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  • Best of Trip-Hop & Downtemp & Lo-Fi & Nujazz
    S!X - Music

    This is my personal best of Trip-Hop/Downtempo/Lo-Fi/Nujazz music. I hope you enjoy it. Watch full version on YouTube: I do not own any rights to this songs. Tracklist: 0:00:00 Gramatik - The Unfallen Kingdom 0:03:40 Boogie Belgique - Ms. Yutani 0:07:32 The Architect - Les pens‚es 0:11:16 Quantic - Time Is The Enemy 0:14:48 Son Lux - Easy 0:18:33 Triplem x Goldsmith - Middle Sea 0:20:32 Nicolas Jaar - Encore 0:24:52 Wax Tailor - Que Sera 0:27:34 Boogie Belgique - Forever & ever 0:33:10 Nightmare on Wax - You Wish 0:36:11 Kognitif - MamaLove 0:39:22 Nu - Man O To 0:48:26 Emiljo AC. - Sleepy Mood 0:50:51 JK Soul - Down The Streetz 0:54:10 Gramatik - Just Jammin (original mix) 1:00:37 RJD2 - Ghostwriter (Re-Edit) 1:04:56 Gramatik - The Culture (original mix) 1:08:36 Moods - Take You There 1:12:18 n u a g e s - Dreams 1:17:41 bsd.u - late night bump 1:19:16 Moontricks - Soul Baby 1:22:31 Riddle - Elcric (Instrumental) 1:26:55 ProleteR - L.O.V.E 1:30:24 Gramatik - No Way Out 1:34:43 Quantic - We Got Soul (Rob Life RMX) 1:39:12 Akshin Alizadeh - Southern Man (Remastered) 1:43:03 Brock Berrigan - Four Walls and an Amplifier 1:45:07 Kognitif - Yeah Yeah Yeah 1:48:58 Aim - Let The Funk Ride 1:53:57 Hugo Kant - Flying 1:58:59 Kognitif - Blue Speed 2:01:57 Daily Bread - Frdm 2:05:47 Poldoore - But I Do 2:09:37 Ours Samplus - Blue Bird 2:13:21 Moody Sanchez - About a Girl 2:17:21 Groovejuice - Cafe Prague (Radio Edit) 2:20:55 Keizan - Time to move 2:23:46 Daily Bread - In The Darkest Hour (Trouble On My Mind) 2:28:09 The Geek x Vrv - Smooth Guitar Wallpaper:

  • Take The Trip! Vol. 4
    Keith Linx (TLD)

