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  • Prince of Spain — Rising Sun
    Orcas Records

    Hey little lady You've cried too much lately Don't you think you've had enough The past and the present Doesn't seem God sent You're waiting but the times get tough Open up your eyes and say all your goodbyes As you walk outside the door to leave No, you never looked back Never took a real chance You just locked the door and took the key You can run away Take everything you own And be gone before the rising sun Hop in your car Turn the radio on Singing songs like we were singing along When the morning comes You'll be so far gone Wish I would've got the chance to say That if you never come back I just want you to know I'm gonna love you either way Hey pretty momma Don't you start cryin' Don't let yourself go frail and weak There's hope in tomorrow Happiness to borrow Till' you you get to where you need I know your baby's left But it's really for the best It's not the future that you wanted to see But maybe some day soon She'll be back in this room And finally be the woman she outta be

  • The Woods
    Hollow Coves
    Indie Folk

    The Drifting EP is the first release from an acoustic duo project that has been in the making for the last year. It has an easy listening, chilled vibe to it. Bringing you our first sample from Hollow Coves! Thanks to Hayden Smith Productions for mixing Thanks to GOVS - Josiah Birrel for mastering

  • Sementara
    Folk Rock

    Hotma Roni Simamora: vocals, acoustic guitars, VST instruments, sound design. Windra Benyamin: electric guitars, VST instruments, sound design. Raymond Agus Saputra: bass, VST instruments, backing vocal. Written by Hotma Roni Simamora. Music Producer: Windra Benyamin. Mix & recording engineer: Jaya ROXX at Gajah Studio, Jakarta. Mastering engineer: Indra Q at IQ A.L.A. Studio, Jakarta.

  • A Song About Being Sad
    Rex Orange County

    BCOS U WILL NEVER B FREE a bedroom album by Rex all songs written by Alex O'Connor (not including 'cape fear' written & performed by Cosmo Pyke) recording and production by Gianluca Bottoni mixed and mastered by Oscar Boyd-Palmer cover image by Clint Frift

  • Stars And Rabbit - Man Upon The Hill Cover SMVLL

    Hey man upon the hill, up here… I used to write you You loved the way I watch the sun Through my finger We spent sometimes to the day we met Can I fall into your constellation... Ah... ah... ah... aa... eye We drove in the wind... Opened the window Waved to nothing... Just to keep us awake We drove under the heavy rain Soaking wet yes We laughed at it yet And tell me more of your constellation arm... And we danced in the room Grew our heart a bloom I stopped right there You've found a new home And I should be happy… Ayayaya... Uhhh... I should be happy...

  • Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal
    Sub Pop
  • Donovan Woods - Put On Cologne

  • feelings are fatal

    it's been a long time coming, but here it is, i hope you all like it chords: Dmin G C C7 lyrics: i’m happy for you i’m smiling for you i’d do anything for you for you it’s always for you and never or me i need it to stop so let me tell you please i’m always sad and i’m always lonely but i can’t tell you that i’m breaking slowly closed doors locked in, no keys keeping my feelings hidden there is no ease i need it to stop and i want to be able to open up but, my feelings are fatal (my feelings are fatal) how many times must i keep it inside i need to let go and i swear that i’ve tried but opening up means trusting others and that’s just too much, i don’t want to bother so i’ll keep it inside and bury it deep i know it’s not healthy but you won’t hear a peep though i’m always sad and i’m always lonely i could never tell you that i’m breaking slowly closed doors locked in, no keys keeping my feelings hidden there is no ease i need it to stop and i want to be able to open up but, my feelings are fatal (my feelings are fatal)

  • Stronger Than You (Undertale Parody Response)

    EDIT: support the YT upload, maybe? c': DOUBLE EDIT: yo the mp3 can be found in the link above! thanks so much for 1k downloads aaa /// not vocaloid wow but yeah i really wanted to contribute something to the fandom, so have a heartwrenching song about frisk's (and not chara) thoughts while fighting sans me? i love getting dunked on and do not regret anything forgive my shitty mixmox lyrics by the lovely @ateotu I didn’t know what I got into Somehow I can’t go back even if I really wanted to So what more can I do? Here at the end, it’s just me and you I never wanted to play by all the rules A knife in hand, I’m playing out the part of the fool So here we go, you can judge me thoroughly It’s too late for apologies. Go ahead and just hit me since you’re able We know my determination is unstable I’m not even mad because I keep on dying But I don’t even know why I’m trying. This isn’t what I want, yet it’s what I asked for Curiosity over all my morals I took away our perfect, happy ending Resetting the world despite the warnings Right now I’m made of LOVE ahh… of LOVE ahh… I know who you are, you remember who I am We knew that once in a timeline, we had grown to be good friends And yet I killed your brother without giving him a chance Every time you throw me down, I hope you kill me once again. So go ahead and just hit me since you’re able All the sin that I can feel is unbearable If I could only hit you once it would be over But the consequences last forever The flowers are in bloom as the birds will tell It’s a beautiful day to be burning in Hell You gave me advice, I chose genocide, But I know how to make it right. I am made of LOVE ahh… but I’ll give up for you.

  • Veer
    Fins Ara
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    Swing on the moods Watch the thread, it’s quivering Alter you 
Dance in the gloom Hold the hand, I’m lingering Rally you I want to be with you but dear, you veer, you veer I want to be with you but dear, you veer, you veer you veer Sway on the lake Grey, the swan you’re living in Master you Leap off the break Void, the gap you’re conquering Love you I want to be with you but dear, you veer, you veer I want to be with you but dear, you veer, you veer you veer I’m forever at the moorings of your heart

  • Sufjan Stevens, "Should Have Known Better"

    From the new album CARRIE & LOWELL by Sufjan Stevens Get it: Available on Asthmatic Kitty Records More info: LYRICS: I should have known better To see what I could see My black shroud Holding down my feelings A pillar for my enemies I should have wrote a letter And grieve what I happen to grieve My black shroud I never trust my feelings I waited for the remedy When I was three, three maybe four She left us at that video store Be my rest, be my fantasy I’m light as a feather I’m bright as the Oregon breeze My black shroud Frightened by my feelings I only want to be a relief No, I’m not a go-getter The demon had a spell on me My black shroud Captain of my feelings The only thing I want to believe When I was three, and free to explore I saw her face on the back of the door Be my vest, be my fantasy I should have known better Nothing can be changed The past is still the past The bridge to nowhere I should’ve wrote a letter Explaining what I feel, that empty feeling Don’t back down, concentrate on seeing The breakers in the bar, the neighbor’s greeting My brother had a daughter The beauty that she brings, illumination Don’t back down, there is nothing left The breakers in the bar, no reason to live I’m a fool in the fetter Rose of Aaron’s beard, where you can reach me Don’t back down: nothing can be changed Cantilever bridge, the drunken sailor My brother had a daughter The beauty that she brings, illumination --------------------------------------------------------

  • Luddi Hai Jamalo, Ali Sethi & Humaira Arshad, Coke Studio Season 11, Episode 8

    #LuddiHaiJamalo is a unique blend combining the richness of Punjabi folk with a twist of disco, performed by Ali Sethi and Humaira Arshad! #CokeStudio11