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  • Podquisition Episode 178: UBOS

    The gang has to rely on USER GENERATED CONTENT and the Ultimate Book of Spells to make a lean news week into a fun podcast!

  • a16z Podcast: Principles and Algorithms for Work and Life

    Can one really apply the lessons of history and of the past to the present and the future, as a way to get what they want out of life? By deeply understanding cause-effect relationships -- clearly expressed, shared with others, overlaid with data, back-tested, modified -- you can build a set of principles/algorithms/recipes for dealing with the realities of your life, observes Ray Dalio in this episode of the a16z Podcast (in conversation with a16z general partner Alex Rampell and Sonal Chokshi). Dalio's book Principles: Life and Work originated as an internal company document that was posted online years ago and has been shared widely since; he is the founder, chairman, and co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates -- one of the top five private companies in the U.S., which manages over $150 billion and has made more money for clients than any other hedge fund. "Is this is a duck, how do I deal with ducks; or this is a species I haven't seen before, and how do I deal with that?" In other words, when you see a particular thing coming over and over again, you can know what you're seeing and how to act on it. But what about timing, which is a huge factor when it comes to making various bets and decisions in both work and life? And what if a phenomenon is entirely new and hasn't been seen before (is there such a thing), and also, how do we avoid an overly pattern-matching/ pattern-recognition trap? Having a framework can still help -- even if the phenomena don't have a clear set of rules like chess -- because we can understand why things might be different. Knowing that is important, argues Dalio. The conversation covers everything from the differences between private and public investing, and between startups and big companies -- to how people, teams, organizations, and even nation-states can evolve through principles like "believability-weighted idea meritocracies" and more. But... can adults really change? What are the differences between the two you's, and between closed-minded and open-minded people, and how do they play out across the roles of a "teacher", "student", or "peer" in organizations of varying scale? It's not as obvious as you might think, and knowing how you know -- and what we don't know -- can help.

  • AntiCast 333 – Economia à Esquerda, com Laura Carvalho

    Neste programa, Ivan Mizanzuk entrevista a economista, professora, pesquisadora e autora Laura Carvalho. Recentemente anunciada como integrante da equipe que discutirá as estratégias da pauta econômica da pré-candidatura de Guilherme Boulos (PSOL) Laura Carvalho explica como é possível pensar num projeto progressista aliado ao desenvolvimento econômico de um país. Quais seriam os caminhos? O que já foi feito que deu certo? Onde o Brasil errou nos últimos anos? E quais serão os maiores desafios econômicos que o executivo brasileiro enfrentará nos próximos 4 anos? >> 0h04min15seg Pauta Principal

  • Runde #159 - So ein Zufall!
    Auf ein Bier GamesPodcast

    Ausgehend von den Überlegungen des Gamedesigners Keith Burgun diskutieren wir über Verwendungszweck und Wert von Zufall in Spielen: Ist Zufall in Strategiespielen nur eine Verschleierungstaktik um schlechtes Gamedesign zu kaschieren? Ist er in anderen Spielen ein wertvoller Wegbegleiter, der für Spannung und Abwechslung sorgt? Und wo liegt eigentlich der Unterschied zwischen Zufall und anderen unvorhergesehenen Ereignissen? All diesen und weiteren Fragen gehen wir in dieser Folge auf den Grund – rein zufällig, versteht sich! Der Beitrag von Keith Burgun:

  • #119 No More Safe Harbor
    Reply All

    Last month, the government shut down, a site where people advertised sex with children. We talk to a group of people who say that was a huge mistake. Trigger warning: sexual assault.

