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  • Jayme Closs 911 Call
    David Lohr
    News & Politics

    Wisconsin police have released audio of the 911 call placed after 13-year-old Jayme Closs escaped a remote cabin where she says she was held by 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson. Portions of silence have been from the clip.

  • WhatsApp Audio 2019 - 01 - 14 At 07.07.42
  • Analista de segurança Bene Barbosa - 11/01/2019

    Analista de segurança Bene Barbosa fala sobre decreto que facilita posse de arma

  • Drame à Mapou : la quatrième victime identifiée
    News & Politics
  • RWW Exclusive: Laura Loomer Tells Prank Callers She'll Do Anything to Get Back at Twitter
    News & Politics
    968 Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this clip shared exclusively with Right Wing Watch, a prank caller speaks with right-wing activist Laura Loomer, who tells him that she's "down with anything" that can help her escalate her campaign against Twitter "as much as I can. I don't even care." The prank caller tells Loomer that the Anti-Defamation League and the Council on American-Islamic Relations pay Twitter to advance their agendas.

  • Dave Matthews is Working to Improve Public Housing in Hometown of Charlottesville
    CBS This Morning Podcast
    News & Politics

    Only on the "CBS This Morning" podcast, Dave Matthews talks with “CBS This Morning” co-host John Dickerson about his commitment to replace every public housing unit in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia. The Dave Matthews Band formed in Charlottesville in the early 1990s and went on to become one of the world’s most successful groups in popular music. Matthews discusses the 2017 deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville and how it recalled memories of his childhood growing up in South Africa while apartheid was still in place. Now, he’s working to improve the community by expanding opportunity and access to better housing.

  • Sala de Redação - 16/01/2019
  • Кукловоды направляют в Средневековье. 2019 - 01 - 14
    News & Politics
  • Is Donald Trump a Secret Russian Agent?
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show
    News & Politics

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on January 15, 2019.

  • Sala de Redação - 15/01/2019
  • Sala De Redação – 14/01/2019
  • President Trump’s Crowning Achievement
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show
    News & Politics

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on January 14, 2019. [02:00] America’s Real Problem (6 minutes) On last Friday’s show, I talked about America’s biggest problem. The radical left harbors intense hatred for the United States of America—but it isn’t the nation’s greatest problem! America’s problems go much deeper than political differences. In his booklet Great Again, my father writes, “Ultimately, this isn’t about a man or an administration; it’s about an evil spirit being who is working to destroy this nation—and about why God is allowing it to happen!” This foundation is critical if we are to understand the events we’re witnessing in America today.  [08:00] Government Shutdown (6 minutes) The United States in the midst of one of the longest government shutdowns ever. President Donald Trump is waiting at the White House for Democrat leaders to come make a deal. Meanwhile, at least 30 prominent Democrats were partying with more than 100 lobbyists over the weekend in sunny Puerto Rico.  [14:00] Manufactured Outrage Over Mr. Trump Exploring Options Against Iran (4 minutes) The Wall Street Journal recently revealed that President Trump sought military “options” from the Pentagon in response to an Iranian-backed attack near the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. For any other president, this would have been seen as entirely normal behavior. But because it is Donald Trump, it must be abnormal. He’s unhinged. He’s confrontational. He’s dangerous. [17:45] Another Bombshell Report (35 minutes) The New York Times dropped an apparent news bomb on Friday, revealing that the highest-ranking officials at the FBI were “so concerned” about President Trump firing director James Comey on May 9, 2017, that they opened a criminal investigation that targeted the president. According to the Times, FBI agents wanted to know if Mr. Trump was knowingly or unknowingly working for Russia. While the report is meant to make the president look bad, it actually reveals how far unelected bureaucrats—all of them Obama holdovers—were willing to go to overturn the election result of 2016. Mr. Trump has said that exposing these people has been perhaps the “crowning achievement” of his presidency so far.

  • "¿Tú no conoces a nadie que haya sido condenado?"
    Noticias y política
  • Sala de Redação - 11/01/2019
  • Watched, Read and Followed by Millions
    Trumpet Daily Radio Show
    News & Politics

    Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on January 16, 2019. Herbert W. Armstrong died 33 years ago today. He is remembered for preaching the true gospel message as a witness to all nations (Matthew 24:14). Mr. Armstrong’s World Tomorrow program reached tens of millions of people through radio and television throughout the middle of the 20th century. His Plain Truth magazine had a circulation that peaked at over 8 million! In the early 1980s, when Mr. Armstrong was in his 90s, the Worldwide Church of God was doing its most powerful work! Where is Mr. Armstrong’s work today? On today’s show, we remember the anniversary of Mr. Armstrong’s death and discuss some of this incredible history.

  • May's Deal Will Be Defeated. What Then?
    World View - The Foreign Affairs Podcast
    News & Politics

    After more than two years of talks, British MPs will gather this evening to vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal. There is no doubt the deal will be rejected by the House of Commons, but what is not clear is just how big that defeat will be. Even less clear is what comes next. On a momentous day in British politics we talk to Europe Editor Patrick Smyth and London Editor Denis Staunton.

  • Европа, Россия - продовольственный вопрос. 2019 - 01 - 11
    News & Politics
  • Trumpet Hour: January 16—God’s Miracle Day
    Trumpet Hour
    News & Politics

    Today we talk about January 16: God’s Miracle Day. That is the title of a new booklet by Gerald Flurry. We’ll see why God has emphasized this date over and again during the past three decades. We’ll see how this date points back to a man who fulfilled a vital role in preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ—a man who restored all things, and who preached the true gospel of the Kingdom of God to all nations as a witness. We’ll see how January 16, 1986, marked a dramatic turning point in world events. We’ll see how many tragic curses have occurred on this date—and why they foreshadow even worse curses to come, as God tries to correct the nations out of His love for them. We’ll see how God has also used this date to perform dramatic miracles for His Church, speaking through revelation and opening mighty doors of opportunity.

  • Anti Rodeo Protest interview
  • #NovaraFM: 2019: What's Next?
    Novara Media
    News & Politics

    For the first #NovaraFM of 2019, James Butler is joined by Aaron Bastani to look ahead at what 2019 offers: from Brexit to Mueller, from financial crisis to copyright expiration – what does the year ahead hold in politics?