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  • Alien Scale
    Epic Mountain

    Follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram or Youtube: ---- © All rights reserved by Epic Mountain. This song is exclusively composed for Kurzgesagt. Unauthorized downloading and using for any other purpose is not allowed.

  • (LR2 - M1) DUEL! Get Wet and Get Electric!
    Temporary Flight Attendant 4: Turbulence
    3,375 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PUFFERFISH: "Augh, eugh, low." ("The only thing more broken than your games is your sourcelist. If I hear Get Low one more time, Imma throw hands.") GARRY MODULATE: "/I've had quite enough of your nonsense. It's time to send this aquatic scourge back to the Sulphurous Seas where it belongs!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song by: @gnirob & @bri-pm (epic collab 2) Art by: @e-twoup Characters represented: Pufferfish, Garry Modulate Pufferfish's Sourcelist: - Songs about the ocean, the beach, and other water based environments (Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid, Ocean Man by Ween, Cake by The Ocean by DNCE, Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake, etc.) - Songs that play in “water levels” in video games (Dire Dire Docks from Mario 64, Bubble Man’s Stage from Mega Man 2, Jolly Roger’s Lagoon from Banjo Tooie, etc.) - Songs about fish and other sea creatures (Rock Lobster by The B-52’s, Narwhals by MrWeebl, Crab Rave by Noisestorm, songs relating SpongeBob Squarepants, etc.) - Songs relating toxicity and virulence (Toxic by Britney Spears, Drain You by Nirvana, Rasputin by Boney M, songs relating “being toxic,” etc.) Garry Modulate's Sourcelist: -Songs from notoriously glitchy games (Super Mario 64, Sonic 06, Big Rigs, Goat Simulator, etc.) -Modding related sources (Terraria Calamity Mod, The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth, Minecraft: Twilight Forest, Minecraft: Aether 2, Pokémon Clover, etc.) -Music from or relating to video games developed by Valve (Songs from/relating franchises such as Team Fortress, Portal, Half Life, DOTA, Left 4 Dead, etc.) -Music used in or made for popular SFM animations (how to climb a tree by Tipsy Duck, This Way That - Mario Party 2 used in Duck Shoes by an0nymooose, STARSTRUKK used in Nice Legs by an0nymooose, etc.) Songs used: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Both: DM DOKURO - 1NF3$+4+10N (Electric Zoo Mix) (Sea Creatures, Spongebob Squarepants + Crabulon/ Modding, Calamity Mod) Pufferfish: Waterflame - Electroman Adventures (Water) Spongebob Squarepants OST - Electric Zoo (Sea Creatures) Justice - Waters of Nazareth (Water) Billie Eilish - ocean eyes (Water) Oliver Tree - Jerk (Toxicity) Britney Spears - Toxic (Toxicity) DNCE - Cake By the Ocean (Water) It's Filthy Frank Motherfucker (Toxicity) Pufferfish "Augh" SFX (Sea Creatures) Filthy Frank SFX (Toxicity) Garry Modulate: 30H!3 - STARSTRUKK (SFM Animations) Aloe Blacc - The Man (SFM Animations) Ludacris - How Low (SFM Animations) Valve Studio Orchestra - Mannrobics (Valve) Various Valve SFX (Valve) Orange Portal SFX (Valve) Blue Portal SFX (Valve)

  • Halo Infinite Official Soundtrack – Set a Fire in Your Heart

    From the official soundtrack of Halo Infinite! All rights to the soundtrack go to, Microsoft, 343i and the original composers. Composer(s): Curtis Schweitzer Gareth Coker Joel Corelitz

  • [Short Film] breath: A Letter from Akira
    Kenji Ichiyanagi | Film/TV Composer

    Short Film "breath" (2020) Directed by Hiroyuki Nishimura Music © 2020 KENJI ICHIYANAGI Music & Media, New York, USA. (ASCAP) Film © 2020 Nissy Plus Inc

  • Mansion Of Monsters
    Temporary Flight Attendant 4: Turbulence

    Track by: Art by: Characters Represented: Jack Skellington The Pumpkin King arrives, alone and independent, to compete in Par Airlines' Temporary Flight Attendant! Jack Skellington's a master in evoking such a fear, but he'll also make some tracks to spread the holiday cheer! From Christmas carols and sleigh bells, to spooky ghosts and zombie smells...Vote for this bonehead, to represent the undead, great monster-mashups to hear, to make Christmas last all year! Sources: - Songs associated with the Christmas season (You’re A Mean One, All I Want For Christmas, Carol of The Bells, Deck The Halls, Frosty The Snowman, etc.) - Songs relating Halloween and the “spooky monsters” commonly associated with it (Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, Kyun! Vampire Girl, Spooky Scary Skeletons, songs from the Plants Vs. Zombies franchise, etc.) - Songs appearing in or relating to Tim Burton films (Songs relating The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Sweeney Todd, Batman (1989), Edward Scissorhands, etc.) Songs used: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mad Monster Mansion (Halloween/Spooky) Undertale - Nyeh Heh Heh! (Undead) Undertale - Bonetrousle (Undead) Skillet - Monster (Spooky/Undead) Undertale - MEGALOVANIA (Undead) Super Mario Land 2 - Pumpkin Zone (Spooky) Micheal Jackson - Thriller (Undead) Sonic Adventure 2 - A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup (Spooky/Undead) Pokemon Red/Blue - Lavender Town (Spooky) Count Spatula Laugh SFX (Spooky/halloween)

