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  • Betrayal (Trailer)
    Kamil Orman-Janowski

    Composed and produced by Kamil Orman-Janowski For "Betrayal" trailer "Path of Exile" - video game by Grinding Gear Games

  • Deltarune Orchestrated - Chaos King
    The Second Narrator

    This was the first piece I wanted to arrange, along with Field of Hopes and Dreams (I haven't figured out how to approach that one yet!). What's really exciting here is that I got to build further on techniques and instrumentation I developed from pretty much all my previous Undertale arrangements. Plus I spent a considerable amount of time balancing every instrument, EQ'ing every track to get it sounding good. My takeaway from the original track and the context of the boss fight is a mix of shock, terror, and some mischief. You know while ascending the palace that the king is not going to grant you access to the fountain, but what surprises you is his disapproval of his son. Not only does he show such disdain, he even relishes in his villainy. This creates a strong motivation to the player to abandon the pacifist method and go all genocide on him. Hopefully you can tell from listening to my arrangement that I had so much fun with the percussion. After doing the I Am Setsuna track, No Turning Back, I had an itch to make another track with percussion that is intense but still quick on its toes. Nearly all of toby fox's original rhythm is preserved, and I merely layered on top of that. For others wondering how to orchestrate music, think of it as remastering a game. You don't just copy the same notes and substitute orchestral instruments. That's like slapping on some high-res textures and calling it a day. Does anyone enjoy playing the Final Fantasy games ported to mobile with the smoothed out graphics? You have to remodel everything from scratch with more detail. So for percussion, a trick I use is to subdivide the original rhythm, and then cut it up and distribute it among a bunch of instruments. Give the big booming drums the down beat, and the higher frequency instruments the syncopated and faster 16th note beats. Here are all the percussion patches I used in this song. Spitfire HZ01 Percussion - Boobams, Paper Djuns Spitfire HZ02 - Sony Stage Drums Soundiron Clacks - Bamboo Pole Cinesamples CinePerc - Taikos, Concert Toms, Tambourines, Tubular Bells, Crash Cymbals, Ensemble Claps + Snaps QL Stormdrum - Ambient Largeness, Lord of Toms Ensemble, Clacks (Taiko), Spring Drums I used to only use the stage mic versions of the patches because I naively thought that was the best when trying to recreate the sound of a full orchestra. Here, I experimented a lot with close mic versions, and I discovered that with the right control I can really get the punchy sound of the drums out without having to raise the volume out. This extended to the melodic instruments too, and allowed me to give the cello the same percussive rhythm. I repeated the first half of the song because it's my favorite part. I had a lot of ideas that I wanted to explore without repeating the entire track. I didn't want to rush into the more intense variation right away because it deserves a build up. If you listen closely, the percussion rhythm in the first run-through is inverted before being restored at the repeat at 1:35. Another first for me in this track is pairing up instruments from different families. I used to keep the woodwinds, strings, and brass separate in their motifs, but here I had them all make friends and do parts solos together, so you'll hear match-ups like Harpischord/Horns, Piccolo/Trumpet, String/Percussion, Brass/Choir. Hope you guys enjoy this! MP3 and FLAC available for Patrons. ► Arrangement by Jeremiah Sun Original Song composed by toby fox DELTARUNE Chapter 01 is currently free to download

  • Black Hole - "Hybrid Gods" (AUPM115 - Universal Music)
    Michael Maas (Composer)

    Check out my track "Hybrid Gods" for Aurora Production Music´s new release "DESTRUCTION". Composer: Michael Maas Track Title: Hybrid Gods Album: Destruction (AUPM115) Publisher: Universal Music Release Date: November 2018 License: [email protected]

  • GameXplain - Smash Discussion Theme
    Peach Toadstool

    Shout out to all of you Smash Bros. fans and music lovers alike! Let's all get pumped for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with this upbeat remix of the GameXplain Discussion Theme! Featuring in GameXplain discussions relating to the title, this composition is one of the most ambitious songs in GameXplain's official music collection. Originally pitched by one of our very own GameXplain Patrons on the Discord server, the concept came into fruition after much experimentation. While the orchestral piece consists of mostly of classical instruments, a daring rock-seasoned section serves as its apex. This also is the first remix from me to arrange the middle portion of the source material. Starting in 4/4 time and ending with a coda in 6/8 time, you may relish the dynamics of this theme inspired by the Super Smash Bros. series. Have a Smashing good time listening to the results! Disclaimer: All graphics and audio represented here are copyright of GameXplain. Original GameXplain Discussion Theme was written by Alexis C. on SoundCloud. (@acham)

  • Engies Of The Caribbean
    Kyle Nelson

    An acoustic remix of "He's a Pirate" from "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" using the guitar of the Engineer from Team Fortress 2.