    Dedicated To Anthony Bourdain... This is the fourth volume in a mix series, consisting of Trip Hop, Downtempo, Hip Hop, Nu Jazz , Lo-FI, Electro, Funk and Soul. It may even get a little Glitchy on the Psychedelic tip from time to time... So sit back wherever you are and Take The Trip, Enjoy the ride! If you like this mix, check out Volumes one, two and three in the links below Keith-linx – Take-the-trip-vol-1 Keith-linx - Take-the-trip-vol-2 Keith-linx - Take the-trip-vol-3 This mix is used for promotional use only. I do not own the rights to the music provided or in any way make a profit from this content. 1. GoodMar x Saligo - Taraka 2. Ours Samplus - Family Guts 3. KOGNTIF - My Freedom Has No Price 4. Hugo Kant - The Meeting 5. Mr. Looper - Feelings on top 6. Dicap & Kameleon Bea - Until Then 7. Dub Garden - Eye Origins 8. Jake & Bake - Got Myself A Present 9. Zillch - MIB 10. BeaTru Originator - Bad Habits 11. Systemics - A Strange Occurrence 12. Solrakmi - This Is It 13. Dope Friends / El Jimbo & Mpsta - Et Moi 14. SkyBlew & Less Is More - Friendly Skies 15. Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods 16. M Ø R T I S - Perfect Ending 17. Daily Bread - Stormy Seas (We Are Strong) 18. Art Aknid - Magician’s Eye 19. The Villain - Afraid of Heights 20. Thievery Corporation - Music to Make You Stronger 21. Daniel - Last Call 22. Systemics - She 23. VK - A Game Of Mind 24. Bak & Chavo - The Beginning Of A Trip 25. Penelope Antena - Abuse 26. Phlocalyst - Me and My Shadow 27. Oofoe - April 28. Systemics - Drone Like a Star 29. HandyCat - Away 30. Thunderball - Solar 31. Vk - In a Dream 32. Hedflux - Mystic Physics 33. Blockhead - UFOMG 34. ChaseBeats - Purple Smoke (It’s Spinning…) 35. SomehowArt - Temperamental 36. Portishead - Piedestal 37. El Jazzy Chavo - 38. Brock Berrigan - Monument Valley 39. Systemics - The Siren 40. Philthy Pro - Got What You Want (instrumental) 41. Zoneraze - A Train Of Love 42. Illiterate - Moonshine 43. Atamone - Tangerine (Ft Jesse Chase) 44. Percssn - S o u t h C e n t r a l 45. Jenova & & Mr. Moods - Blue Like Jazz 46. Moderator - Burning Bridges 47. Chairman Maf - Pagan 48. Ours Samplus - Minor Alpha 49. Rak & Chavo - Evil Passage 50. Fab Beat - Message For My People 51. Solrakmi - One Steppin 52. Goodmar - Cafe Tostao 53. Kognitif - Lemon Shining 54. SmoketBeat - Toucan Boucan 55. Duhan - Been Down + Grna & 3ck 56. Gramatik - The Culture 57. KOGNITIF - Tribute To The Classics 58. DJ Krush - To Be Continued 59. Degiheugi - Sous L’Ombre De Ta Jalousie 60. Wax Tailor - I Don’t Know 61. Moderator - Voodoo Kiss 62. Duhan - Aventure (Ft Andrea Bucko) 63. Blue Sky Black Death - The Era When We Sang

  • June 12th {Falling Off the Beat}

    This track is from a collection of tunes from the live streamed sessions with Slamhaus. While bands or users will inspire me, every song was composed live on stream without any pre-thought melodies, progressions or beats. Watch a piece of music composed 100% in front of your eyes. Watch this track composed lived from here: Coming Soon! Be a part of the music making! Watch Tunesday at 2pm CT every Tuesday! Album Artwork by Chris Amhaus

  • Coccolino Deep - Charlie
    Coccolino Deep

    "I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor. That’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone - if possible - Jew, Gentile - black man - white. We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness - not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost. The aeroplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men - cries out for universal brotherhood - for the unity of us all. Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world - millions of despairing men, women, and little children - victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. To those who can hear me, I say - do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed - the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish." Mix inspired to : The Great Dictator (1940) Reference : Artwork Cover : Julian Majin Art Instagram : TRACKLIST Intro Final Speech from The Great Dictator (Charlie Chaplin) 01. Secret Track 02. Edu Imbernon - Underworld (Original Mix) - Fayer 03. Jan Blomqvist - Stories Over (Aparde Remix) - Armada Music Bundles 04. Matthias Vogt - Nostalgia (Original Mix) - Anjunadeep 05. Kolsch - Liath (Original Mix) - Kompakt 06. Danique - Scream (Gabriel Ananda Remix) - Soulful Techno Records 07. Ryan Davis - Traces (Gabriel Ananda Remix) - Soulful Techno Records 08. Kidnap Kid - Where The Sea Swings In Like An Iron Gate (Original Mix) - Anjunadeep 09. Eiblonski - Tusnelda (Worakls Remix) - Clubstream Green 10. Reset Robot - The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Original Mix) - Truesoul 11. Mike Tohr & Amari - Borax (Original Mix) - Atmosphere Records 12. Rondo Mo - Overflow (Jonas Rathsman Remix) - Fayer 13. Modd - Vtown (Original Mix) - Kindisch 14. Eliot Sumner - After Dark (Dixon Edit) - Philomena 15. Julian Rodriguez - Broken Melodies (Nicholas Van Orton Remix) - Soundteller Records 16. Konstantin Sibold – Madeleine (Original Mix) - Innervision 17. Gorillaz - Andromeda (feat. D.R.A.M.) (Bonobo Remix) - Parlophone UK 18. Stavroz - The Finishing (Original Mix) - Delicieuse Records LINKS YOUTUBE : INSTAGRAM : FACEBOOK : FRISKY RADIO : SPOTIFY : TWITTER : BEATPORT :

