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  • Over ft. Anna of the North

    "Over" ft. Anna of the North is out now! Add it your library: Watch the new video for "Over ft. Anna of the North" USA Tour in Feb 2020 on sale NOW: February 4th - Philadelphia, PA - Milkboy February 5th - Brooklyn, NY - Rough Trade February 10th - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo February 12th - Santa Ana, CA - Constellation Room February 13th - San Francisco, CA - Brick & Mortar Follow PREP: FB: IG: Twitter: YT: Soundcloud: Songkick: Spotify: Apple: Website: "Over" Lyrics: It’s getting cold outside If you need a shirt take it off the line This weather’s on the wire Hanging in the air like a neon sign So shall we drink up? Shall we see who’s awake? Make some calls It’s not even late The moon’s up Got that look on your face Sat staring right through the wall at something A thousand miles awayIs he there tonight? You don’t need to say Don’t tell me if it’s over Don’t wanna know if this is over I pull my coat close round Trying to hold my pace while the world slows down Turn my headphones up Cos I don’t wanna hear when the penny drops I’m gonna drink upGonna see who’s awake Make some calls It’s not even late Shit how long Have I been in this place Sat staring right through the wall at something A thousand miles away? Are you there tonight? Are you gonna stay? All of those ghosts And all those regrets Can’t we just close our eyes and forget? All those spirits And all those regrets Can’t we just close our eyes and forget?

  • It Only Took Me A Day
    Alternative Rock

    I Fell in love with you yesterday what takes me a year only took me a day u make me run out of words to say,there is so much i wanna say i just want somebody at night, sleeping by, by my side but instead i'm all alone at night, Losing my mind but instead i'm all alone at night, contemplating suicide All i post is meant for you, but you seem to have things to do Why the fuck you only leave me on read, do you me dead?Do you want me dead? Why do you only think about him? your sheets are soo thin, your sheets are soo thin Then what the fuck am i supposed to do, i only need you, and only you i looked up and asked the moon, should i go soon? should be going soon? i looked down to the sea with rocks to throw, there are things i cant show i don't want to leave my friend, this cant be the end. this will not be the end so i am alive, i need to catch that light, i catch the light Now the things i do are not meant for you, they are meant for us and only us All my friends are all i have, i'm not feeling dead, i'm just a bit sad When we laid down on that roof, you flew away, and i followed your way You are stuck on the left side, and i feel like i am, outside... A song about my past heartbreaks and how i value my friends <3 cause these hoes be rlly hurtin.

  • my kind of woman - calpurnia
    pearl elmelki

    my kind of woman - mac demarco cover sung by finn wolfhard

  • Write It All Down
    Foo Williams

    The Williams EP is the first solo work released by indie artist Foo Williams. The intent of this EP was to create spacey/luscious synth pads, and vibey leads to accompany songs which were originally written as folk tunes.

  • Diablita
    Andres Arango

    English Translation You look so cute drinking your wine If you pass by my house, promise me your number Very serious on the outside and in bed she’s a devil Has a fast car always arrives at her destination She’s always stealing cars and doing it while tipsy She doesn't care about anything she swears she’s a bad girl Eats out but never pays the check Doesn't talk to her mommy cause she swears she's independent I know you want a faithful man You are unlucky that I am cruel And don't even look at me at the club cause I know what you want A devil in disguise, I saw it in the reflection of your shades And I have you in my mind because you are different Because everyone who comes only has tits on their minds And although you are a devil that is not what you deserve You are more than you think, my little independent devil Take, take, take another drink cuz you look very good And the night has just begun We go to my bed or we go to your room I don't care what it is I want you by my side x2 Wait, give me a moment I've never seen a girl who could stop time The way you walk is a bit slow You are like the wind A little cold and then I warm you up Let's go to Colombia and have a good time Show me that smile that makes me happy What they don't know is that you are a devil A pretty girl who thinks she is very bad You go out at night without telling me where you are You bring that fire that accompanies you in bed And that little look you give me, it's bad, you're a little devil You walk with your girls at night without your phone Because your daddy and your mommy have find my friends You know the men in the club already found you You tell them nice things and they buy you another drink You are drunk and in your mind you want something You go back to my bed and you know how im coming, how i'm coming You are a devil Take, take, take another drink cuz you look very good And the night has just begun We go to my bed or we go to your room I don't care what it is I want you by my side x2

  • Luby Sparks - Birthday

    LUBY SPARKS "Birthday" Burger Records (2020) The new song of Luby Sparks, which entered a new phase with a new song "Somewhere" that opened up a new ground, is a cover of The Sugarcubes "Birthday" announced in 1987. Mastering is Josh Bonati, a New York engineer who works on "Captured Tracks". North America / South America / Europe / Australia will be available simultaneously from Burger Records in California. Luby Sparks: Natsuki (bavo) Erika (vo) Sunao (gt) Tamio (gt) Shin (dr). Formed in March 2016. In July 2017, she was the only Japanese band to perform at "Indietracks Festival 2017" (UK | Derbyshire). In January 2018, Max Bloom (Yuck) and the debut album "Luby Sparks" produced in London were released. In November 2018, they released a four-track EP called "(I'm) Lost in Sadness". In January 2019, Say Sue Me (South Korea) was invited to perform his first self-organized live show, "Thursday I don't care about you". On October 15, TAWINGS with jan and naomi as guests The joint project "Dreamtopia" will be held on the WWW, and on October 25, Yuck (UK) will visit Japan, and the second voluntary project "Yuck X Luby Sparks 2019" will be held at LOOP. He has also acted as a front act for foreign artists visiting Japan, including The Vaccines (UK), The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (US), TOPS (CA), and NOTHING (US). YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | facebook | bandcamp |

  • It's Gonna Be Lonely
    Mac DeMarco Archives

    Volume 2 of the EXTRAS series, a compilation project of Mac DeMarco's unreleased/loose tracks.

