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  • ENVP Meloni Barkley "Stay In The Light"
    ENVP, Donna Johnson

    spoken training

  • EP 771 Believe in Your Value
    Lewis Howes

    Your false humility is hurting you. If you enjoyed this episode, check out the show notes, more at, and follow me on

  • Chelation Therapy - The Pros and Cons
    344 presents "Chelation Therapy - The Pros and Cons" with Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Thomas Janossy. Missed a show? All recordings are available in the NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE - subscribe

  • EP 770 The Power of Digital Detox with Cal Newport
    Lewis Howes

    It’s Time To Digitally Declutter. If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes, more at, and follow me on

  • Ken Wilber - Dharma, Evolution, Conflict
    Integral Dojo Radio

    On Feb. 26th, 2019, Diane Musho Hamilton and Miles Kessler had a call with Ken Wilber for a talk about the "Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict" tele-summit. What ensued was a detailed overview of the nature of conflict as experienced from the perspectives of spiritual states, developmental stages, and our disowned shadow. Ken did a masterful job of putting the integral lens on Dharma, Evolution, & Conflict. Check out the tele-summit details here:

  • ENVP Ella Harper "Let's Make the Leap"
    ENVP, Donna Johnson

    spoken training

  • Deutsch lernen (B2/C1) | Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten vom 16.03.2019
    DW - Learn German
    Deutsch lernen

    Klickt hier, um zum Manuskript zu gelangen: Täglich von Montag bis Samstag findet ihr hier aktuelle Tagesnachrichten der DW – langsam und verständlich gesprochen. Neben der Audio-Datei gibt es auch den vollständigen Text zum Mitlesen. Hier geht's zur Übersichtsseite:

  • EP 769 DeVon Franklin: Relationships, Love, and Lust
    Lewis Howes

    The two things at war in a man are Love and Lust. If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes, more at, and follow me on

  • Sesshin day 3 - Katto: Twining Vines
    San Francisco Zen Center

    02/12/2019, Zoketsu Norman Fischer, dharma talk at Tassajara.

  • Hilllsdale Dialogues 03-01-2019 The Case For Trump - Victor Hanson
    Hillsdale College
    News & Politics

    Victor Davis Hanson joins Hugh Hewitt to discuss Hanson's latest book, The Case For Trump.

  • #talkaboutcomplications
    BMJ talk medicine

    Renza Scibilia and Chris Aldred have diabetes, and their introduction to the idea of complications arising from the condition were terrifying. Because of this early experience, and Chris's later development of complications, they have campaigned to make doctors really think about the way in which they talk about complications with patients. Challenging the use of "non-compliant" and other stigmatising language. Chris has also documented his experience of developing an ulcer, and having it successfully treated, on social media, to open up the conversation and make us all #talkaboutcomplications. Chris Aldred is @grumpy_pumper on twitter, and blogs at Renza Scibilia is @RenzaS on twitter and blogs at

  • Passing on the secret knowledge of loop diuretics
    BMJ talk medicine

    In every generation there are a few that know the secret; the counterintuitive effects of loop diuretics. In this podcast Steven Anisman, cardiologist at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, joins us to explain about the threshold effects of these drugs, and why that might change the way in which you think about prescribing them. Read the full article on treatment of oedema with loop diuretics, and contribute to the discussion:

  • Deutsch lernen (B1) | TITEL
    DW - Learn German
    Deutsch lernen

    Testet euer Wissen mit interaktiven Übungen:ür-Kinder-die-Barbie Mit dem Top-Thema könnt ihr euch gleichzeitig über Neues aus aller Welt informieren und euren Wortschatz erweitern. Wir bieten euch zwei leicht verständliche Berichte mit Vokabelangaben und Fragen zum Text pro Woche. Hier geht's zur Übersichtsseite

  • Ep. 131: The Trouble With 'Well-Meaning' Bad Advice
    Baggage Reclaim with Natalie Lue

    Did you know that three days before Natalie met Em, she broke it off with a guy that she’d been dating for three weeks? She would have finished it sooner had she not doubted herself and listened to well-meaning friends who told her that she was being “hasty” and “picky”. In this episode, Natalie talks about why loved ones give bad advice and why we don’t have to go along with it to spare their feelings. Email: [email protected] Instagram: Show notes: Blog: Membership: Twitter:

  • In the driver's seat with Formula One physio Kim Keedle. Episode #372
    BMJ talk medicine

    Breakneck speeds. Scorching heat. Extreme g-forces. Motor racing is one of the most challenging of all sports - not only for drivers themselves, but also for the teams that play an integral role in the performance of the driver and car. As the 2019 Formula One World Championship Season launches into action this weekend in Melbourne, F1 physiotherapist Kim Keedle takes a pit stop with BJSM’s Daniel Friedman (T: @ddfriedman) to share insights into the physically and mentally demanding world of motor racing. Kim graduated from Melbourne University in 2012 with a Bachelors of Physiotherapy, and completed a Masters in Strength & Conditioning at Edith Cowan University in 2016. He is currently working full time as a physiotherapist and high performance coach for the Haas F1 Team, based in Geneva. In this 17 minute conversation, Kim explains: · His pathway into F1 · The role of the physiotherapist within the broader F1 medical team · The physical and mental demands of F1 racing · The importance of neck and trunk strength for drivers · Cervical loading programs and conditioning during the off season Further reading: Contact Kim: [email protected]

  • Dorinda (Dori) Hale - March 14, 2019 | Morning Prayers
    Harvard University

    Morning Prayers service with speaker, Dorinda (Dori) Hale, poet, author, March 14, 2019.

  • Using fintech to improve financial wellness with Salary Finance's Dhiren Master
    Tearsheet Podcast

    Welcome to the Tearsheet Podcast. I'm Zack Miller. Financial wellness is a popular topic as firms better understand that employees are happier and more productive if they're less stressed out about money. Salary Finance is one of the top firms in this space, providing salary-linked employee benefits. Employees can get a loan, start saving or get an advance on their salaries. Turns out, retention, productivity and employee engagement goes up with better financial wellness. Salary Finance is active in the UK and US. CMO of Salary Finance, Dhiren Master is my guest today on the Tearsheet Podcast.

  • Deutsch lernen (B2) | Spoilern
    DW - Learn German
    Deutsch lernen

    Um jemanden zu bauchpinseln, braucht man keine Farbe, Extrawürste kann man nicht essen und Rabenmütter sind keine Vögel. Warum das so ist, erfahrt ihr hier. Jede Woche stellen wir euch ein ein kurioses deutsches Wort vor – in unserem „Wort der Woche“. Klickt hier für mehr kuriose Wörter:

  • Nadia Bolz-Weber Is Shameless -- Reconciling Sex & God With Grace
    Rich Roll Podcast

    FULL BLOG & SHOW NOTES: YouTube: Apple Podcasts: Android: Spotify: "God, please help me not be an asshole, is about as common a prayer as I pray in my life." - Nadia Bolz-Weber

  • On Buddha's Parinirvana
    San Francisco Zen Center

    02/06/2019, Zoketsu Norman Fischer, dharma talk at Tassajara.