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  • Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 11.16.18
    Sprott Money News

    Eric Sprott discusses this week's rally in precious metal prices and looks ahead to the remainder of the year.

  • Closing the Gender Gaps: Advancing Women in Corporate America
    Goldman Sachs

    In this episode, we sit down with Amanda Hindlian and Sandra Lawson, two of the authors of a Goldman Sachs Global Markets Institute report called "Closing the gender gaps: Advancing women in corporate America." The report aims to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding gender equality by analyzing some of the drivers of the gender gaps in seniority and pay and by helping clients to address these obstacles and biases.

    This podcast was recorded on November 2, 2018.

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  • Avsnitt 273 - Case closed

    Äntligen! Börspodden har utsett en vinnare i casetävlingen. Vinnaren själv har kommit till podden och presenterar caset i dagens avsnitt. John har hittat tre bolag som man ska hålla sig borta från då risken för nyemission är stor. Dessutom varnar Johan för fonden Ny Tekniks innehav då kassakudden i Novo Nordisk ser ut att ta slut.

  • #AskGaryVee 300 | Scott Harrison

    Super happy to have my great friend Scott Harrison, founder of Charity:Water come on the show for this iconic 300th episode! We sit down and chat about his charity, the issue of unclean or non-existent water facing millions of people on earth, and take calls from viewers that are starting their own charities & more. It'd mean a lot to me if you checked out Scott's book, Thirst here:

  • INSIDE 4D'S: Episode 1

    Welcome to Inside 4Ds, VaynerMedia’s tactical workshop servicing marketers and operators of all size businesses. On this episode, we take you inside Gary’s consulting portion of the 4Ds and moderator Nick Dio layers in added commentary. We’ll discuss short and long term behavior and when your side hustle should become your full-time, welcome to INSIDE 4Ds.

  • The week ahead: Age-old problems
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    Our journalists speak with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe about Japan’s growing demographic crisis, and what he wants to be remembered for. A crushing famine in a massive region of Africa may have peaked, but it still threatens millions. How can this tragedy be mitigated, or future risks avoided? And, scientists are dealing with a weight problem they’ve had for some time: the definition of the kilogram.

  • Effectively Marketing to Your Target Audience & Interview With Campaign Magazine | Keynote at Facebook London

    loved loved loved this talk I gave at Facebook London, talking about my history in the sales game stemming from back when I was young and selling baseball cards, car washes, lemonade and focusing on consumer research and attention before I even really know what it was to sell - and how using one piece of content to distribute in multiple places is a massive key right now to distributing at scale.  

  • SUNDAY SERMON: How to Disagree Without Despising Each Other, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO274
    The MFCEO Project

    Why is that people nowadays think that if we disagree, we have to hate each other? Why do people think that if I share an opinion that is the opposite of yours, that it's somehow a personal attack & offensive? The media & politicians fuel this mentality & it's really killing our ability to get along & be good & decent people to one another. It's got to stop. There's a way to disagree - even strongly - with one another without despising each other. That's what we talk about in today's Sunday Sermon.

  • Collaboration caused consensus, compromise, complacency, CBA boss Matt Comyn tells Royal Commission

    Commonwealth Bank chief executive Matt Comyn has conceded that internal policies to promote greater collaboration resulted in consensus or "groupthink" that contributed to misconduct or poor ethical behaviour. Mr Comyn is the first major bank boss grilled at the financial services Royal Commission this morning where senior counsel assisting Rowena Orr QC insisted the time for apologies is over. ABC's Peter Ryan is covering the Royal Commission.

  • Bank chiefs prepare for Royal Commission grilling amid scrutiny over bonuses

    Commonwealth Bank chief executive Matt Comyn and chairman Catherine Livingstone will face the final round of the financial services commission amid expectations of intense grillings. Meanwhile, Macquarie University associate professor Elizabeth Sheedy says the "balanced scorecard" used by banks does not improve productivity and tempts executives to chase bonuses rather than acting in the interests of customers. Elizabeth Sheedy speaks with the ABC's Peter Ryan.

  • The Democratization of Content | The Gov 2.0 Keynote #TBT

    This is a suuuuper cool throwback that I don't talk about a lot, where I go into my predict governments and officials utilizing Facebook & Twitter to create influence over their political agenda. 

  • You Always Have a Choice, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO273
    The MFCEO Project

    Why is it that some people experience terrible, evil things in their lives & they become monsters themselves...while other people go through just the same kind of suffering & sh*t & they are transformed into amazing, good people? I get it. It is hard to take the negatives of life & convert them into positives. It's hard to be wronged & still do the right thing. It's really hard to go through really bad things & become a force for good in the world. But it can be done. You just have to make the choice.

  • My Top 12 Songs With Elvis Duran & 12on12Vinyl at ComplexCon

    Was really happy to do this quick interview with Elvis Duran while I was at ComplexCon - we chat about what 12 songs I'd put on Vinyl and why those songs have meaning to me. Check out Elvis' new project 12on12Vinyl here: Hit up Elvis:

  • Why Right Now Is The Time To Take That Risk | 3X SHORT FILM MASHUP

    These three complete fire films all have one overarching theme in common: the best time to start doing is NOW. Even if it's a risk, if it's something you really REALLY want to do, right now is the time to take that leap. Then, I go in and talk focused towards kids across the world & how the pressure in a lot of asian markets focuses heavy and prevents kids from really achieving what they want - finishing with a short film called "Bet On Yourself", which expands on self awareness, knowing yourself and work ethic - and how these all play into focusing heavily on not caring about what other people think & not letting other's opinions impact your success. <3

  • The Economist asks: Anthony Scaramucci
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    Anne McElvoy asks the former White House communications director whether Donald Trump is true to his base. They debate the wisdom of doing battle with the press, if the president’s lies matter and what a Democratic challenger in 2020 should learn from his populist style

  • Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the November 17th 2018 edition
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    In this week’s issue, why modern capitalism needs a competition revolution. Also, how Brexit might change the face of British football and the perils of finding online fame in China. Anne McElvoy hosts

  • 309 Inside the 2018 NJ KISS Expo & Mark is Back from the Kruise

    Episode 309, November 20, 2018. Tommy and Mark get the lowdown on the 2018 NJ KISS Expo from promoters Peter Arquette and Phil Dieli. Mark and Tommy also discuss the KISS Kruise, the fan allegations that Paul Stanley was lip syncing and Mark goes after the cess pool. Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold at Since launching in 2013 Three Sides of the Coin has been viewed or listened to over 4,000,000 times. Three Sides of the Coin has been joined by special guests including former KISS lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, Eddie Trunk, WWE Superstar and lead singer of Fozzy Chris Jericho, Angel lead guitarist Punky Meadows, Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook, Vinnie Vincent Invasion and Slaughter lead singer Mark Slaughter, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, comedian Craig Gass, KISS’ former business manager Chris Lendt, the Black Veil Brides' Andy Biersack, Frank Munoz associate producer for Ace Frehley's Anomaly album, award winning songwriter Adam Mitchell, Ed Kanon (Peter Criss' drum tech), Kevin Valentine (drummer on KISS' Psycho Circus album). Three Sides of the Coin was picked (October 2013) as a 'What's Hot' podcast by Apple's iTunes. In the early '90s, Michael Brandvold launched the fifth ever website on the Internet devoted to KISS, KISS Otaku. He built, launched and maintained (KISS' official web presence). He now owns Michael Brandvold Marketing, providing marketing services and digital strategy to musicians. Tommy Sommers spent 15 years on the record show circuit collecting, trading and selling memorabilia / Kiss merchandise. He is now a successful residential Real Estate agent in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Tommy has also produced a KISS song For The Oddfathers and is the owner of Rock Steady Digital Photography. Mark Cicchini, is a world renown KISS collector. KISS have used parts of Mark’s vast KISS collection for audio, video & print materials including their book NOTHIN TO LOSE, CD re release of the LOVE GUN album & the VH1 Ultimate Album KISS ALIVE! special as well as many other KISS projects. His wife also makes a mean meatloaf!!! It's only our opinion... it's neither right nor wrong. Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: iHeartRadio: Spreaker: iTunes: TuneIn: Stitcher Radio: SoundCloud: @michaelbrandvoldmarketing Web: Merchandise: Three Sides Of The Coin is unofficial & unsanctioned and has no affiliation with the band KISS.

  • Becoming an Icon In the Music Industry - A Conversation with Cypress Hill

    LOVED having these absolute icons come through to sit down & chop it up - for those of you that don't know Cypress Hill, they're a legendary west coast hip hop group that basically stated the scene in the 90's and released the chart topping hit "Insane In The Brain". We sit and chat about their come up, collaborating with other artists, and their newest project, Elephants On Acid. Check out Elephants on Acid:

  • Sprott Money News Ask the Expert November 2018 - David Morgan
    Sprott Money News

    Precious metals expert David Morgan fields multiple questions pertaining to silver, gold and the global markets.

  • Babbage: The blame game
    The Economist
    News & Politics

    Should climate change be a matter of human rights? Also, gene drives' controversial potential to wipe out entire species of mosquitoes. And, a novel watch spring that could change the way mechanical watches are designed. Kenneth Cukier hosts