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  • Lil Peep & XXXTENTACION - Falling Down
    ☆LiL PEEP☆
    Alternative Rock
  • New Patek
    Hip-hop & Rap

    Lil Uzi Vert - New Patek Stream/Download - Connect with Lil Uzi Vert:

  • Eminem - KILLSHOT (Machine Gun Kelly MGK DISS) rap devil response
    WorldStarHipHop Radio
    Hip-hop & Rap
  • Seesaw X I NEED U REMIX

    Seesaw X I NEED U REMIX (2018) Produced by SUGA Keyboard - SUGA Synthesizer - SUGA, Hiss noise Additional Production - Hiss noise Mix & Mastering Engineer - Pdogg @ Dogg Bounce Special Album cover sketch - Jung Kook

  • Leave Me Alone (Prod. by Young Forever x Cast Beats)
    Flipp Dinero
    Hip-hop & Rap

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  • lil peep - star shopping (prod. kryptik)
    Alternative Rock

    wait right here, I’ll be back in the morning I know that I’m not that important to you but to me girl, you’re so much more than gorgeous so much more than perfect right now I know that I'm not really worth it if you give me time I can work on it give me some time while I work on it losing your patience and girl, I don’t blame you the earth’s in rotation, you’re waiting for me look at my face,while I fuck on your waist; cause we only have one conversation a week that’s why your friends always hating on me fuck ‘em though, I did this all by myself matter of fact, I ain’t never ask no one for help and that’s why I don’t pick up my phone when it rings none of my exes is over Lil Peep nobody flexing as much as I be that’s why she text me and tell me she love me she know that someday I’ll be over the sea making my money and smoking my weed I think it’s funny, she open up to me, get comfortable with me once I got it coming, I love her, she love me I know that I’m nothing like someone the family want me to be if I find a way will you walk it with me? look at my face while you talking to me cause we only have one conversation a week can I get one conversation at least? chout out to everyone making my beats, you helping me preach this music’s the only thing keeping the peace when I’m falling to pieces look at the sky tonight, all of the stars have a reason a reason to shine, a reason like mine and I’m falling to pieces look at the sky tonight, all of the stars have a reason ♫SUPPORT THE ARTIST♫ rip peep i love you <3