Terratech – Pandora 7. Ulvae – Hidden Black Blotter 8. Via Axis & Sequoya – Symptom of Nature 9. Witchcraft – Casting Spells 10. Purist – Yuxibu