  • Radiocuts - From The Box (Vol. 1)
    Anarchy In The Funk
    Trip Hop / Hip Hop

    FROM THE BOX (Vol. 1) A vinyl mix series by @Radiocuts Tracks: 01 - Silent Poets - Cherry Tree (Attica Blues - 40 Below Mix) 02 - The Infesticons - Automated Hero Theme (Automator Rmx) 03 - The Wiseguys - We Be The Crew... 04 - The Funk League - The Boogie Down Bombers (Instr.) 05 - DJ Cam - Gangsta Shit 06 - Massive Attack - Safe From Harm (Original Version) 07 - DJ Shadow - Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt 08 - Nightmares On Wax - Finer 09 - Nightmares On Wax - Capumcap 10 - Blend - All That Dub 11 - DJ Food - Spiral 12 - 9 Lazy 9 - Cyber Kick Back 13 - Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust (Bug Powder Drums Mix) 14 - Mr Chop - Trip Through The Water Door 15 - Beastie Boys - Ricky's Theme 16 - Skalpel – Simple (Version) 17 - Will Sessions - Represent Intro 18 - DJ Shadow - Redeemed Listen to new album "Abstract Message" by @Radiocuts. A brilliant balance between electronic textures and organic sounds, adding a strong discharge of hip hop and jazz elements. [ Available on Digital + Limited CD Edition ] Click to Stream / Download / Order: Radiocuts contact: [email protected] + links: • • • • •

  • Come Back
    Loci Records

    Convex by Nym, Out 10/27 on Locirecords About Convex... This is memory music. It's about how simple things are more complex upon closer inspection. It's about natural ghosts in strange spaces. This is the result of several years of studying the emerging global Trip Hop genre and finding my place in it. It is a mix of both powerful emotions and cinematic imagery, and i'm honored to share it with you. -Nym

  • Nostalgic (Dustin Ngo x Mademoiselle)

    Mademoiselle: 10 feet away You make me mad for the way you look tonight Oh butterflies, be my guide Its just an affection But you left a strong impression on me I'd like to see, to feel your body Something in your sadness's got me Let the wine do the talking Let the wine do the talking Let the wine do the talking Let the wine do the talking Dustin Ngo: Nắng chiều đang đổ và hoàng hôn bắt đầu buông Đèn đường hiu hắt vàng vọt đầy sầu muộn Cơ thể, chưa muốn chìm vào giấc ngủ Những kỉ niệm xưa cũ tìm lại trôi vào thiên thu Ngày mai, lo sợ rồi đổ vỡ Con người chen lấn địa vị trên những ô cờ Chúng ta, những người cần địa vị Lừa gạt lẫn nhau bất chấp khoảng cách địa lý Chúng ta, chẳng buồn nghĩ chúng ta hiểu nhau Cô đơn, nỗi sợ bắt nguồn từ đâu ? Chúng ta quá ích kỉ để nghĩ cho tương lai Chúng ta gian dối nhau bằng lòng thương hại Tiếng kèn, trumpet, nhạc Jazz, tỉnh thức Suy nghĩ, lựa chọn, con người, chinh phục ? Nhắm mắt dần buông là những con đường Lái xe màn đêm đưa ta về vô thường... Written by Dustin Ngo & Mademoiselle Prod. by Naix Artwork by Dustin Ngo From 2016