  • #266. Como os bots afetam a percepção da realidade

    Uma longa e detalhada reportagem da BBC revelou recentemente que os bots são determinantes na política brasileira desde 2014. Os sistemas automatizados estariam gerando uma democracia ciborgue, com o objetivo de criar uma cortina de fumaça nos debates reais e via internet. No Braincast 266, Carlos MerigoAlexandre Maron, André Pontes do NBW e Marco Konopacki, coordenador de projetos do Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade do Rio, criador do PegaBot debatem a capacidade da propaganda política computacional de alterar a nossa percepção da realidade, se aproveitando do efeito manada para manipular a opinião pública e inflar números. > 4:20 Pauta principal > 56:35 Qual é a boa? --- TORNE-SE ASSINANTE DO BRAINCAST Patreon: Apoia-se: --- Críticas, comentários, sugestões para [email protected] ou nos comentários desse post. > Edição: Caio Corraini > Sound Design: Caco Teixeira > Arte da Capa: Johnny Brito

  • Game Of Roles - Episode 5

    La fine équipe poursuit ses aventures épiques à Aria. La soirée bât son plein au manoir Treherne. Tandis qu'Atlan essaie de séduire le maître de maison, grand collectionneur de heurtoirs exotiques, Keitra, Clodomir et Niklas tentent de rester concentrés sur leur mission. QUE VA T'IL SE PASSER ?

  • The iMac Pro Controversy... - WAN Show Apr.20 2018

    For your unrestricted 30 days free trial, go to and enter in “The WAN Show” in the how you heard about us section. Use offer code LTT to save 10% on Savage Jerky at Head over to and use offer code LINUS to get 50% off Madrinas Coffee products! The first 50 people who use code LINUS will also get a FREE gift! Offer valid until April 27th Soundcloud: Forum: Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89. 00:14:22 - iOS update killed touch functionality on iPhone 8s 00:23:25 - Sponsor: Madrinas Coffee 00:25:10 - Sponsor: Freshbooks 00:26:32 - Sponsor: Savage Jerky 00:28:23 - California net neutrality bill 00:38:00 - Google Chat 00:49:38 - End of Oppo Digital 00:53:22 - Intel's smart glasses group gone 00:53:58 - AREZ announced 00:57:22 - Floatplane Timestamps courtesy of Beezoh. 14:20 New ios update killed touch functionality on iphone 8 3rd party screens and rants on right to repair. 24:10 Sponsor-Madrina's coffee 24:23 Sponsor-Freshbooks 27:55 Sponsor-Savage Jerky 29:00 Bad news for AT&T and Comcast 38:05 Google's SMS Killer 49:50 Oppo Digital announces "It's time to say goodbye" 54:10 Asus announced AREZ Radeon graphics cards 57:28 Some Floatplane stuff

  • Épisode #4 : De la légion à L.A.

    Octobre 1989 : Alors qu’il devient enfin un phénomène de notre côté de l’Atlantique, Jean Claude continue sa boulimie filmique dans un enchaînement de tournages express. Il est appelé à jouer un Légionnaire en fuite, Lyon Gautier, près à tout pour atteindre son objectif (comme JC à la ville) de secourir sa famille et acheter un vélo à sa nièce. JCVD nous démontre, une fois de plus, une technique de Full Contact impeccable appliquée aux combats de rue (et de riches).

  • Stream #1: Stream
  • Stone Sour Record Store Day Exclusive with Josh Rand and Andy Hall
    Lazer 103.3

    The guitarist talks "Hydrograd Acoustic Sessions" EP for Record Store Day 2018, as well as his struggles with addiction on the road to recovery.

  • Gamekult l'émission #368 : SoulCalibur VI et le HTC Vive Pro
  • Facebook sucks, Future AMD GPUs could be GREAT! - WAN Show Apr.13 2018

    Share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with Synergy 2 at Buy the be quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Cooler on Newegg: Buy the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Cooler on Newegg: Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Soundcloud: Forum: Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89. 00:07:20 - Facebook users aren't changing privacy settings, despite uproar 00:20:45 - AMD Navi 00:29:17 - Google-branded 4K Android TV dongle 00:34:17 - Floatplane 00:38:17 - Sponsor: Symless 00:39:59 - Sponsor: be quiet! 00:41:22 - Sponsor: Squarespace 00:42:25 - WebAuthn 00:51:24 - Ransomware asks you to play PUBG 00:43:11 - FTC staff warns companies that it is illegal to condition warranty coverage on the use of specified parts or services 00:54:37 - Apple's HomePod isn't the hot seller it wanted 01:03:33 - New Gmail confidential mode

  • Checkpoint 4x09 - A Metal Gear (Solid) sorozat

    Az IDDQD podcastjének 4x09-es (összesen 76.) adása Grathtel és Stökivel. Vendég: Wilson, ex-576, ex-PC Guru, most cenegás. Téma: a Metal Gear (Solid) sorozat. Kísérőposzt linkekkel:

  • #232 Karl Floersch: Plasma Cash and the Ethereum Roadmap

    Support the show, consider donating: BTC: 1CD83r9EzFinDNWwmRW4ssgCbhsM5bxXwg ( BCC: 1M4dvWxjL5N9WniNtatKtxW7RcGV73TQTd ( ETH: 0x8cdb49ca5103Ce06717C4daBBFD4857183f50935 ( Ethereum Foundation researcher Karl Floersch joined us to discuss the main projects to upgrade Ethereum: Casper, Sharding and Plasma. Karl has been playing a key role in creating a new and simpler specification for Ethereum sidechains called Plasma Cash. We discussed the evolution of the Plasma project and what Ethereum's evolution in the coming years could look like. Topics discussed in this episode: - How Karl originally became involved in Ethereum - The role of Casper, Sharding and Plasma in the Ethereum roadmap - The problems with the original Plasma concept - How Plasma Cash provides a simple scalability solution - The challenge of data availability - Use cases and timeline for Plasma Links mentioned in this episode: - Plasma Cash Simple Spec: - Ethereum Plasma MVP Overview: - Plasma Cash Discussion on Ethereum Research: - Cryptoeconomics: An Introduction: - Plasma & The Public Ethereum Chain - Joseph Poon (Ethereal Summit 2017): - Plasma - Original Whitepaper: Sponsors: - Gnosis X: Build a revolutionary prediction market dApp on Gnosis & win up to 
$100,000 in GNO tokens - This episode is also available on : - - YouTube: - Souncloud: Watch or listen, Epicenter is available wherever you get your podcasts. Epicenter is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain, Sébastien Couture & Meher Roy.

  • 23.04 Digitund: kuidas see kuulus aknapesurobot siis ikkagi töötab?
    Raadio 1

    Üks Digitunni saatejuhtidest ostis aknapesuroboti ja tuleb välja, et esiteks see on hea ja teiseks pool Eestit on nüüd järjekorras, et seda kas laenata või selle kohta rohkem teada. Saatest saab teada. Saate teemad: Google tegi jälle uue sõnumiäpi: RCS / Chat Aknapesurobot Alfawise S60 Esimene 8K teler Euroopas müügis, kuidas siis on ka? Ansip: Zuckerberg seletas, kuidas ta kavatseb Facebookis võidelda desinformatsiooniga DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal Vidin, mis teeb vanad autod nutikaks Kuidas konfida telerit ja miks peaksid sa seda tegema? Saatejuhid Hans Lõugas ja Henrik Roonemaa uudisteportaalist

  • E814: Airtable Howie Liu: $52m B, launches Blocks customizable apps& supercharge database insights
  • E171 - God of War-lansering, battle royal-rykter for Battlefield og CoD, Minit, Sea of Thieves
    Level BackUp

    Rune legger ut om sitt kjærlighetsforhold til God of War, Karl har møtt veggen (igjen) i Pokémon Go, Frida ELSKER å stå opp klokken 3 om morgenen for å rekke et fly som ble kansellert og super-gjest Nick koser seg fortsatt med Sea of Thieves. Vi snakker også om ryktene om at battle royale er på vei til både Battlefield 5 og høstens Call of Duty og vi lager våre drømmeteams av spillutviklere. SPONSET INNHOLD: Episoden er sponset av Extra Optical. Prøv gratis hjemlån av fire par briller på

  • 208: Superman (The Silver Age)
    Geek History Lesson

    Time to reveal the history and adventures of Superman in the Silver Age! Be careful! This podcast contains SPOILERS. So if you don't want to know what happens, then you should come back later. Read our first comic book mini-series -- JUPITER JET! Get $125 off the Leesa mattress by going to - Support the show on Patreon and listen to the Patreon exclusive Geek History Lesson EXTRA podcast! GET OUR RECOMMENDED READING from this episode here: Follow the show on TWITTER! Make sure to visit our Facebook fan page: You can find Ashley at and Jason at https://twitter.comJawiin. Thanks for showing up to class today. Class dismissed!