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  • Without You (feat. Zetso) [Prod. Y Axis]
    Slit Sanity
    Pop Punk

    featuring -

  • dwell

    acoustic cover "dwell" by @miseryboys

  • Only In December

    We layer up anxious for the coldest time of year but its california we barely get a winter here but still relish the thought of keeping warm hands tied up as one taking form its december another year passed me by so quickly then disappeared all thats left are shiny souvenirs but they mean nothing you asked me where i went my lack of confidence is keeping me away we'll try another day when we are wasted and fearless sane its december another year passed me by so quickly then disappeared all thats left are shiny souvenirs but they mean nothing frozen solid straight through the bones i thought i wanted all this cold its making me emotional of course it is its december another year passed me by so quickly then disappeared how has another year passed me by so quickly then disappeared? and why am i so lonely with you right here? only in december

  • ADevil - Crying At The Train Station
    ADevil ☿️
    Alternative Rock

    Lyrics; Help me to find my way, i’m frozen Crying at the train station, broken Teen hearts with fear to love, i’m closing All the doors to my heart that are open Wide That are open Wide I’m so broken Snowing at the train station, nowhere to go... I lost my ticket one more time, i feel the snow... If there someone here with me please tell me hello Cuz’ my only actual friend is this fucking coke And my only actual girl is this fucking pill She’s the only one that can now help me to feel But i already ate it and i have to wait until The fucking train arrives so i can get my refill Baby i wanna feel Wanna feel to myself Baby if this real Take me out of this shelf The devil made a deal But i don’t want someone else So come with me to my hell Come with me to my hell Why? I’m so broken Why? I’m so frozen Why? Hearts are open Wide But mine is frozen Help me to find my way, i’m frozen Crying at the train station, broken Teen hearts with fear to love, i’m closing All the doors to my heart that are open The hearts are open But mine is broken The hearts are open But mine is frozen The hearts are open But mine is broken The hearts are open But mine is frozen. ''TELLME'' Official Video: STREAM ON SPOTIFY: Contact: [email protected] Instagram: @adevilofficial / @imandresdiaz

  • time isn't real without change DEMO
    that weird kid

    i was very congested lyrics: i've been kicking myself over all the shit that goes unsaid i've been feelin like im in a movie i see the credits up ahead dont talk to my mother dont pray for my borther well i would but prayers dont send smile for cover drinking to suffer i wish the world would just start falling down when im falling down ive been lifeless since october they say the weather fogs my head ive been hopless at my 9-5 and i feel like the walking dead im a fucking creep running from my head obsessive tendencies with some existential dread tired everyday missin mania lately 4 am alone why does everyone hate me falling down when im falling down sorry for makming that song abot your dark past no i dont regret mistakes i made in boston i wouldve mailed you my heart and stayed sober time isnt real without change and idk her x2

  • Take Me Down (Demo)
    The Faint Endless
    Alternative Rock

    You think you're drowning but you're not the only one Mail: [email protected] Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: @thefaintendless

  • 1919 "Anxiety"
    Cleopatra Records
    Gothic Rock

    “Anxiety” is the first single from 1919′s third studio album, Futurecide. Having exploded back onto the scene with 2016′s Death Note EP, Mark Tighe and Mick Reed, the band’s original core, had united with bassist Karl Donner and new vocalist Rio Goldhammer, their second album Bloodline was the long awaited follow-up to 1983′s Machine LP. However its release in 2017 would come under tragic circumstances, hitting the shelves shortly after losing guitarist Tighe to cancer in January of that year. The band had started work on Futurecide during Tighe’s illness and, though his declining health meant that work was put on hold until after the release of Bloodline, his performance on Stop the World was salvaged from the demo to feature alongside new guitarist Sam Evans. Also featuring on the album is the band’s Cry Wolf-era bass player Steve Madden, who comes out of retirement to perform on Isolation. Futurecide charts the journey of 1919 through this fraught and turbulent period: suffering tragedy, coping with loss, and eventually finding a cautious optimism. The song “Anxiety” and accompanying video, filmed at Leeds’ The Wardrobe, places us right at the start of that journey, with the band’s personal anguish and insecurity amplified by an increasingly unnerving socio-political landscape. The album is out worldwide on Cleopatra Records in 2019. Connect with @1919-690523491 Please Subscribe to our channel for the latest Cleopatra Records release! (C) 2018 Cleopatra Records, Inc.. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws -------------------------------------- #Postpunk #Deathrock #Gothicrock #Gothic #Goth #Cleopatrarecords #1919 #SiouxsieandtheBanshees #Batcave #TheCure #JoyDivision #Bauhaus #theMission #AlienSexFiend #theSistersofMercy #RosettaStone

  • Nirvana - Something In The Way (Guntro Cover)
    Alternative Rock

    Underneath the bridge The tarp has sprung a leak And the animals I've trapped Have all become my pets And I'm living off of grass And the drippings from the ceiling But it's ok to eat fish Cause they haven't any feelings Something in the way

  • Call My Name [Prod. Discent]
    Slit Sanity
    Alternative Rock
  • Intro
    Cardinal Birds

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  • Laceration
    TaPeWoRm ChAiNsAw MaSsAcRe ::-)

    (fetus in fetu is a developmental abnormality in which a a mass of tissue resembling a fetus forms inside the body an early example of the phenomenon was described in 1808 by george william young there are two theories or origin concerning fetus in fetu one theory is that the mass began as a normal fetus but becomes enveloped inside its twin the other theory is that the mass is a highly developed teratoma fetus in fetu is estimated to occur in one of 500,000 live births) break the neck of the sacrificial lamb you sycophant i’m sick of it i know you heard what i said but i don’t think you get it the infection is gone but the virus alive i’d rather die than hear that voice that says i’m only worth what they see but i don’t like what i see i guess they like what they see though and you don’t get that i don’t like the things you say to me when i’m asleep and you think that just cuz i don’t see you that i don’t hear you but i know you’re there still but i’m not here still tell me what to do and then i’ll do it instead pull the knife out of my back and put it straight through my head put it straight through my head because i need to be at someone else’s mercy for once i’m loved the most when everybody’s looking through screens but in the flesh no one can even say a word to me i’m not as shallow as it seems but i’m afraid of the deep and i don’t know where to go cuz while i try so hard i let weakness show and i don’t wanna know if the things i thought were mine aren’t mine anymore i’ve lost control i’ve lost it all

  • iRig pop punk test with garage band

    iRig tests

  • KillKillKill
    Cardinal Birds

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  • Ya Tara - Abeer Nehme - عبير نعمة - يا ترى (Live)

    Melody by Abeer Nehme Lyrics by Lucas Sakr Instrumental parts, arrangement and orchestration by Haaland. From the album "Live in Concert" Ingolv Haaland & Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra with friends, released Nov 27th 2015 on C-Lounge Records, all rights reserved Ingolv Haaland - Composer/Arranger/Orchestration/Grand Piano String section from Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra Lars Erik Gudim - Conductor Abeer Nehme - vocals (Lebanon) Ouch Savy - vocals (Cambodia) Hilde Norbakken - vocals (Norway) Bendik Hofseth - tenor sax (Norway) Karl Oluf Wennerberg - drums(Norway) Torbjørn Tveit - bass(Norway) Knut Ingolf Brenna - guitar (Norway) Rony Barrak - riq/percussion (Lebanon) Elie Khoury - Oud (Lebanon) Feras Charestan - Qanun (Syria) John R. Handal - Tar (Palestine) Tareq Abboushi - Buzuq (Palestine) Mix and FOH-engineer - Eirik Mordal (Norway) Mastering - Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room, Stockholm, Sweden Produced by Ingolv Haaland Recorded live 25.03.15 at the main concert hall in Kilden Performing Art Centre, Kristiansand, Norway. The concert was arranged by Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with The University of Agder.

  • The Cure (His Blood)Ft. Danni Sheron
    Alternative Rock

    This song is about being in a relationship where it makes you feel like a Zombie. When its going good life is amazing but when its going bad it controls your whole mood. -Lorchainsaw

  • Hymn of Czocha but it's a punk rock version
    Lars Bundvad

    Original melody by Rikke Munchkin. Glorious horrible midi arrangement by me :D

  • V.M.A
    punk rock/grunge

    V.M.A everything is wrong and i don't have weed, The day is bother and i just want to sleep, I just want to smoke bu my momy hate weed. Refrão V.M.A smoking all the day V.M.A forgot all i hate. Killing the time with the smoke around I feel high I feel good If you don't wanna smoke you can eat too. Refrão V.M.A smoking all the day V.M.A Forgot all i hate. I'm stoner And i'm a loser I'm ugly And i have no future Refrão V.M.A smoking all the day V.M.A forgot all i hate. V.M.A smoking all the day V.M.A Forgot all i hate.

  • Yowes - NDX A.K.A (POP PUNK COVER)
  • 3112 Y St
  • Post Punk Affiliated - Volume 63
    Post Punk Affiliated

    Some of my favorite Post Punk Affiliated music from recent years. Volume 63 You can check out the other incarnations of these playlists by checking out these links: Spotify: YouTube: 8Tracks: LastFM: Mixcloud: Photo by @rachel-escoto Girls Names - Malaga Hawaiian Gremlins - Away Soft Kill - Past Life Wymond Miles - The Curse Motorama - Scars Animal Bodies - A Maiden’s Boil Kontravoid - Silent Visions (Skeleton Hands remix) Mortal Boy - Alone Again, But It’ll Be Okay Future Islands - Balance Mac DeMarco - On The Level Allah-Las - Sacred Sands Acid Ghost - I Don't Need You Hibou - Glow Messer Chups - Moriarty Woogie Hotels - Leilani