  • May 8th {Dream Land}
    Alternative Rock

    This track is from a collection of tunes from the live streamed sessions with Slamhaus. While bands or users will inspire me, every song was composed live on stream without any pre-thought melodies, progressions or beats. Watch a piece of music composed 100% in front of your eyes. Watch this track composed lived from here: Coming Soon! Be a part of the music making! Watch Tunesday at 2pm CT every Tuesday! Lyrics from Edgar Allan Poe's Dream-Land Album Artwork by Chris Amhaus

  • Best Of Female Vocals - special edition Trip Hop Nation Friends mixed by Paul Cheeba
    Trip Hop Nation

    Sonomad (US) - Road To Somewhere - vocals Shana Halligan Interlude 1* Endless Blue (US) - Green Eyes - vocals Laura Hillman The Blue Square (Greece) - Blind Colours Of The Soul - vocals Melentini Natalia Clavier (Argentina/Spain/US) - Into The Day Kognitif (France)- So Let’s Begin Cyesm (France) - No Go - vocals Camille Corazon The Smart Set - Don’t Wake Me (US) - vocals Brandi Emma iiiii eyes x #soundspace (Ukraine) - Delphina Hvylyna - vocals Marija Cheba Alpha (UK) - Covers Been Blown - vocals Hannah Collins Mac Guffin (France) - Knife Edge - vocals Barbara Interlude 2* Himalayan Dalai Lama (Czech) - Bloom vocals Hamina Shesnotscared Celeste Lear (US) feat Thr 33 - Experience Interlude 3* Carol C (US) - Hide Away Puracane (UK/Argentina/US) - Hours - vocals Ali Rogers My Dirty Face (Italy) - Underneath - vocals Sara Belia Lorelei Carlson (US) - Rape Me Nirvana cover Daybehavior (Sweden) - Godspeed - vocals Paulinda Crescentini Supreme Beings Of Leisure (US) - Everywhere - vocals Geri Soriano Lightwood Interlude 4* Goloka (UK) - Tobacco Slide - vocals Kasia Wojciechowska * - Paul Cheeba @PaulCheeba For more info on this mix visit

  • Take The Trip! Vol. 3
    Keith Linx (TLD)

    This is the third volume in a mix series consisting of Trip Hop, Downtempo, Hip Hop, Nu Jazz , Lo-FI and Electro. It may even get a little Glitchy on the Psychedelic tip from time to time... So sit back wherever you are and Take The Trip, Enjoy the ride!! All Mixes are live and unedited!! If you like this mix, check out Volumes one and two in the links below Keith-linx – Take-the-trip-vol-1 Keith-linx - Take-the-trip-vol-2 This mix is used for promotional use only. I do not own the rights to the music provided. Track List 1. Santi & Tugce - Punto Cero 2. El Jazzy Chavo - Jiu Jitsu 3. Ogi Feel The Beat - Picture Of Outside 4. Cloudchord - H’okay 5. ChasBeats - 39 Degreez 6. Neroche - Blue Rose 7. Solrakmi - Remember This 8. Art Akind - Snowy Day (Ours Samplus) 9. Ours Samplus - Versus 10. El Jazzy Chavo - Πορτοκαλί Παράγοντας 11. Diabi - Kush 12. Ours Samplus - Walking Down 13. Samurai Guru - On & On (Interlude) 14. GuiB - Rijsel State Of Mind 15. Spectateur - Une Heure 16. Xixool - Spiral Scales (Feat. Grand Huit) 17. Daily Bread - A Broken World 18. mrdooper - You Don’t Have To Put On 19. Jiony - No Matter, No Mind 20. Prickly Pear - That Is All I Do 21. Zoneraze - Somewhere Else But Nowhere 22. El Jazzy Chavo - Έτσι Για Την Αλλαγή 23. Stan Forbes - Blue Moon 24. Madpressure - Ephémère 25. Dried Beans - Paris State Of Mind 26. Hedlux - Peyote Dawn 27. Phattcut - Mona Ki Ngi Xica x Man O To (Song For Ania) 28. Yelagua - Nakhrewali 29. Hugo Kant - Black Moon 30. Pronoia - Janine 31. Bonobo - Know You 32. Moderator - Harlem River 33. Connect Cunts - (Al’Tarba x I.N.C.H) 34. Neroche - Strange Form 35. mononome - Sherán 36. Zoneraze - Obama Kush 37. Ours Samplus - Deepin Hill 38. SomehowArt - Paradise 39. Liones - Little Brother 40. El Jazzy Chavo - Επιπόλαιος 41. Zoneraze - Gas & Moustard 42. Degiheugi - Stay In Your Lane (Feat. Miscellaneous) 43. GoodMar - Tell Her 44. Art Aknid - High Voltage 45. KOGNITIF - Common Ground (Feat. The Mic Jordan) 46. Emancipator - Bat Country

  • Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods - Smooth Jazz Backup
    Jenova 7

    "Smooth Jazz Backup" from the collaborative album "Time Travellers" by Jenova 7 and Mr. Moods. Released 5/21/2012 for free by Dusted Wax Kingdom.

  • Greg Mungin - Trip - Hop For Jamal
    Greg Mungin

    DJ Shadow - Influx Kruder & Dorfmeister - Young Men UNKLE - The Time Has Come (Portishead plays UNKLE mix) Portishead - Numb Major Force West E.M.S. Orchestra – Mugen In The Morning Thievery Corporation - A Gentle Dissolve Tricky - Aftermath Maas - Look At Me Now, Falling DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin Archive - Man-made Williams Traffic - Free At Last Paul Weller - Kosmos Sxdub 2000 Maad - Anxiety Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground The Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 Suite Massive Attack - Sly (Underdog mix) DJ Krush - Kemuri Shadow - The Abyss Sam Sever & The Raiders of the Lost Art - What's That Sound? Luke Vibert - Get Your Head Down Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Variation) Lamb - Gorecki

  • Masala Putri

    The 12-th full-length album of the Chronos project - Keep in Your Heart - was released at Mystic Sound Records on May 21 2016 in CD and digital formats. Keep In Your Heart is a dozen of exciting tracks, each with its own character and atmosphere and united by the one and only idea – to keep only positive vibes in your heart. From Bollywood unrestrained merriment to serious and deep thoughts, the album contains a various set of emotions, but what can be said with no doubt is that the album “Keep In Your Heart” will take its deserved place in the list of your favorite music. Tracklist: 01. Shawasana 02. Only Love 03. Keep In Your Heart 04. Masala Putri 05. Billy’s Jeans Meet The Desert Night 06. Monks Gonna Funky 07. Give Me Liberty 08. I’ll Better Walk Alone 09. Chronos & OkoloSna – Sumerian Crystal 10. Kunilingus ( Kunio Live Version) 11. OkoloSna & Chronos – Fallen Sky 12. Leelah (Mystic Edit)

  • Trip hop Maroc (Draft)
    Patrick Duvignacq

    Samir Laroche : Synth Julian Babou : Bass Mr. Y : Guitar Patrick Duvignacq : Editing / Mix Pic: Aït Bouguemez Valley (Morocco)

  • Jeff Chill - Dubby Sunday (Sunday Joint)
    Sunday Joint

    77 minutes of trip hop, hip hop, downtempo, dub! Unser kanadischer Spezialist für entschleunigten Sound *Jeff Chill* hat uns einmal mehr einen fetten Dübel gedreht. Die Zutaten: Trip-Hop, Downbeats, entspannter Hip-Hop und Dub. Darunter die edelsten Perlen aus den Hochzeiten der Genres, von den besten Künstlern und Producern: mit dabei sind Tunes von Groove Armada, DJ Vadim, Tosca, The Orb, Peace Orchestra, Aphex Twin, DJ Krush, Massive Attack, Nightmares On Wax und vielen weiteren.

  • Trip-hop classics vol. 3

    Vol. 2 : Vol. 1 : 1) K-Tel record player, only 3, 99 $ ! 2) Wax Tailor - How I Feel 3) Thievery Corporation - Khalghi Stomp 4) David Holmes - Don't die just yet 5) Boards Of Canada - Peacock Tail 6) Max Sedgley - Slowly Max Sedgley 7) DJ CAM - Gangsta Shit 8) Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin 9) Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo 10) Ramasutra - Jewel of the Lotus 11) Kid Loco - Love Me Sweet 12) The Herbaliser - The Sensual Woman 13) King Britt & Ursula Rucker - Circe (Jazzanova Remix) 14) The Architect - Les Pensées 15) DJ Krush and Toshinori Kondo - Fu-Yu 16) The way to become a sensuous woman 17) Crazy Penis - 3 play it cool 18) Massive Attack feat. Horace Andy-Girl I Love You (She Is Danger Remix) 19) HNNY - Cheer Up My Brother 20) Cinematic orchestra featuring Roots Manuva - All things to all men 21) Telepopmusik - Breathe 22) The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (Lars Moston, Matchy & Bott Remix) 23) Groove Armada - Chicago 24) Djuma_soundsystem-les_djinns_trentemoller_remix 25) Massive Attack - Paradise Circus 26) FC Kahuna- Hayling 27) Mylo - Sunworshipper 28) Nightmares On Wax - Stars _ Mo' Wax 28) Mr.Robot season_2 Daydream soundtrack 29) Groove Armada - Inside My Mind (Blue Skies) 30) Agnes Obel - Fuel To Fire (David Lynch Remix)


    @@@ Christmas Gift @@@ Hello fam. This is not a real new track . Just my vision of the trip hop history . TRACKLIST : Portishead - Strangers DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World Wax-tailor - Que Sera Massive Attack - Safe From Harm Chinese Man - I've Got that Tune RJD2 - Ghostwritter Quantic Music - Time is the Enemy Lovage - To catch a Thief Etienne de Crécy / La Chatte Rouge - Ecoutez ... Fumez ... Amon Tobin - At the end of The Day DJ Shadow - Organ Donor Kid Koala - Third World Lover Lovage - Stroker Ace Télépopmusik - Breathe Moby - In this World Bonobo - Believe Hooverphonic - Mad about you Morcheeba - Big Calm DJ Vadim - The terrorist RJD2 - Smoke & Mirrors Archive - Again RJD2 - Silver Fox DJ KRUSH - Kemuri Tricky - Overcome Thievery Corporation - Until the Morning Sneaker Pimps - 6 underground Neneh Cherry - Woman Portishead - Glory Box Peace

  • Moonlight Vibe
    Wax Triptych

    "Moonlight Vibe" by Wax Triptych, a trip-hop trio featuring Mononome, Jenova 7 and Mr. Moods from Dusted Wax Kingdom. From the upcoming album "A Tale Of 3 Heads".

  • Glory Box (Portishead Cover)
    Kevin Alberto Music

    This is a rendition of Portishead's song Glory Box, from their album Dummy. One of my all time favorite albums <3 I swapped a few words to fit the gender, but yeah. Hope you dig it.

  • Before You Leave

    The Album's Concept: Everyone has a story, One story; The Monomyth. You are the main character. To understand the nature of story and what it means to us is to understand your own life path. Monomyth Separation is Part One of the Hero’s Journey. Will you accept the call to adventure? This album was born during my first big tour of Greece. I played 10 cities and travelled around the whole country playing my music. I received such great energy and feedback from fans that I decided I must make a project inspired by the trip, so I started digging! I collected records from around Greece; some traditional greek music plus other nice bits that I found. Whilst I was traveling, I was trying to come up with a concept that would tell the tale of a great journey. And of course, as I was in Greece ideas of myth and legend came to mind. So, when I returned home I researched a few things and stumbled across a theory by a philosopher and writer called Joseph Campbell. Basically, he wrote a book called “The hero with a thousand faces” in which he describes a theory that all great stories share; common elements - that they are all one story, a Monomyth. Is there a deeper meaning to why we tell stories? Are they a road map for our very existence, and a way to describe the cycle of life, death and rebirth? Due to this the album is very cinematic. I try to tell a story, but I want the listener to decide what that story is. The album will be best enjoyed as a whole so please find a quiet time to settle in and enjoy the ride. credits