  • Sad Emotional Piano - Nostalgic and Cinematic Background Music Instrumental (FREE DOWNLOAD)
    Background Music

    Free Download Music: Sad Emotional Piano - nostalgic and cinematic background music for videos, films, documentaries, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, sad videos, cinematic scenes, websites, social media, for commercial projects etc. ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: ● SoundCloud: ● YouTube: ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Instagram: ► My Website: -------------- ►More Background Music Free Download: - For Videos - - For Films - - For Documentaries - - For Presentations - - Music For YouTube - - For Instagram - --------------- ► MORE SIMILAR MUSIC: SAD MUSIC - CINEMATIC MUSIC - EMOTIONAL MUSIC - PIANO MUSIC - -------------- ► About Music Track: “Sad Emotional Piano” – is Nostalgic and cinematic background music track that is perfect for videos, films, documentaries, cinematic scenes, podcasts, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, websites, social media, for commercial projects and more. Music very good technical and aesthetic quality. --------------- ► Subscription For YouTubers: ● Get more opportunities for your YouTube channel when you use my music: --------------- ► Royalty Free Music: --------------- ► NO COPYRIGHT MUSIC: Become my patron and get access to all of my free music tracks without copyright. More Info: --------------- ► Stream, Buy and Download music by AShamaluevMusic HERE: ● iTunes/Apple: ● Google Play: ● Amazon: ● Deezer: ● Spotify: --------------- ► You can also follow me on: ● Google Plus: ● VK: ● Linkedin: ● Telegram: ● Tumblr: ● Stumbleupon: --------------- FAQ: ► Can I use this music in my videos? - Sure! You can use this track in your video for FREE, but without the ability to monetize your videos on YouTube. --------------- ► Does this music track have copyright? - Yes, this track has copyrights, but you can still use this music track in your video, but without the possibility of monetizing and earning income for Youtube. --------------- ► Where can I get a license? - This track is not available for licensing. This track is available by standard subscription: --------------- ► I received a claim for copyright infringement, What should I do? - You need to relax, there is nothing to worry about. Your videos will feel good, they will not be imposed any restrictions (except for monetization). I do not delete videos, your video is safe. --------------- ► How to credit you in my video? - You can indicate so (Copy & Paste): Music Info: Sad Emotional Piano - AShamaluevMusic. Music Link: (Paste Link) If you have any problems or questions, you can write in the comments or contact me: --------------- ► What you can find here: Background Music, Instrumental Music, Background Music For Videos, Background Music For Films, Background Music For Documentary, Sad Background Music, Emotional Background Music, Cinematic Background Music, Nostalgic Background Music, Melancholic Background Music, Dramatic Background Music, Cinematic Music, Sad Music, Emotional Music, Nostalgic Music, Melancholic Music, Dramatic Music, --------------- Stay tuned as more tracks will be released in the coming weeks and months. Do not forget: Like, Share and Subscribe! Thanks For Listening!

  • Astromentals Ft. Julie Seechuk - Never Give Up (Epic Intense Emotional Orchestral)

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  • Vibrations ∞
    anton kubikov
  • Konrad Borkowski - Vikings
    Muzyka filmowa
  • Up River Opening Theme - TUGS
    AceofTrains Music

    Polished this up a few weeks ago. I'll be doing the Quarantine version shortly. Hope you all enjoy! Arranged in Acoustica Mixcraft 7 by Leo Melançon. Original Theme Composed by Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell. No profit has been, or will be, made from this.

  • Tom Hodge & Franz Kirmann - Ghost Of My Grandfather
    Fluid Radio

    1631 Recordings is proud to release the original score for the indie documentary “The Man Behind The Microphone” composed by Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann. Directed by Claire Belhassine and produced by Claire de Lune Films and Roast Beef/Nutopia, The Man Behind The Microphone starts from a very personal story (the British director found out by chance in her early 30s that her grandfather was a legend of Tunisian music, the ‘Frank Sinatra’ of Tunisia) and turns into a family saga and a reflection on the nature of fame, culture, heritage and homeland. Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann have worked collaboratively over the past 10 years and have released three albums together under the guise of their post-classical/electronic moniker Piano Interrupted. This is their second soundtrack together, having composed the score to BBC One series McMafia earlier this year. The Man Behind The Microphone took several years to complete and Kirmann & Hodge were involved early on, sketching compositions loosely inspired by some of Hédi Jouini’s own music. Sometimes they would sample a small musical phrase from his old recordings or write harmonies and chords in a relative key to use as a starting point for their pieces. Their score echoes the melancholy and investigative nature of Claire Belhassine’s quest for her grandfather and the mysterious and fragmented aspects of the story. Kirmann’s vaporous electronics and Hodge’s ghostly piano and clarinet lines are mixed with earthy analog synth basses and a string quartet provided by the London Contemporary Orchestra. The soundtrack is a melancholic and dreamy journey over 9 pieces, oscillating between post classical, minimalist and ambient music. “There is a real sense of culmination about this soundtrack. In one way way it is our very first score, as it started long before McMafia. But even more so, you might say it is simultaneously our first and last Piano Interrupted record, or our very first collaboration even. Our album Two By Four was strongly influenced by our work on the prototype of this film and the sound of Papa Hedi. Yet because of the longevity of this film project, our combined musical voice has been profoundly altered by our work on our other two Piano Interrupted albums, as well as the four hours of score we wrote for McMafia. Here we are, full circle.”

