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  • RA.621 Grouper
    Resident Advisor

    Spectral folk and electronic ambience from the Oregon coastline. Read more:

  • Mr FijiWiji - The Idealist
    Mr FijiWiji

    Spotify: Apple Music: Bandcamp: -- NEW MERCH: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube:

  • Hollie Kenniff - The Timing of Glaciers
    Keith Kenniff

    As-of-yet unreleased track. Cover image by Jan Waider

  • Dravier - Discovery (The Ancient Ice Cave River System) [Silver Lake]

    REVIEW > Born from a recurring dream he made before putting the first touch to the tracks - involving "an expedition that leads into a glacier where an ancient ice metropolis lies", 'Deep Thought Glacial River' casts its net far and wide; meshing bleached-out exotica with subdued prog folk tropes and teeming beds of organic noises to create a riveting sound fresco.

  • If only I had forever
    A Cerulean State
    Modern Classical

    Song of my new album 'I thought you would give me a place'. Hope you'll enjoy it. Please 'Repost' if you deem it worthy! Facebook: Spotify: Bandcamp:

  • Fuego Sagrado (NUMA Promo Mix)
    Steffen Kirchhoff

    This Mix presents exclusively all the tracks of the upcoming Various Artists Compilation "Fuego Sagrado" which will soon be released on @numanumanuma Tracklist: 1. Quixosis - Kuna (Descomposición 1) 2. Loli Cosmica - Regalo de Amor 3. Mente Orgánica - La Marcha de los Arboles 4. Diguital Trip & Mundalah - Icaroz del Amazonas 5. Derrok - Callen 6. Kaygee - Pusangade Motelo 7. Alunawachuma - Kano Kano 8. Lütt Matten - Blauauge 9. Steve Bonde - Pendulum 10. Landhouse - Children 11. Mose and Michael Ben Shimon - Ocean of Silence 12. TzimTzum - Owl Parade 13. Kama Lila Sol - Cura Cura soon on your favourite digital music platform (Bandcamp, Beatport, Itunes, Spotify, Juno, Amazon etc.) The Cover Photo taken by the guatemalan Artist Jose Misa features a sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony which represents the Union of the Condor(which stands for the South of america), the Eagle (stands for North America) and the Quetzal( which represents Guatemala).

  • With Eyes Deeper Than The Ocean

    Some new thoughts..

  • Nico Toop: Frühlingsdowntempo
    Musikalische Freiluftkultur

    @toptoop für MFK: Frühlingsdowntempo Das perfekte Set für den Sonntag, um unter der Sonne in der frischen Luft zu entspannen, zu grillen oder um "einfach mal die Seele baumeln zu lassen" (Toop).

  • Gallo - Remember To Forget (Clandestino Remix)
    Hell Yeah Recordings
    Balearic Beat

    When Hell Yeah boss Marco dropped Fabrizio Mammarella’s Ambient Remix of Gallo’s ‘Faron’ at sunset at Hostal la Torre in Ibiza last year, people started queuing up for IDs. Well now that remix is at the heart of an EP filled with new tunes by Gallo. Gallo is a Berlin based Italian who is a key part of the nu-Balearic movement. He makes, plays and loves uplifting music that is loveably epic and emotional. He’s recently remixed Chris Coco, is part of the Balearic Gabba Sound System, resident at horizontal party Buena onda in Berlin and Ibiza and co-hosts his own radio show, My Way. He also has a new 12" EP on Slow Motion (Orange Stripe) coming soon, so is very much on the rise. In original form, ‘Remember to Forget’ is a perfectly laid back and languid groove peppered with gentle toms, bass twangs and romantic chords. Distant keys sound like sun beating down on the water and the whole thing blisses you out in no time. First to remix are UK trio Clandestino. They flip it into something more upbeat and tropical, with rolling bass and brilliant drum work. Whispered vocals melt into the mix and soothing xylophone patterns finish it in heart swelling style. Fabrizio Mammarella’s Ambient Mix is a heavenly rework with expansive chords floating past like cotton wool clouds in the sky. Celestial keys help the whole thing glow with a sense of new age dreaminess and it’s easy to see why this one makes such an impact at open air Balearic dances. Gallo then offers Ebrezza, a spacious and loose soup of percussion, thoughtful keys and distant kicks that are barely there. It’s archetypal balearic ambient music that will slow down even the busiest minds. Last of all, 1986 is another super slow motion bit of bliss with sunset synths swirling about like a zephyr. As it plays out you can almost feel the sand between your toes and the rays of the fading sun on your face. Perfect stuff. DJ feedback: "One of the best works in this 2018. Impossible for me to find the most emotive track. Everything is like a massive dream. Please, don't wake me up!!!" Filippo Zenna (Periodica Records)

  • Midnight Fires: Episode 36
    Midnight Fires

    Alternative streaming: 1. <00:00> r beny - sideways in air II 2. <03:51> Eternell - Inner Wandering 3. <14:21> Exist Strategy - Mercy 4. <16:53> Luis Miehlich - Sky Blue 5. <21:00> Cash - Serenity Pt.2 6. <29:21> Fading Language - Recover

  • OneWorld
    Psybient, ChillOut

    My first Psybient/Chillout Mix out, means a lot to me this mix. True example of the beautiful sounds with imaginatory nostalgic moments iv had... inspiring you... your heart n soul, making you a better human being, making you feel.

  • Ambient Journey
    Templo Music

    Ambient Mini Mix

  • The warmth I searched for
    A Cerulean State
    Modern Classical

    First song of my new album 'I thought you would give me a place'. Very excited to share it. Please 'Repost' if you deem it worthy! Facebook: Spotify: Bandcamp:

  • FACT mix 648 - Laraaji (Apr '18)

    Ambient music pioneer Laraaji blends transformative transmissions from Albert Ayler, Alice Coltrane, Iasos, Carlos Nino and more on this meditative mix. For more information and tracklist head here: ‎

  • Asleep
    The Monk by the Sea

    Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

  • Elochim (YHYMLH) | Natural Selection Vol.13 | 06/04/2018

    It’s time for the 13th seance in the sequence! This time we present two “new” artists who will guide us to the realms of depth. From different corners of the world, both have their distinct sound design and musical approach. Today’s guest mixes were created exclusively for Natural_Selection – it feels great to represent a style that inspires talents all around. Warning: deep water! NATURAL_SELECTION | Vol. 13 | Elochim (YHYMLH) Mysterious sound-sculptor from Stockholm Sweden – YHYMLH walks us through a journey from our Divine roots through a catharsis that destroys darkness and leads us back to Light. All the sounds are in order, the bombs, drums of war, the call for prayer and they tell our story. Made up exclusively of his own music, that has an organic and earthy feel to it like it was designed for your Ozorian ears. Previous episodes Up next: Vol. 14 airs on 4th May on Chill Channel, 4 – 6 pm CET. Be here.

  • Unbound ("Glow To Last" LP Announcement)

    Click [ Repost ↺ ] if you liked this one, it helps a lot. » Listen on Spotify: » Free Download on Bandcamp: » Licensing Inquiries: » Watch on YouTube: After "Vesper" (a special song that was released to celebrate my birthday in 2017), here we are again: I just turned 21! :) Unbound is my "2018 birthday gift" to you all, since I would be nothing without my fans. It also announces my new procedural LP "Glow To Last", which will feature many ambient tracks, together with some of the musicians I consider my favourites: Kazukii, Resotone, Enzalla and more.. "Unbound" is available on bandcamp as free download for a limited time, until the next songs of the album will be added. Photo by my friend Yousef:


    some ambient music meant to invoke the interior of a living dungeon

    Oliver Papke Künstler

    " INNER STRENGHT" Herzlich Willkommen, zu unserem neuen Lied " Innerliche Stärke ". Durch das Leben finden Colin und ich immer wieder neue Inspirationen für die Musik , sie gibt uns soviel innerliche Stärke weitere schöne Kompositionen zu produzieren. Wenn ich an meinem Piano sitze , kommen mir immer Melodien in meinen Kopf und ich nehme sie auf , wie auch dieses mal. Danach spielte ich noch andere Instrumente ein und sendete es zu Colin , er spielte dann auch noch mit anderen Instrumenten seine Ideen hinzu , und so wurden aus vielen Puzzelteilen diese Komposition ! Die Musik gibt Colin und mir immer wieder innerliche Kraft und Motivation , auch mit vielen Situationen im unserem Leben zu verarbeiten ,dass sich sehr Positiv im Leben auswirkt . Fast jeder von uns hat ein Hobby , dass wir zum Ausgleich von unserem Alltag brauchen und bei uns ist es die Musik . Colin und ich hoffen , dass wir auch Ihnen mit unserem neuen Lied Freude , Dankbarkeit und Liebe schenken können . Colin´s worte : I love the way that when I first hear a track from Oliver that I can almost instantly hear a melody that I can add and this track was no exception. Oliver provided wonderful piano, strings, various flutes and a horn and viola melody to which I added my guitars and bass guitar as usual but also layered the big drum sounds and added rolls and cymbal crashes to provide maximum impact. I also added the cello melodies and, at Oliver's request, the sound of the wind at the start of the track. This was a larger than usual project for me to mix (25 tracks) which provided a challenge (especially as I do all my recording and mixing on my iPad) but I am really happy with the end result. Thank you, Oliver, for this wonderful learning opportunity! I think this is our best track to date and, to me, it really portrays the Inner Strength, the strength that can come from within in times of stress or adversity to help us find or fight our way through back to happiness. We just have to look inside to find that strength, we all have it, we just have to go within. COPYRIGHT : Komponist : Oliver Papke Instrumente : Oliver Papke & Colin Powell Produziert : Colin Powell Video/ Youtube : Eva Papke Titel Bild : Rudolf Koller ( DJ. KAROUH )

  • Natural Medicine
    Meditation Relax Club
    New Age