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  • Back To The Wall
    Snap Judgment

    Pro rock climbers Jason Smith and Tommy Caldwell know a thing or two about dangerous even life threatening adventures, but when they go on an expedition to the famous Yellow Wall in Kyrgyzstan, their lives were threatened in a whole new way. Check out more about Jason “Singer” Smith at his website And be sure to check out Tommy Caldwell’s book “The Push” available now as well as the movie The Dawn Wall. For more details on the kidnapping read Greg Child’s book “Over The Edge." Producer: Jazmin Aguilera and Luke Quinton Original Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

  • Le jeu du terrorisme
    ARTE Radio

    En France, les manifestations et leurs slogans habituels ne font plus vraiment peur. Mais pour le sommet des ministres de l'Intérieur du G6, à Lyon, on a simulé un faux attentat au stade pour montrer comme la police est bien préparée. Dans une école primaire du Rhône, on apprend aux enfants à se cacher en cas d'intrusion. Dans un collège de Paris, un exercice similaire a pour but de protéger les élèves des "manifestants violents". Livo mène l'enquête sur les nouveaux savoirs fondamentaux : apprendre à se planquer. Chaque semaine dans le podcast "Dépêche !", Livo dégaine son micro. Enregistrements : octobre 18 - Mise en ondes & mix : Arnaud Forest - Réalisation : Olivier Minot - Illustration : Robin Renard

  • Le carnet russe
    ARTE Radio

    "Je n'ai pas vraiment connu ma mère qui est morte quand j'avais treize ans. Mais j'ai gardé pas mal d'affaires dont un petit agenda rouge de l’année 1966. C’est l’agenda de ses 20 ans, quand elle étudiait dans l'Espagne franquiste. Je suis curieuse de savoir ce qu’il contient, mais il est écrit en russe. Heureusement, je connais une traductrice qui va pouvoir m’aider à le déchiffrer pour découvrir la jeune fille qu’était ma mère. Mais, au fait, qu’est-ce que j'espère vraiment trouver là-dedans ?" Claire Latxague est enseignante-chercheuse et éditrice de bandes dessinées. Enregistrements : février, avril, juin 18 - Traductrice : Elena Ourjoumtseva - Réalisation : Samuel Hirsch - Texte & voix : Claire Latxague

  • The Free-Range Archivist: Jason Scott
    The Kitchen Sisters

    Today, The Keepers continues with the launch of "Keeper of the Day," our new daily, year-long social media series featuring keepers from around the world. {Kind of like baseball cards}. #KeeperoftheDay will arrive in an array of modes—radio, podcasts, photographs, graphics, videos, quotes….  Along with more stories of activist archivists, rogue librarians, curators, collectors and historians, we’ll be featuring keepers of all kinds—river keepers, seed keepers, climate keepers, peacekeepers—stewards of culture, civil liberties, the land, the free flow of information and ideas—people who take it upon themselves to preserve and protect. Keeper of the Day (#keeperoftheday) will appear on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,, emails, and beyond. We’ll be telling in a medley of mediums. Daily for a year. A keeper a day. We begin this wing of the series at the Internet Archive in San Francisco. Twas there we met him.  Keeper #1: The Free-Range Archivist: Jason Scott, the public facing mouth of the Internet Archive. Listen and you’ll see why. This story was produced by one of our mighty interns, Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo, in collaboration with The Kitchen Sisters. This is Juliet’s first story. She took the reins and we were knocked out by what she did. Jim McKee mixed.

  • #118: What if you uncovered the family secret?

    “The first thing that I felt was invaded, like I physically wanted out of my skin. I didn’t know who the other half of me was….My whole body was crawling and I just wanted out.” Producer: Whit Missildine Instagram: @actuallyhappening Intro Music: "Illabye" - Tipper Music Bed: “Re-Entry” – Lee Rosevere Outro Music: "The Moon is Down" - El Diablo & Adam Schraft (Rojo y Negro) @eldiablosf

  • Myth Syzer sur le Mike
    ARTE Radio
    Hip-hop & Rap

    "Il ose beaucoup comme très peu le font dans ce game actuellement." Pour les chroniqueurs du Mike, Myth Syzer a signé l'album parfait pour emballer l'été avec "Bisous" sorti en avril 18. Extrait de l'émission de critique rap "Le Mike et l'enclume (juin 18)" sur Enregistrements : 22 mai 18 - Chroniqueurs : La Go, Labrax, Mike, Moe - Animateur : Jérôme Larcin - Réalisation : Charlie Marcelet

  • The Summer of Astral Weeks
    Documentary On One, RTÉ

    As part of the inaugural RTÉ Radio 1 Folk Awards, RTÉ Arts and the Documentary On One have come together to tell the story of one of the greatest albums ever made. As 1968 began, Van Morrison was at his lowest ebb: despite having had a smash hit the previous year with Brown Eyed Girl, he found himself penniless, facing deportation from the United States, and living under the threat of Mob violence in New York city. As 1968 drew to a close, Van Morrison had transformed the sound of his music, signed to Warner Brothers, and recorded Astral Weeks - now regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time. How did Van Morrison turn his life and career around so dramatically that year? Who were the people and what were the events that made it possible? In The Summer of Astral Weeks, those closest to Van Morrison in 1968, including his then wife and muse, Janet Planet, reflect on that most significant year. The musicians Van Morrison played with that year, and those who recorded the record with him, are reunited for the first time in half a century at locations which were central to the album's story in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. Contributors include: Janet Planet; Warren Smith [percussion, vibraphone]; Jay Berliner [guitar]; Brooks Arthur [sound engineer]; John Payne [flute] ;Joe Smith [former president, Warner Brothers Music]; John Sheldon [guitar]; Joe Bebo [drums]; Tom Kielbania [bass]. Special thanks to Ryan H. Walsh. Narrated by Richard Dormer. Produced by Alan Torney and Tim Desmond. Stills and video ; Miranda Shafer.

  • Moth Pitch: Therese Wood
    The Moth

    Therese Wood calls into The Moth Pitchline to recount a story of preservation and kindness. Do you have a story you'd like to pitch? Call us at 1-877-799-MOTH or record one at

  • 42: Avery Trufelman

    Avery Trufelman is a producer of 99% Invisible and the host of Articles of Interest. “The literal battleground of interior and exterior forces in your world is what you’re wearing.”

  • Sold: Sharon Gavin

    As a playwright, lyricist, and speechwriter, Sharon is used to telling stories on paper; making the leap from page to stage here has her a bit shaken, but not stirred. Her story tonight is about how mosquitoes, malaria and mambo turned her life into a ball - figuratively and literally. URBAN TELLERS October 5, 2018 TUNE INTO YOUR TRUE NATURE Sharon Gavin live at The Old Church Concert Hall in Portland, OR Portland Story Theater, hosted by Lawrence Howard and Lynne Duddy MAY THE NARRATIVE BE WITH YOU®

  • Episode 18: Solidarity
    Re:Work Radio
  • Two Brains
    Snap Judgment

    What if you had two choices. Either risk death, or start over in a completely new life. Now imagine you had to make that decision for your child. Check out more of Amy Roost’s work here and her podcast Fury here. Read Amy Roost’s article on what may have caused each of her children to have brain malformations in Dame Magazine. Producer:Amy Roost, Anna Sussman. Original Score: Renzo Gorrio

  • Mason Snow No Teaser
    Radio Boise

    Mason Snow Chip Cookies is a late night bakery that delivers boxes of cookies all around the Boise and Provo areas from 8pm-2am. They sell large, warm, and fresh cookies that are perfect for a late night snack. Mason Snow, the General Manager in Boise, discusses how he and his wife got started with Chip Cookies, how much they have been able to learn about running a business along the way, and what it is about the business that makes it stand out in a competitive field.

  • #151 - Special: Strange Tales 3
    The History of China

    Our third entry of Seasonal Spookiness for your aural pleasure. From Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio (聊齋志異) by: Pu Songling 1:25 - "The Girl in Green" 8:30 - "A Very Sharp Sword" 10:45 - "He Came Back" 18:25 - "A Transformation" 22:45 - "Mr. Miao" 34:05 - "A Prank"

  • HBM103: Fate’s Notebook
    Here Be Monsters

    Reynaldo Gulin had a notebook full of warnings and advice that was supposed to keep his family from danger. But after he died, a second, unforeseen death shook his family’s faith in Santeria. [[FULL DESCRIPTION AND PHOTOS AT]]