  • Terraria Verdant Mod OST - "Bound To Flourish" - Theme of The Verdant (Overworld - Day)
    Charlie Debnam

    Oh hey, i'm not dead, just busy as hell. Enjoy.


    DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST by Toby Fox Track 39 "Don't Forget" arranged and performed by Laura Shigihara Track 14 "Fanfare" originally from Rose of Winter

  • Resonant Memories
    Resonant Arc

    The theme for the State of the Arc Podcast. This track was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, and donated to us for use on our youtube channel. Arrangement by Mike Brown and Stefan B.K (aka Hian).

  • Journey
    Mina Samy.

    A soundtrack to an imaginary action adventure. A tribute to all the unsung anonymous heroes whose battles are not with warlords and dragons but lies within. Here is to our heroic journeys.

  • Rude Buster

    DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST by Toby Fox Track 39 "Don't Forget" arranged and performed by Laura Shigihara Track 14 "Fanfare" originally from Rose of Winter

  • Adam Audio Soundtrack Competition 2018 "The Opening" #adamaudio #soundtrack
    Tristan Barton | Composer

    Hey there all, Been a while since I have uploaded to SC, been super busy with a lot of work! Nevertheless, I have chosen to upload my submission to the ADAMS AUDIO Soundtrack Competition 2018, being judged by a composer who's work I absolutely love!! Aisling Brouwer, also a part of the amazing duo AVA. Check out their music!! The brief was to compose a short 30 second piece based off the picture provided in the album art. This amazing picture was taken by Tobias Zielony in 2005. Titled "The Opening". Feel free to comment, and/or like, or just have a listen. Thanks all, really appreciate all of you guys and the support you all give me!! Much Love!! (Photo: All Credit goes to Tobias Zielony)

  • Lancer

    DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST by Toby Fox Track 39 "Don't Forget" arranged and performed by Laura Shigihara Track 14 "Fanfare" originally from Rose of Winter

  • Field Of Hopes And Dreams

    DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST by Toby Fox Track 39 "Don't Forget" arranged and performed by Laura Shigihara Track 14 "Fanfare" originally from Rose of Winter

  • 01 Bag Full of Kinstones (Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap) [Lemonectric]
    OverClocked ReMix

    FREE at Hometown Heroes is the 68th album published by OverClocked ReMix. It features 12 tracks from 15 artists, arranging town themes from a wide selection of RPGs and adventure games. It was made by fans, for fans, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by any game publisher or developer; all images, characters, and original compositions are copyright their respective owners. • Games: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom, Golden Sun, Monster Hunter Tri, Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes, Legend of Dragoon, Xenogears, Final Fantasy VI, Suikoden III, The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean (The Legend of Heroes V: A Cagesong of the Ocean), Brave Fencer Musashi, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening • Composers: Mitsuhiko Takano, Izuho Numata, Motoi Sakuraba, Tadayoshi Makino, Mieko Ishikawa, Masaaki Kawai, Dennis Martin, Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Takashi Yoshida, Masahiko Kimura, Keiko Fukami, Hirofumi Matsuoka, Atsushi Shirakawa, Masaru Nakajima, Hayato Sonoda, Hirokazu Matsumura, Wataru Ishibashi, Tsuyoshi Sekito, Minako Hamano, Kozue Ishikawa, Kazumi Totaka • ReMixers: Lemonectric, djpretzel, DaMonz, Jamphibious, Jorito, Furilas, Chris | Amaterasu, XPRTNovice, Eino Keskitalo, Earth Kid, Gamer of the Winds, prophetik music, DDRKirby(ISQ), Christine Giguère, Denis Bluteau Directors • Emery Monzerol (DaMonz) • Taylor Brown (Mirby) - creator, original director • Brandon Strader - original co-director Artwork • Roxanne Chartrand - cover - • David Lloyd (djpretzel) - logo Website • David Lloyd (djpretzel) Trailer • José E. Felix (José the Bronx Rican) Executive Producers • David W. Lloyd (djpretzel) • Larry Oji (Liontamer) Special Thanks • Sébastien Dufour (Trainbeat) Founded in 1999, OverClocked ReMix is an organization dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Its primary focus is, a website featuring thousands of free fan arrangements, information on game music and composers, resources for aspiring artists, and a thriving community of video game music fans. Email us at [email protected] for all contact including: • Forums & site assistance • Media inquiries (interviews, articles, conventions); and • Professional soundtrack development SUPPORT US! OverClocked ReMix is a not-for-profit site that provides a ton of free music, which requires a ton of bandwidth and a pretty hefty web server. We need your help to keep the site running! • Patreon: • PayPal: • OCR Shirts & Hoodies: • Amazon aStore: JOIN US! • Community Forums: • Facebook: • SoundCloud: • Tumblr: • Twitter: • YouTube: