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  • We Dream Of Eden - Walk On Water

    Walk on Water 🌊 Stream: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #WeAreAmbient #WeDreamOfEden 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 Failure is success if we learn from it. -Malcolm Forbes 🧡 We Dream Of Eden 💿 Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Jezael Melgoza ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • Kisnou - Name Of The Night

    Name of the Night 🌃 Stream & Download: 🎧 Spotify Playlist: #Ambient #WeAreAmbient #Kisnou 📸 Instagram: 🎁 Ambient Shop: 💬 The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret. -Salvador Dali 🧡 Kisnou 💿 Suggested track: 📷 Picture by Markus Gjengaar ✅ Check out our 24/7 livestream 🖤 Ambient Releases 🎵 Submit your music: 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre

  • Liberty

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  • Mary Lattimore - "Polly Of The Circus"
    Adult Swim Singles

    "Polly Of The Circus" by Mary Lattimore Listen to this track and more at

  • Why Nam Vol 14 - Full Moon Meditation
    DJ Stevie Keys
    Lunar House

    The first week of the new decade we were blessed with a powerful full moon lunar eclipse in the hypersensitive sign of Cancer (which happens to be my own zodiac sign) so there was a lot of transformative energy swirling around on the island. I wanted to mark this occasion with a set of beautiful, introspective and emotive music which would provide the perfect soundtrack for contemplation of the awe inspiring moon that rose above the still waters of Why Nam whilst we danced on the sand beneath, so enjoy this unique journey which begins with an ambient mix of my own composition Islandia 'We Are One' and slowly builds through some foresty deep organic jams to a climax of melancholic but euphoric remixes of Radiohead, London Grammar and Hans Zimmer. Lose yourself in the lunacy.. Download for free on The Artist Union

  • Slow Moving Stop Motion

    Not a needful thing.

  • FA152 - Symphonic Chill Vol 2 Sample Pack Demo
    Freaky Loops/Famous Audio
    Symphonic Chill

    We are proud to present the second instalment of “Symphonic Chill” brings you again a rare collection of instantly usable loops and samples. Packed with mournful and gentle melodies, inspiring orchestral themes, huge symphonic strings, broken rhythms and powerful drum hits, shimmering and sorrowful basses, ethereal piano phrases, atmospheric drums etc.. Perfect source to add some deep hypnotic ambient, dramatic and sad orchestral arrangements with cinematic feeling in your next productions. You can expect to find here with 397MB of material spread over 100 Loops at 90/140 bpm and 72 one-shots. Loops folder contains 15 Bass Loops, 30 Drum Loops, 13 Melodics, 22 Orchestral Loops and 20 Piano Loops. Oneshots folder contains; 72 Drum Hits includes Claps, Hi-hats, Kicks, Percussions, Ride, Rims, Snaps and Snares to create your own sequenced beat. All loops & samples are KEY and tempo-labelled for flexibility, so you can use these samples in as many ways as you desire. “Symphonic Chill Vol 2” perfectly use for making media music, cinematic compositions, commercials and advertising and background music. Also suitable for producers of any genre looking for these kind of touch to their productions. From Cinematic to Ambient, Downtempo to Electronica, Chill-out to Liquid DnB, New Age to IDM and Experimental these versatile sounds will help bring any track to life.

  • If I Could
    sarim tahir

    I find hope in the progress i make; in the efforts i put, towards the man i need to become.

  • Night Whispers
    Heba Kenawy
  • Zensday Afternoon | Healing Music
    Healing Music
    Healing Music

    Title track from Zensday Afternoon, an album of peaceful improvised relaxing flowing music. This track features exotic flute sounds with healing energies. Our Website © Paul Landry Music 2017 and Healing Streaming All Rights Reserved iTunes:

  • The Ambient Waves Of Blue
    Mango Lava
  • still small voice of calm
    anna fridriksen

    i love the forest it just makes me so relaxed come and calm down here

  • FOCAL dj set - Ultimae | Showcase #001

    Ultimae | Showcase #001 - recorded on 21/12/2019 at Ultimae Record Shop, Lyon, France

  • Temple Chimes
    Sun Didj

    Walking along a wooded pathway, you come to a hidden temple just as the chimes sound calling the monks to their daily meditation....