  • why'd you call me only when you're high? / Arctic Monkeys - Cover
  • 1 2 1 3 (DEMO)

    "one and two, one and three", a song about a walk home. ------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: you said move over, move over you said you need to talk, it seems I don't quite get which role I should play in this orchestrated disarray the discoball is spinning around and round the water I drink plays me out of the crowd current joys take a nosedive it's hard enough to realize nothing beats walking home in the cold to singing birds, in the snow in the snow 38 hours with my feet on the floor I remember me staring straight ahead a blanket song should've never been born the cloudy sky in my mind there I was standing in a room without heat the shower I take wakes me up in the cold one and two, one and three I guess it's fine with me nothing beats walking home in the cold to singing birds, in the snow in the snow nothing beats sitting at home in the cold no singing birds, in the snow in the snow sheebaba / 2020

  • Chapultepec de Noche
    Alternative Rock

    Sigo vivo, sigobien :)))

  • Bucket Shop - The Libertines (Cover)
    Kieran Robertson
    Alternative Rock
  • BLACKOUT new edit

    Updated demo with scratch vocal written for Amanda Fucking Palmer's 'NYC Blackout' song contest. LYRICS: BLACKOUT We're watching an off-Broadway play In the second row When suddenly the lights go out, They’re cancelling the show People hold their phones aloft Their faces all aglow No one knows what's going on We don’t know where to go But let’s go We pour into the street Strangers start to talk The subway’s closed so now I guess we’ll have to walk In the dark Two women take a selfie But a cop shuts down their fun He says that “Now is not the time” (Would he say that to his mum Or Khaleesi? In a blackout?) There’s people with champagne That try to step around The people roasting food With candles on the ground Police patrol the bars They’re saying, “Move along!” To people in the street All singing Broadway songs We sing along Things are gonna change Just you wait and see Where no one’s in a cage And everyone is free Just to be It may not happen now But we'll make it happen soon We're standing in the dark But under the same moon The same moon They try to take our rights But they can't take our night It's our night And while their power's fading We'll just keep on creating And inhaling All their hatred Spit it out And they might think they're winning But we'll always be singing On that warm night In the blackout In the dark We’re all in this together It’s been like this forever So remember Just remember That night And it might take awhile But I still see your smile By your phone’s light As we walked home In the blackout On Broadway

  • Glamorama 16-01-2020

    Glamorama - Radio Città Fujiko - Bologna - Italy Every Thursday night from 9pm to 11pm. Tracklist 16-01-2020: BLACK CANDY Christine 13&GOD Men Of Station MERSENNE Show My Best LES FAUVES February Lullaby CRESCENDO Pressure BIG BABY Cherry Coke JOHNNY FLYNN AND THE SUSSEX Tickle Me Pink FLOWERTRUCK Falling Asleep TERROR BIRD Thrill Killer LOOSE TOOTH Keep On MOTORAMA To The South SOVIET SOVIET Ecstasy EVANS THE DEATH I'm So Unclean BLACK LIPS Rumbler OH NO! OH MY! I Have No Sister SHOUT OUT LOUDS 100° PEANESS Kaizen SUMMER CAMP Women In Love

  • Running To The Next Bus Stop

    Entering Portals to World 3 Written, produced, preformed by Ebril

  • Vacation From Myself
    Mac DeMarco Archives

    Volume 2 of the EXTRAS series, a compilation project of Mac DeMarco's unreleased/loose tracks.

  • Reduksi
    Sadboi Survivor
  • Ashitaka
    Mac DeMarco Archives

    Volume 2 of the EXTRAS series, a compilation project of Mac DeMarco's unreleased/loose tracks.

  • Till We Meet Again (Kei HM featuring emilyn)
    Kei HM
    Dance & EDM

    Till We Meet Again (featuring emilyn) / また会うまで Music : Kei HM emilyn Vocal : emilyn Sound source used : Photograph : Alexas_Fotos Lyrics : emilyn verse 1: opened my whole heart up to you remembered how i felt when i first saw you the bouquet of roses you left at the front door with all the polaroid pictures we took prechorus: frame by frame were frozen in time when will we change only time will tell im lost in your eyes and as we get older i dont want you to ever go away chorus: i swear im not bulletproof im full of holes inside put up the walls around me, they keep me anchored to the ground i know im no hero i cant save us now so scared of losing you when we say farewell till we meet again -Kei Hm from Tokyo-

  • Worlds Apart - The Both Of Us (feat. Ivana)
    Worlds Apart

    Waking from deep slumber, hiding deep Reaching out with wonder, finding me Soft as whispers fading, in the wind Feel your voice inside me, fading in All this pain, how it burns Buried deep, in this hurt Find a way, to escape But I feel, it’s too late You’re too close, to this pain Let me go, find your way Find your change, find your way Far away See I, guess I didn’t want to be alone Standing in the darkness and the cold Run away from this, no I won’t change Cuz I’ll take down the both of us I took down the both of us I took down the both of us Halls of smoke and mirrors, follow me Falling through the oceans, flooding me I see it all so clearly, what’s inside Let me go, forgive me, let me hide Floating through the star lights, in my mind Shining light on what we’ve left behind Feel the sound and tell me what you see All the madness was a part of me It was a part of me Numbing the pain, is all I know Keep running away, nowhere to go I’m stuck underground, can’t get out this hole The night settles in, it feels like home Numbing the pain, is all you know Keep running away, nowhere to go You’re stuck underground, can’t leave my side Cuz I took down the both of us I took down the both of us I took down the both of us