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  • Arcade Fire - 2018-09-20 - The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Arcade Fire playing Funeral live front to back for the first time at The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA - September 20, 2018. Credit goes to the taper chrisedge on Dimeadozen. Setlist: PA music: "My Buddy" by Alvino Rey & His Orchestra Funeral set: 01 Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) 02 Neighborhood #2 (Laika) 03 Une Année Sans Lumière 04 Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) 05 Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles) 06 Crown of Love 07 Wake Up 08 Haiti 09 Rebellion (Lies) 10 In the Backseat 2nd set: 11 Reflektor 12 Afterlife 13 Creature Comfort 14 Electric Blue 15 Put Your Money on Me 16 Intervention 17 My Body Is a Cage 18 The Suburbs 19 The Suburbs (Continued) 20 Ready to Start 21 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) 22 Everything Now (Continued) 23 Everything Now

  • Daze
    Night Channels

    Blowing out the haze In the streetlight daze In the middle of the summer You're all I need She's all I need I still wake up Wishing you were there When I opened my eyes But don't tell me Its not meant to be Cause I don't really wanna hear it I don't really wanna hear it I dont know Where to take you Because i'm left here in the dark I'm out here in the dark And I miss the way You used to open your eyes at me So don't tell me Its not meant to be Cause I don't really wanna hear it I don't really wanna hear it Don't tell me! /// -For my baby Rachael, I love you and here's another of many more. 6 months in, so many more to go.

  • King Of The Elephants III : Long Live The King
    Radio 1045 Saturday Night Mixtape w/ REED STREETS
    reed streets

    AJR ’Sober Up’ (Ryan Riback x Reed Streets) Imagine Dragons ‘Thunder’ (Xplicid Remix) Sofi Tucker ft The Knocks ‘Best Friend’ Childish Gambino ‘3005’ (Chordashian Remix) Foster the People ‘Sit Next To Me’ (Flipside Remix) Oasis ‘Wonderwall’ (Naxsy Remix) Passion Pit ‘Take A Walk’ (The M Machine x Peking Duck) Francis & The Lights ‘May I Have This Dance’ (Reed Streets Remix) St. Vincent ‘Los Ageless’ (Reed Streets bootleg) Bastille ft Marshmello ‘Happier’ Bishop Briggs ‘Dream’ (Reed Streets Remix) Walk The Moon ‘One Foot’ (Captain Cuts Remix) Beck x The Weeknd ‘Up All Night’ Matt & Kim ‘Let’s Run Away’ Cold War Kids ‘So Tied Up’ (Toby Green Remix) Vance Joy ‘Riptide’ (Reed Streets 2018 Remix) The 1975 x Hellogoodbye x Drake ’TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME’ Elderbrook ‘Talking’ Adele ‘Rolling In The Deep’ (Reed Streets bootleg) Lana Del Rey ‘Blue Jeans (RAC Remx) Breakbot ‘Baby I’m Yours’ Chvrches ‘Miracle’ RAC ‘Let Go’ (Arty & Krystal Klear Remix) The Cardigans ‘Love Fool’ (Reed Streets 2018 edit) The Knocks ft Foster the People ‘Ride Or Die’ (VIP mix) Bleachers ‘Miss Those Days’ (Reed Streets edit) Cherub ‘Doses & Mimosas’ Alex Cameron ‘Strangers Kiss’ (Reed Streets Remix) Robyn ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Twenty One Pilots ’Tear In My Heart’ LovelytheBand ‘Broken’ (Reed Streets Remix) Neon Trees ‘Animal’ (Reed Streets bootleg) Portugal. The Man ‘Live In The Moment’ Childish Gambino x Phantogram ‘Heartbeat’ Twenty One Pilots ‘Jumpsuit’ (Elijah Hill Remix) Post Malone ‘I Fall Apart’ (BKAYE x Young Bombs) Blink 182 ‘Feeling This’ Lil Peep ‘Awful Things’ (Reed Streets bootleg) Juice WRLD ‘Lucid Dreams’ (willyouremember & burd remix) Yellowcard ‘Ocean Avenue’ (Reed Streets bootleg) Panic At The Disco ‘High Hopes’ (Donk bootleg) Jimmy Eat World ‘The Middle’ Of Monsters & Men ‘Little Talks (Flipboitamidles Mash) Wiz Khalifa ft Snoop Dogg ‘Young, Wild & Free’ AJR ‘Burn the House Down’ Vance Joy ‘Saturday Sun’ (Luca Schreiner Remix) Childish Gambino ‘Summertime Magic’ (Louis Futon flip) Sir Sly x Twenty One Pilots ‘&RUN’ (Reed Streets edit) Green Day ‘Good Riddance (time of your life)’ Sylvan Esso ‘Coffee’ (MS MR remix)

  • Plastic Heart

    Lyrics: Walking down the old rails, Ur hands are holding mine. Moving with the wind wave, Ur head is close to mine. Dancing at a slow pace, Am hopeless when am thinking. Call me by your own name, My plastic heart was singing. photography art by:

  • Motorama - This Night

    Motorama "This Night" taken from the upcoming album "Many Nights out on Talitres, sept. 21st, 2018, CD / LP / CASSETTE / DIGITAL (

  • Your Friend (feat. Direct)
    matt van

    "Your Friend" from my newest EP, Lungs. Available now! Production by @directmusic Artwork by @samblanc 🌊🌊🌊 Pre-order on Vinyl: Buy Matt Van Merch: LYRICS: Don’t worry ‘bout Sinking boats I would drown for you To stay afloat And don’t worry ‘bout Letting go If you fall too far You’re not alone Hey Let me in These words will keep you safe I’ll always be your friend Hey Time will mend Hearts can be replaced I’ll always be your friend Oh, I’ll always be your friend Don’t worry ‘bout Losing hope It will find you when You need it most And don’t worry ‘bout Finding home ‘Cause it’s in these arms So keep me close Oh, hey Take me in Let me keep you safe I’ll always be your friend Oh, hey Let’s pretend That it will be okay I’ll always be your friend Oh, I’ll always be your friend I’ll always be your friend I’ll always be your fan I’ll always be your friend © 2018 Sedan Records . : . : .

  • hiccup

    another quick (but long) demo because I haven't posted one in months x (would recommend listening to through big speakers)

  • Bootchy Temple - The Man With The Cane
    Howlin Banana Records

    New album "Glimpses" out October 26th 2018.

  • Around
    Jaded Juice Riders
    surf pop

    Throwback to the last album available on limited edition cassette tape:

  • Beachtape - "Figure It Out"
    Alternative Rock

    New single from Brighton quartet Beachtape, out now on 7" vinyl and digitally via PNKSLM Recordings. Order the limited edition 7" at

  • The Travelling Players
    Simon Maxwell-Stewart

    We picked her up in Holland, famished little beanpole, a runaway who’d never been tamed She didn’t say a word, if she even could; we ran through the play, she was beaming away She charmed the company, until we all agreed: we gave her a role, incidental and small The audience forgot their names as she stepped onstage The chintzy set began to fade away Rising through the ranks, beguiling ever higher, until the crowd only came for her Her gift was the emotion, etched into her features, which she gave from the open stage Her star shone bright and briefly, as they often do; she met with Love, that thief of fire I knew the moment they locked eyes her time with us was through All he had to say were platitudes: “I’m in love with you. It doesn’t matter what we do. I’m in love with you, it doesn’t matter where we are. I’m in love with you, it’s true, it’s true.”

  • Let My Baby Stay - Mac Demarco .Cover by Youyou
    Youth Zanna

    Pic by Paul-Louis Bouclet

  • Spiral
    Only Sun

    The September release from our 2018 campaign, 12 songs over 12 months, one new track on the first of every month! Spotify:…nkQrC2a2F9vbJmXA Apple Music: Youtube:

  • Don't Stop Running
    The Dig
    Alternative Rock

    FOLLOW THE PLAYLIST – El Dig: A Year of Music: PRE-ORDER THE EL DIG VINYL: WEST COAST HOOTENANNY: Last year, we went back up to the beautiful Outlier Inn and made two new EPs: Moonlight Baby & Afternoon With Caroline. We will be releasing each song from these EPs one by one all 2018 long on a playlist called El Dig ( Follow along with us so you don’t miss any of the new tunes. We'll pick a few of you at random along the way and send you some fun things, like colored double vinyl, hand-numbered single artwork prints & more. -- "Don't Stop Running" is from The Dig's forthcoming Afternoon With Caroline EP, out October 19 on Roll Call Records. STREAM / BUY "DON'T STOP RUNNING": FOLLOW THE DIG:

  • Beautiful Day
    Joe H Demos

    silent as ocean depths, our bodies slowly washed out from the shore wont you tell me baby what the hell is heaven even for fading fading fading when i, leave the, path of lonely passing time will there be a flash of light, or perhaps a breach of cold maybe, i will, be the swallowed in the warmth of the love that had once filled me up. that which made me whole walking down the street, early hour, curtains drawn vacant lots like missing teeth, autumn whisper, come and gone fences with their summer weeds, clinging to their summer song the sky is torn with golden lashes the lidless, stars they, shine pale for you love do you think they shine for us floating, sinking, you breath for me love it might just be enough

  • No.1 Party Anthem - Arctic Monkeys (Cover)
    Muhammed Duvarcı
  • Indie/Female/PostPunk/NewWave

    01-. Blouse - Into Black 02-. Lovesick - Collarbone 03-. Stranger Kings - America's Sweetheart 04-. Drahla - Fictional Decision 05-. Magic Wands - Wolves 06-. Momma - Sidewalk 07-. Postcards - Bright Lights 08-. Sarah Bethe Nelson - Hazy 09-. Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle - Sing Sing 10-. Virginia Wing - Estuary

  • Yeah, right (demo)
    Attic Salt

    Lyrics: Lately ive been watching movies Antagonistic children through me this constant feeling flows in full speed and baby I can be your fool you'll see This cannabis Is really nice And Ill smile With my friends and I Oh what a life Oh its wild chase around When your feeling down Just cas I am nice Yeah, right Slap my face, I’ll make you breakfast and Break my limbs , Ill make you famous Cough up blood, ill clean it, cue me And baby I can be your fool Youll see

  • Scarves - Sweet Tooth
    Good Eye Records

    "Sweet Tooth," the fourth single off of Scarves' new full-length, "Dinner Dates for the End of Days," out September 28th via Good Eye Records. Pre-order it on vinyl and pre-save on streaming here: ~~~ Over the past few years, and through a few different iterations, Seattle-based math-rock emo-punks Scarves has established themselves as, “One of the city’s top notch rising acts,” according to KEXP. In that same paragraph, the words “jarring” and “abrasive” also appear so that starts to paint a picture of the dichotomy that has been at play for the band and its frontperson/founder Niko Stathakopoulos. Joined by Cael Watts (drums) and Nessa Grassing (guitars), Scarves are now announcing a new LP, "Dinner Dates for the End of Days," their first with Good Eye Records, which will see release digitally and on vinyl, including a limited “Green/Blue” Smoke color run, on September 28th, 2018. Stathakopoulos, Grasing, and Watts wrote and rehearsed "Dinner Dates for the End of Days" under a cloud of smoke and ash from British Columbia forest fires. If “apocalyptic emo math rock” doesn’t get you excited in 2018, nothing will. Each song is a portrait of an end times that’s positively inspiring and undeniably heart-warming. Even as we lurch toward something unpleasant, it’s hard to be too bummed out with Niko’s vocals and Watts’ driving drums. The album was recorded at Destination Universe in Portland: a studio designed to blend in to a neighborhood-realtors might call “character-filled.” Produced by Hutch Harris of Thermals sainthood, the album was recorded downright punkishly. No click. Mostly single takes. It’s a testament to the tightness of the band that the finished product sounds so lush. Rounding out the personnel was engineer Victor Nash of Point Juncture, WA and studio cat Oogi. Let "Dinner Dates for the End of Days" be the last album you listen to before we all slip off into oblivion. "Dinner Dates for the End of Days" is out September 28th, 2018 and is the ninth release from Good Eye Records.

  • slowly but surely

    a lil song i wrote about being homesick (1) & about uh someone special (2) enjoy!! :) (it's not studio quality bc i garageband'd it hehe) lyrics \m/ all my life, waiting for this moment but i don't know if i'm ready for it stuck in rewind, wish that i could understand what's holding me back? wish i knew beforehand carry on, it only gets easier i thought that i would say, but i don't feel that way as time goes on, only getting more confused i feel like i can't help but lose promise me that we'll stay the same slowly but surely we'll find our way i hope that we don't dissipate i hope that this'll never change although distance keeps us miles away you'll never leave my heart, no way i don't know what i truly want for me out of options, i'm going crazy the overflow of thoughts inside my head matters more as we near the end every time i see you i'm reminded of when i thought that we'd last until the end