  • Harmonic Space
    Neural State 5
    Dark Ambient

    Ambient - Cinematic - Atmosphere - Drone - Chillout - Space Music - Electronic - Yoga - Meditation - Relaxing Music - Chillwave - Tantra - Deep House - Lounge - Soundscapes - Dark Ambient - Ambient Noise - Tibetan - Psy Ambient - Cafè del Mar - Buddha Bar - Matinèe

  • Narvik 2 | Paul Landry
    Ambient Music

    Narvik 2 was recorded in a small room of a mountain lodge in the Swedish arctic village of Abisko whilst attempting to film the Northen lights. It was recorded on a laptop running cubase 7 with a novation impulse 25 midi keyboard. The rest of the album was recorded on sleeper trains and in hotel rooms with the same equiptment. Composed, performed, produced and recorded by Paul Landry Album cover design and photography Paul Landry ©2015 ► ► ► ©2015Paul Landry Music All Rights Reserved This channel features the ambient music compositions of Paul Landry

  • Daniel Cavanagh - The Silent Flight Of The Raven Winged Hours

    The Silent Flight of the Raven Winged Hours' is a bonus track on Daniel Cavanagh's album - Monochrome/Colour (special edition). Order/ save now: Inspired by internal feelings of love and loss, Monochrome is a deeply reflective and personal offering. Cavanagh elaborates: “The album has a late night, candlelit feeling, evoking the light of dusk as the summer sun sinks below the horizon, setting the scene for thoughts and meditations that many people will relate to. A lot of this material could easily have made it on to the last Anathema album or any future album; that's how highly the band rate it. There are several highlights: "The Exorcist" and "The Silent Flight of the Raven Winged Hours" are among some of my best works of the last decade. Taking them from the band was not an easy decision but I am glad; they're so personal as to not need more input.” Monochrome features Anneke Van Giersbergen – ex-vocalist for The Gathering, who has since sung with Devin Townsend, Árstíðir, Anathema and Arjen Lucassen – and the exceptionally talented Anna Phoebe provides violin on three of the album tracks. Recorded at Grammy Award-winning Parr Street Studios, engineered by Andrea Wright, mastered by Anathema’s Daniel Cardoso, and with artwork by illustrator Danny Branscombe, this album is a special addition to the Kscope family. Released as a CD presented in a digipack packaging complete with a 12-page booklet.

  • Premiere: Moontide - Huonbrook [down.]

    Available 24, January on featuring Since early 2019, down. has released many styles of chillout music. Its down.tape comps have featured 26 artists and their tranquil productions. The Vienna-based label now presents a third edition of the emerging series. Carrying the influence of Colombian roots, Moontide unites listeners with each new track. “Huonbrook” pays tribute to a locale near Australia’s famed Gold Coast. The original mix’s sampling, instrumentation and spoken word provide a vibrant soundtrack to life!

  • Inspiring Worship (royalty free music)
    Royalty Free Music
    Religion & Spirituality

    Inspiring Worship. The best ambient and inspiring music. Hopeful and light mood. Music full of faith and love. Great for life testimony. Hillsong deep worship music style. Ambient electric guitar, piano, deep low pads, strings. Included 2 version: 1. Inspiring Worship – 1:00 2. Inspiring Worship (short version) – 0:30

  • The Journey Before Dawn
    Natura Silentia

    "After the shadows of dusk had covered nature, just before the morning dawn embraced the land, the path led to a place of serenity. Sparks and fire spirits ascended into the night air from the embers of a stone lantern." - from the project notes First recording for the second EP project "The Soul Of The Night". Recordings & Artwork by Natura Silentia