  • SpongeBob Anime OST - Fpongebob (SpongeBob VS Bubble Bass Theme) | Sander The Composer
    Sander The Composer

    It's finally here! Here is the battle theme I made that plays during the SpongeBob VS Bubble Bass scene in SpongeBob Anime Episode 1! I hope you enjoy!!! Art by Narmak Spotify: Coming soon! iTunes: Coming soon! YouTube:

  • Black Hydra - Nighthawk (Epic Intense Powerful Orchestral)

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  • (No Copyright Music) Bold - Powerful and Energetic Gaming Background Music For Videos (DOWNLOAD MP3)
    Dubstep Music

    Download Music: (No Copyright Music) Bold - is a powerful and energetic gaming background music for videos, extreme sport videos, gaming videos, game trailers, movie trailers, videogames, TV and radio shows, websites, social media, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Facebook, Instagram, for commercial projects and more. ► More No Copyright Music: Become my patron and get access to all of my "No Copyright Music" tracks. More Info and become a patron here: If you become my patron, you can use this and other "No Copyright Music" tracks in your videos and monetize them. Your videos will not receive a copyright claim. You will have no copyright issues. You can also download all the "No Copyright Music" tracks here: via Fiverr. Make more "No Copyright Music" tracks together! --------------------- About Music Track: Track Name: Bold Music by AShamaluevMusic. ► Stream and download my music tracks here: ● iTunes/Apple: ● Spotify: ● Amazon: ● Deezer: ● Tidal: ● Napster: ● YouTube Music: ● Google Play: ● Yandex Music: ● CD Baby Music: ► LICENSE: ● If you need a license for your project, you can purchase it here: via AudioJungle. --------------- ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: ● SoundCloud: ● YouTube: ● Facebook: ● Instagram: ● Twitter: ● LinkedIn: ● VK: ● Telegram: ● Reddit: ● Discord: ● TikTok: ● My Website: ● My Patreon: ● My Fiverr: --------------- ►More Background Music Free Download: - For Videos - - For Films - - For Documentaries - - For Presentations - --------------- ► MORE SIMILAR MUSIC: ● GAMING MUSIC - ● DUBSTEP MUSIC - ● ENERGETIC MUSIC - ● EXTREME MUSIC - ● EPIC MUSIC - ● NO COPYRIGHT MUSIC - -------------- FAQ: ► Can I use this music in my videos? ● Sure! Just download this track and you are ready to use it! If you become my patron, then you can use this track unlimits (Become my patron: -------------------- ► Does this track have copyrights? ● This track does not have any copyright. -------------------- What is 'No Copyright'? This means that you will have no copyright issues when you use this track on YouTube. -------------------- ► How to credit you in my video? - Copy & Paste: Music: Bold - AShamaluevMusic. Music Link: (paste link). -------------------- ● If you have any problems or questions, you can write in the comments or write me a personal message. -------------- ► What you can find here: No Copyright Music, Royalty Free Music, Background Music, Instrumental Music, Background Music For Videos, Background Music For Films, Background Music For YouTube, Backgraund Music For Gaming Energetic Background Music, Dubstep Background Music, Gaming Background Music, Powerful Background Music, No Copyright Background Music, --------------- Stay tuned as more tracks will be released in the coming weeks and months. Do not forget: Like, Share and Subscribe! Thanks For Listening!

  • Tormented Soul (Dark Epic Suspense Trailer Music)
  • The Up River Opening Theme - TUGS (Thomas Mix)
    S.A Music
    Incidential Music

    Here is a 'Series 2' of Thomas remix of the opening theme from TUGS' Up River episode. Giving credit where it's due, the project file was originally Leo's and the percussion is still is but I recomposed all the rest into the TUGS music. Original music by Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell

  • William Afton Goes To Court

    TRACK BY: @problematic-maika ART BY: CHARACTER: Two and a Half Shadows [SOURCES] - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - "Pursuit ~ Cornered," "Examination ~ Allegro," "Objection!" - (3rd Party DS games) Five Nights Only by Roomie - (FNAF fan-media) Back Together by Stupendium - (FNAF fan-media) It's Been So Long by The Living Tombstone - (FNAF fan-media) POWER COLOR: PLUM STRENGTHS: Harnessing dimensional control, immune to most damage... unkillable. WEAKNESSES: They choose to not be unkillable on the verses of that being "lame". Out of the shadows appear Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie, the lurking, cryptid characters from the Fazbear bestiary, but these two look all dressed up! Why do they have Cockney accents…? These detectives seem to have adopted a sweet little raposa-child, Heather, an aspiring artist with a bad… well, let’s just say her dark side’s alright. These surrogate parents have a lot to put to the table! Sources: -Any media from the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, or fanprojects spawned from it (INCLUDES ALL OFFICIAL FNAFB GAMES) (Smashing Windshields, Die in a Fire, Popgoes Arcade 2020 soundtrack) (Sonic Heroes- What I’m Made Of, Hatsune Miku- Envy Catwalk, Persona 3 - Mass Destruction) -ALL DS Games not developed by Nintendo or its second parties (Drawn to Life 1 & 2, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Elite Beat Agents) -Themes of doppelgangers, or music relating to them (Dark Link Battle, Metal Mario, Greenhorn Forest) Envy Catwalk - FNAFB 2 Battle Theme. VSQx by Matsu-san I Got No Time - FNAF 4 song by The Living Tombstone

  • Lo-Fi Twitch Beats To Study And Vibe To
    Rave Week Part 3: CIRCLE OF LOSERS

    Track By: Art By: GIOVANNI: Hey! What are YOU looking at me for! Scram kitty! *Etroup stares blankly into Giovanni's Soul.* GIOVANNI'S SOURCE LIST: - All evil team themes from any Pokemon Game (Team Rocket, Team Plasma, Team Skull, etc. [This includes Giovanni's new battle theme for Pokemon Masters and Team Break from Pokemon Masters]) - Songs related to Mafia and Gangsters (Gangsta's Paradise, Songs from Saints Row, Mafia City, JoJo Part 5) - All pokemon fan/official songs related to Generation 1 (The First PokéRap, The Magikarp Song, The First Pokémon Anime Intro [You know which one.]) ETROUP SOURCE LIST: - Jazz Cat's kfad arrangements (By Fire, Jazz On Mars, World Map, etc) - Rat related music (as per etroup's request) (Fat Rat music, We're the Rats, etc) - Songs relating to Cats (Nyan Cat, Whats New Pussycat, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, etc) - Twitch related music (Brain Power, Never Dance Again, etc) Songs Used: ------------------- Giovanni: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - il vento d'oro (Mafia) Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise (Mafia) Etroup: Nyan Cat (Cats) TheFatRat (Rats) ---------------------------- Stay Funny!

  • anime pussy ep 29 - hngdnsfhgdhgfff
    anime pussy

    really long

  • OST 03 - Weeding Out | By TheTuneHero
    UNDERTALE : Hollow Determination - OST

    "Say howdy to the devil for me, won't ya?" Composer - TheTuneHero Flowey Sprites by - Ralliv Vine Sprites by - TheTuneHero

  • [TRUE MONSTERS] Fallen to the fallen
    Fallen Down

    There's a WIKI now!!

  • Home
    Fırat Aktav
  • 2-Hours Epic Music | Two Steps From Hell | THE POWER OF EPIC MUSIC - Best Of Collection
    Epic Music - Pandora Journey

    Follow me for more epic music! For detailed tracklist:

  • The Battle Medley - Paper Mario The Origami King

    Since I saw no one else do this, I decided to make a medley of the battles themes from PMTOK! There were a lot of them but I hope I got them all, if not, I'll make a new one, tell me in comments too. All songs and art are owned by Nintendo. Composers: Yoshito Sekigawa, Shah Murakami, Yoshiaki Kimura, Hiroki Morishita and Fumihiro Isobe. Songs in order - 1. Event Battle 2. Red Streamer Battle 3. Vellumental Area Battle 4. Autumn Mountain Battle 5. Blue Streamer Battle 6. Yellow Streamer Battle 7. Purple Streamer Battle 8. Unsettling Area Battle 9. Green Streamer Battle 10. Game Over

  • UNDERTALE: Last Breath - Chapter Two | Deeper Down

    ((DISCLAIMER: UNDERTALE: LAST BREATH - CHAPTER TWO IS UNFORTUNATELY CANCELLED. THIS OST WILL CHRONICLE WHAT IT COULD'VE BEEN AND MORE. THANK YOU AND APOLOGIES.)) --- Oh well...sorry for all who are disappointed by the disclaimer; but lives can get tough, especially these days. The least we can do is keep moving forward. Maybe a better game you can all enjoy will come out, right? ---CREDITS--- ▶ Team Imagination - ---SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS--- ▶ Discord - ▶ Soundcloud - ▶ Twitter - ▶ Instagram - ▶ Patreon - If you enjoy what I make then be smart, do your part, and leave a heart!

  • [Short Film] 20dB: End Credits
    Kenji Ichiyanagi | Film/TV Composer

    "20dB" (2019) Directed by Hiroyuki Nishimura Music © 2019 KENJI ICHIYANAGI Music & Media, New York, USA. (ASCAP) Film © 2019 Nissy Plus Inc (Version: A-01-ALT)