  • The Unofficial Archivist of Everest: Elizabeth Hawley
    The Kitchen Sisters

    #KeeperoftheDay #2. A message from The Keeper Hotline: "Hi, my name is Dr. Derek Fox. I'm a veterinary orthopedic surgeon calling from Columbia, Missouri. The details of a story are certainly not mine, and I'm no expert on this individual or even the field that she represented. It just seemed to me that her story would be one that you guys would be interested in pursuing for your Keeper series. Elizabeth Hawley who was an American born in 1923 and died in January of 2018, so just this year at age 94. "What makes her truly remarkable is that at the time when she really started what would become her career it was essentially unheard of for women to be adventuring the way she did. She grew up in America, got her Master's and became a researcher for Fortune Magazine, but became quite bored and started traveling as a result of some intense wanderlust that she had. After several years of traveling around the world and going on many adventures as a single young woman, she landed in Kathmandu and and settled in Nepal around 1957. "Quickly she became fascinated with Mount Everest, even though she did not like hiking and didn't really particularly like trekking or have any interest in climbing the mountain herself. What she was fascinated by was chronicling the expeditions that were climbing Mount Everest and in very short order she became in charge of and the main keeper and chronicler of all the records and the data for all expeditions going up Mount Everest. This chronicle, this overall collection of her records became the Himalayan database and in very short order the world leading mountaineers and alpinists started to come to her because she had collected so much data and information and records on the mountain that if you wanted to climb an eight thousand meter peak, you probably needed to go to Elizabeth Hawley."

  • The Autumn Garden (Part One of Two)

    A Chekhovian comedy from Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lillian Hellman about the sad and funny frailties of human existence. As the summer of 1949 draws to a close, a group of middle-aged friends are gathering for their annual retreat at a genteel Southern resort. An acquaintance from the past thrusts himself into the yearly gathering, forcing them to re-examine their mundane yet seemingly idyllic existence, the opportunities they've lost, and the lives that have passed them by. Directed by JoBeth Williams Glenne Headly as Rose Griggs Julie Harris as Mrs. Mary Ellis David Clennon as Mrs. Mary Ellis Eric Stoltz as Edward Crossman Scott Wolf as Frederick Ellis Roxanne Hart as Carrie Ellis Tracy Middendorf as Sophie Tuckerman Jeronimo Spinx as Leon Gates McFadden as Constance Tuckerman David Selby as Nicholas Denery Mary Steenburgen as Nicholas Denery Lynne Marta as Hilda

  • Collomb part et Rédoine rentre
    ARTE Radio

    Cette semaine, Livo vérifie la popularité de Gérard Collomb dans les rues de Lyon avant de l'envoyer en EHPAD (établissement d'hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes). Il écoute aussi le voisin de la planque de Rédoine Faïd et rend hommage au braqueur, qu'il confond avec Robin des Bois. Chaque semaine dans le podcast "Dépêche !", Livo dégaine son micro. Enregistrements : 4, 6, 8 octobre 18 - Mise en ondes & mix : Samuel Hirsch - Réalisation : Olivier Minot - Illustration : Robin Renard

  • La dernière séance
    ARTE Radio

    Parce que son psy s’est endormi pendant leur séance, Benjamin décide de se venger. Il confie désormais ses états d'âme à son téléphone portable, sur lequel il commente ses diverses activités : croiser Eric Zemmour dans le métro, prendre des champignons hallucinogènes, faire l’amour avec sa compagne...  Une autofiction hilarante et virtuose sur la psychanalyse - et comment s'en débarrasser - face aux pouvoirs du récit. A noter qu'il s'agit aussi de la première fiction radio entièrement enregistrée au téléphone portable ! Benjamin Abitan écrit et réalise d'habitude des fictions pour France Culture. Sa série "La préhistoire du futur" a reçu le prix Europa en 2017.  Enregistrement : 2018 - Texte et voix : Benjamin Abitan - Réalisation : Benjamin Abitan et Samuel Hirsch - Illustration : Quentin Faucompré

  • Lorenzo sur le Mike
    ARTE Radio
    Hip-hop & Rap

    "Ca s'entend qu'il en a rien à branler." Les chroniqueurs du Mike sont mi-amusés, mi-déconcertés face à l'album "Rien à branler" de Lorenzo sorti en février 18. Extrait de l'émission de critique rap "Le Mike et l'enclume (avril 18)" sur Enregistrement : 20 mars 18 - Chroniqueurs : Lama, Labrax, Mike, Moe - Animateur : Jérôme Larcin - Réalisation : Charlie Marcelet